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PEYSANJ 3.0. Geotechnical Eng. Software. Designed & Developed by : Novo Tech Software Ltd. Introduction. Peysanj modules:. References :. Projects list.

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Geotechnical Eng. Software

Designed & Developed by : Novo Tech Software Ltd.

Peysanj modules

Peysanj modules:

Setting preferences

Setting & preferences

All settings for level of accuracy in bearing capacity analysis of multi-layer soils can be set by user

Setting preferences1

Setting & preferences

Correction factor for SPT during liquefaction analysis and list of pressure-meter tubes can be defined

Setting preferences2

Setting & preferences

Settlement and soil failure parameters

Setting preferences3

Setting & preferences

Bearing capacity allowable bearing capacity

Bearing capacityAllowable bearing capacity

Bearing capacity settlements

Bearing capacitysettlements

Bearing capacity calculation details

Bearing capacitycalculation details

Plate load test

Plate load test

Pressure meter test astm d4719

Pressure-meter test (astm d4719)

Slope stability

Slope stability

Stress behind retaining wall linear load

Stress behind Retaining wall linear load


Retaining wall strip load

Retaining wall strip load


Retaining wall lateral earth pressure k static earthquake

Retaining wall lateral earth pressure K (static & earthquake)

Stress distribution

Stress distribution

Liquefaction assessment

Liquefaction assessment

Liquefaction assessment field data

Liquefaction assessmentfield data

Liquefaction assessment magnitude scale factor msf

Liquefaction assessmentmagnitude scale factor (msf)

Liquefaction assessment crr calculation methods

Liquefaction assessmentcrr calculation methods

Liquefaction assessmentLateral Displacement, Vert. Settlement, RESIDUAL SHEAR STRENGTH after liquefaction

Liquefaction assessment print preview

Liquefaction assessmentprint preview

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