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Welcome to Curriculum Night PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Curriculum Night

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Welcome to Curriculum Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Curriculum Night

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  1. Welcome to Curriculum Night Mrs. Ashlyn Grummer 3rd grade class

  2. Daily Schedule Third Grade Schedule

  3. Curriculum Common Core Georgia Performance Standards • New standards added to math and ELA in 2012 • More focus on informational reading, reading to find answers in text Visit www.cherokee.k12.ga.us to view all CCGPS/Cherokee County standards and mapping. • Learning Focused strategies- essential questions and graphic organizers • Differentiation • Compacting /Testing Out

  4. Integrated Curriculum • Themes for each 6 weeks, informational and narrative texts to follow themes • In reading and writing, you’ll see a blending of science and social studies • Exciting novels and projects

  5. Pre-assessment • Pretest students at the beginning of each unit in Reading and Math • Independent Learning Contracts • Web Quests • Enrichment/Test Out

  6. Accelerated Reader • Students are required to read two fiction chapter books within their AR/Lexile Level. • Each book counts for 50 points, total of 100 points. AR is part of their 9 week reading grade. Books must be chapter books, worth 1.0 points or higher, within their reading level, unless approved by the teacher • If student scores lower than an 70% on the AR test, they must do a book report in order to get credit towards the monthly goal. • Accelerated Reader Dots and Party • Home Access to AR Scores

  7. Math • Please go back over addition and subtraction facts (to 20) before September 1st…crucial before starting multiplication! • Multiplication begins September 1st. • Homework..just about every day! Let student try to do homework on their own, but help as needed. Check homework each night. Daily completion grade on most math homework. • CCGPS Daily Math—done daily to prep for Milestones Assessment • Math Journals—almost daily—must work problem, show illustration and justify in writing how they came to that answer-

  8. Standardized Testing for Third Grade • ITBS Week of November 10th • GA Milestones Assessment- exact date TBD in April sometime

  9. Georgia Milestones Item Types • Selected-Response [aka, multiple-choices] • all content areas • evidence-based selected response in ELA • Constructed-Response • ELA and mathematics • Extended-Response • ELA and mathematics

  10. Constructed response is a general term for assessment items that require the student to generate a response as opposed to selecting a response. • Extended-response items require more elaborate answers and explanations of reasoning. They allow for multiple correct answers and/or varying methods of arriving at the correct answer. Writing prompts and performance tasks are examples of extended-response items.

  11. Georgia Milestones Features include: • inclusion of constructed-response items in ELA and mathematics, in addition to selected-response items • inclusion of a writing component (in response to text) at every grade level and course within the ELA assessment; • inclusion of norm-referenced items in every grade and content area to complement the criterion-referenced information and to provide a national comparison; and • transition to online administration over time, with online administration considered the primary mode of administration and paper-pencil back-up until transition is completed. Addition of technology-enhanced items beginning in 2016-2017.

  12. Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Some general distinctions can be made among the levels. Level 1: Requires students to recall or recognize facts or to use simple skills or abilities. Level 2: Requires students to engage in some form of mental processing beyond recalling or reproducing a response. Level 3: Requires students to reason, analyze, evaluate, or synthesize information. Level 4: Requires students to explain, devise, analyze, evaluate, synthesize (real world/problem based learning) over a period of time.

  13. Grades 3rd graders follow letter grade system: • 90-100 A • 80-89 B • 71-79 C • 70 D • 69 and below F Please check those Thursday folders and go over and correct any work below 80%! Sign form inside Thursday folder indicating you have reviewed all work. Send folder back by Tuesday.

  14. Folders • Take Home Folder—check daily; discard any old papers; use to send back forms or notes • Desk Folder—big goal is to help them keep papers and desks organized!

  15. Information • Agendas completed on Monday for that week. Please have your child complete at home before Monday. • Sign agenda nightly (M-Th)—check for notes/comments from me in that agenda. • I will email out the weekly agenda and weekly newsletter every Friday. • If there is a change of transportation, note it on the transportation form. • Check my website for pictures, calendar, newsletters and agendas.

  16. Behavior System • Daily Clip System • Student color is tied to the number of stamps they receive each day. • Students can buy incentives with their stamps! • Daily Bling • Hall of Fame • Name on Shirt • Goal is to encourage appropriate behavior and reward it in some way.

  17. PTA, Room Moms • Don’t forget to join PTA—only $6! Last year we had 100% membership and students were rewarded. Let’s keep that trend going! • Thanks to our room mom: Toni Whitton • 2 Parties—Winter and End-of-Year plus seasonal snack • Copy mom or dad needed! • Volunteer tutors needed!

  18. Thank you for coming tonight!!!! • Go over items on each student’s desk. • If you are able, take a leaf from our wish tree…we appreciate your support! • Two Index cards on desk: • Conference Time 7:00, 10:10, or 2:30; Day of the Week Preference; Student Name • Write an encouraging note to your third grader if you would like • Questions?