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  1. Page 3.0 ChinmayBarve, DevikaKarnik, KananGarg

  2. Why the name? • Page 3.0 is the “Celebrity Party Page” in the Bombay Times, a supplement of the ‘Times of India’ for the city of Mumbai. Motivation: • Technology has promoted social networking only on the internet. • Doesn’t encourage REAL social networking. • We want people to meet – be it for partying, for sharing thoughts or for free food!

  3. The Original Idea: • A Social Networking Website having various features to plan events amongst groups of friends. • To make use of various APIs– • GoogleMaps API : To find suitable locations for all. • Boorah API: For restaurant reviews. • Amazon API: To facilitate in the purchase of gifts for the host. • Google Social Graph: For finding connections and possible invites. • Compile and use of database to store user profiles and preferences.

  4. Modifications To Original Proposal: • Concentration on implementing a middleware for event management instead of using too many APIs. • The use of a third party in the form of a Web-Service, which manages invitations and RSVPs for event organizers. • The Web Service is generalizable and can be used by similar functioning social networking sites.

  5. Technologies Used: • Application Tier: Implemented using the .NET framework and C#.Used for developing the Web Application – Page 3.0 • Application Specific Database : MS SQL Server • Middleware - Web Service: To provide functionalities such as keeping a count of the number of guests, number of events organized by a particular host, number of people who have RSVPed to an event. • Database : MS-SQL Server.Usedto keep a record of all the user profile information, along with the event data and invitee list.

  6. Architecture of the System: Event Information Page 3 Web Service Web Application Page 3.0 API’s Profile Information

  7. Application – A Social Networking Website: • A website that maintains profiles of its users, customizable to their liking. • No restriction on the audience. • Features include: • Creating an account and making a user profile • Sending Event Invites to friends on friend-list • Viewing Event Invites from other friends • Seeing alerts on the homepage

  8. Web service: • A third party which performs functions on behalf of the Web Application. • Features include: • Creating an event • Calculating the count of the number invitees for a particular event • Calculating the number of events that a user has been invited to. • Calculating the number of events hosted by a user • Deleting an event

  9. Data bases – Back end: • Using two databases, one by the Web application and oneby the Web Service. • Profile Information Database: • Used by the Web Application for storing the Login and Profile information of its users which includes usernames and passwords. • Event Information Database: • Keeps track of all the events by name, host, number of invitees and their preferences

  10. Evaluation: The social networking evaluation criteria are: • Purpose: To develop a site which caters to organization of parties • Audience: Unrestricted audience with no discrimination on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity or nationality. • Content: Customizable to user’s preferences along with the ability to view and organize events with equal fairness. • Network Centric Navigation: Links to other people’s homepages such that the user remains within the width of the network.

  11. Possible Extensions: • Taking into account preferences of friends in deciding the time. • Use of more API’s that will enhance other functionalities such as bill splitting, purchasal of gifts, reviews of restaurants • Implementing more functionalities on the Application side to incorporate other features such as notifications, feeds, file uploads.

  12. Thank You!