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Brookmere. (Brook-Mere). Large Population Centers

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Brook mere



Brook mere

Large Population Centers

Pry Bourne is the population center of brook-mere and it is home to almost 7,000 people and that number is rapidly rising because of the abundance of fish to eat. And the average life span of a Brook-Merian is almost 92 years old because of the nutrience in all of the food available in Brook-Mere.


Located in Current Northern Alaska


The Farming and Hunting Region

Brook mere




The Statue of existence was created by the people of Brook-Mere as a symbol that they were friendly and was hoped to help with their survival and make their luck much better.

The Statue of existence

Brook mere

Written Language

(Written Language)

In Brook-Mere they have developed a language using shapes such as squares and circles wich is known as Batik (Batik). The language was fully developed in 1876 and was the most commonly spoken language in Brook-Mere since 1912.

Brook mere

Administering Territories

In Brook-Mere they only eat meat witch helps brains grow and with their big smart brains they too have dicovered electricity and telephones, but they are slightly more advanced than what we have today, they have hovercrafts and cell phones that reads brain patterns to minimize your energy in pressing buttons and talking, instead you can just think it and it will convert the brain waves into speech. The goods are traveled by the hovercrafts. The civilization dose not have any laws or a structured government because in Brook-Mere everybody trusts others and trusts that they wont commit crimes.

Brook mere

Division of Labour

In Brook-Mere there are 3 main jobs that are essential to the survival of Brook-Mere. Most of the jobs in Brook-Mere are Developers, Hunters, and Construction Workers. These are the main jobs in the survival of Brook-Mere because without the hunters Brook-Mere would have no food source because it is too cold to farm because it is located in northern alaska. The developers have created all of the products that they have because they do not have contact with any other people. And without the construction workers Brook-Mere would have no buildings or shelter.

Brook mere

Social Classes

There are 2 main classes. The classes are based on jobs, the 3 essential jobs (Developers, Hunters, Construction Workers) are the 1st class. They have a very high income and are the richest people in Brook-Mere. The 2nd class is everyone with different jobs (Shop Owners, Cashiers etc.) they get a low income but enough to supply the needs to survive.

Brook mere


Brook-Mere was founded in 1786 when there was a large group of tourists who got stranded on an island in Alaska and strived. The development of Brook-Mere could not be possible without the landscape being so flat and low to sea level. The only source of food was the fish swimming in the ocean and the occasional polar bear trying to find some land. There was no help from others because there were no other civilizations within a 264 mile radius so they had to survive on their own.

Brook mere


Brook-Mere collapsed in 2024 due to the warming on the earths surface melting the ice that Brook-Mere was located on, leaving it under the cold Alaskan water. This was because of the pollution from all of the cars and planes used by other civilizations that were not known by the people of Brook-Mere causing global warming and destroying Brook-Mere.

Brook mere


My Civilization


Zakir Jiwani 7P

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