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Curriculum Night

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Curriculum Night
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Curriculum Night

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  1. Curriculum Night Welcome to Mrs. Rife’s Algebra 1 Math Class Please take a copy of the Blue Handout on the back table!

  2. A Big Jump • Algebra is considerably harder and faster than Pre-Algebra! • My assumption is the pre-algebra skills are mastered! • Students may have to work harder to earn the same grade • Grade = Effort • To raise the grade, must increase effort • Can’t just “do” the HW, master the concepts • Your child is in charge of his/her learning and must show “grit” to be successful • Rounding is an effort grade

  3. What can parents do? • Tell your child you believe they can be successful in math with a positive attitude and hard work! • Forego the stories of how you struggled with math in high school. • Provide transportation if your child needs extra help. • Make sure your student attends school and masters the concepts each day! • Read Mrs. Rife’s weekly email!

  4. Supporting your child • According to the email Jimmy received a test review Friday in class, due next Wednesday • You ask Jimmy what his plan is to have the review completed and be ready for the test • Jimmy remembers the test taking strategies from the Survival Guide and makes this plan: • During the weekend, Jimmy will do the review completely, marking the problems he couldn’t do and ones he got wrong • On Monday, Jimmy will focus his efforts on those marked problems, figuring out how to solve them and redoing the problems until he can get them right • Tuesday, Jimmy will work through the whole review again. He will find extra problems to complete (online, odd-numbered problems, etc.) for any skill that he is unsure of. • Wednesday Jimmy has his review completed and comes to class with questions to ask Mrs. Rife • When Jimmy takes the test, he is relaxed and confident that he knows the material and finds success!

  5. Absences • Difficult to make up missed lesson and discussion • Students are responsible for the learning that was done! • Quizzes and Tests made up before school or during conference periods – each test takes one hour, so will require multiple days. • Upon their return, make sure your student works through the packet, using the online textbook. If they still have questions, come in to see me. • If you request work for an upcoming absence, my expectation is that the work will be done upon your student’s return to school.

  6. Calculators! • Must have a calculator in class daily! • Scientific orGraphing • GCs are available during lessons, but can’t leave the classroom

  7. In Closing • Giving Tree • Curriculum Night Handout • Have a specific question? - Send me an e-mail and I will get back to you ASAP!