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Carson Middle School

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Carson Middle School

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  1. Carson Middle School Standard Student Attire Learners today. Leaders tomorrow.

  2. SSA GuidelinesPants • Pants: Plain black or tan/khaki fitted at the waist • Shorts: Plain/Solid black or tan/khaki shorts 2 inches above the knee or longer, fitted at the waist • Skirts: Plain/Solid black or tan/khaki skirts 2 inches above the knee or longer, fitted at the waist • Tights/Leggings under skirt: Plain/Solid white or black

  3. Plain black or khakifitted at the waist Pants Options

  4. Plain black or khakifitted at the waist Pants Options

  5. SSA GuidelinesShirts • Shirt: Light blue or navy three button polo (long or short sleeve). Shirt must be either CMS logo or plain, solid, logo-free polo in navy or light blue. Shirt must be tucked in. Approved spirit wear may be worn on approved days. Outermost layer worn is the approved polo shirt or approved spirit wear. • Sweatshirt: The crewneck CMS sweatshirt may be worn over a navy/light blue polo shirt. Polo shirt must be tucked in and collar out and visible. • Undershirt: Plain/Solid white or black may be worn under the polo. Any visible part of the undershirt must be solid/plain white or black.

  6. Navy or light blue polo shirt Shirt Options CMS Band Shirt

  7. SSA GuidelinesAccessories • Belt: (Optional) If a belt is worn, it must be appropriate for school. Belts must be free of gang insignias, spikes, chains, or inappropriate messages. Belts must have less than 3 inch tail extending from the buckle. • Shoe choices will remain the discretion of students and their parents; however, the CCSD/CMS dress code guidelines remain intact. Shoes with soles must be worn. All shoes requiring shoelaces must be laced and tied appropriately. • If socks are visible, they must be black, khaki or white in color. • Accessories such as jewelry and make-up will still be allowed, again in accordance with CCSD/CMS dress code policy. • Scarves shall be treated as an accessory if they are lightweight, decorative scarves. Heavy, oversize, winter scarves are considered outerwear.

  8. Accessories MUST be appropriate for school Accessories Options

  9. Carson Middle SchoolCatch the Solon Spirit! Learners today. Leaders tomorrow.