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Curriculum Night

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Curriculum Night. Waggoner Elementary Second Grade Mrs. Kiefer. Welcome!. Thank You for coming! Enjoy your child’s note (take home). Write a love note back! Leave it on your child’s desk. Introduction Website info Classroom Routine (Schedule). Language Arts.

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Curriculum Night

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curriculum night
Curriculum Night

Waggoner Elementary

Second Grade

Mrs. Kiefer

  • Thank You for coming!
  • Enjoy your child’s note (take home).
  • Write a love note back! Leave it on your child’s desk.
  • Introduction
  • Website info
  • Classroom Routine (Schedule)
language arts
Language Arts
  • Focus on the Common Core Standards
  • Major Components of our Reading Program are:
    • Print concepts, phonemic awareness, phonics,
    • vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension
  • Flexible groupings: whole group, small guided reading groups, partner reading, independent reading
  • Adopted Reading Series: Harcourt TROPHIES (Visit their website:
  • Ongoing reading assessments
  • Grammar skills are integrated each week.
  • Goal: We strive to increase student vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. Daily practice (both at school and at home) is essential for reading success.)
  • Compliments the Harcourt Trophies reading and language program.
  • Basic skills taught: phonics, spelling rules, patterns, word origins, prefixes/suffixes.
  • Spelling is assessed and evaluated on an ongoing basis through classroom writing samples, daily spelling lessons, dictated sentences, and tests.
  • The true test of spelling mastery is its transfer to and application in student writing on a daily basis.
  • Spelling lists will come home each week.
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Steps in the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, publishing
  • Forms of writing: narrative, story, poetry, expository (observations, journals, etc.) functional (friendly letters, thank-you notes, experiments, posters, etc.) literary response, research (simple report)
  • Adopted Writing/Language program: Units of Study for Second Gradeby Lucy Calkins
  • Scott ForesmanD’Nealian Handwriting
  • Emphasis on correct handwriting in all written work
  • Cursive is not taught in 2nd Grade. Cursive is part of the 3rd Grade curriculum.
listening and speaking skills
Listening and Speaking Skills
  • Students will be taught to effectively use listening and speaking skills in a variety of situations:
    • For example: oral reports, Reader’s Theatre, Writer’s workshop (author’s chair)
  • Focus on the Common Core Standards
  • Numeration: number sense, counting, place value, money, fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies
  • Problem Solving/Higher level thinking strategies
  • Data Analysis and Probability
  • Patterns and Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement and Time
  • Adopted Math Programs: Investigations in Number, Data, and Space by Scott Foresman and Mathematics by Scott Foresman/Addison Wesley
  • Dreambox Learning
  • Major Components of our science program:
    • Earth and Space: Weather
    • Life Science: Insects, Human Body, Mammals
    • Physical Science: Solids, Liquids, Gases
    • Hands-on encouraging active learning
    • Units involve cooperative skills and learning the scientific method.
social studies
Social Studies
  • Major Components of our social studies program:
  • Adopted social studies program: Social Studies: People We Know by Harcourt
  • Students will…

…explore the human experience through time and recognize the relationships of events and people;

…Learn about ideals, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship

…analyze locations, regions, and spatial connections;

economic reasoning skills


Major components of our Health program:

  • Adopted Health Program: Health and Fitness by Harcourt
  • Students will study safety and injury prevention, nutrition, personal health, hygiene, and disease prevention.
library and technology
Library and Technology
  • Students will visit the Library weekly to check out books and learn library/media skills.
  • We visit the Computer Lab every week and use the 6 classroom laptops to create multimedia projects, do research using the Internet, and explore various computer programs.
  • Library is scheduled on Monday.
  • Music is scheduled every Tuesday with Mrs. Weissberg.
  • Art is every Wednesday with Mrs. Pope.
  • P.E. is every Thursday with Mr. Colson. (Please have your child wear tennis shoes .)
  • Computer Lab is every Friday.
classroom management
Classroom Management
  • Based on cooperation and respect of all.

- Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be respectful!

  • Praise rewarded for positive behaviors.
    • PAW-sitive slips, classroom bingo, high fives
    • Popcorn pieces - whole class rewards
  • Consequences:
  • Verbal reminder
  • Refocus – fill out think sheet
  • Time out – in class/pod/another class
  • Parent e-mail or phone call
  • Visit to the principal.
            • Weekly reports will be sent on Friday.

Homework Expectations:

  • Weekly homework will be assigned on on Monday, due on Friday. Please look in your child’s Communication Folder. (Note: If you need an extension over the weekend, just send a note in on Friday to inform me of the change.)
  • Students are to do homework thoroughly. Parents and students sign the contract.
  • Students are to do homework neatly.
  • The Harcourt Trophies reading book must be brought back to school each day. We do not have extras.

-Math practice on Dreambox will support the same curriculum we are learning at school. Feel free to use other resources (learning games, paper/pencil, computer games etc. to practice math skills.

  • We appreciate any time you can spend with us!
  • Work with students, workroom, and help with special projects.
  • Sign up each month on SignUp Genius.

Thank you!

school policies
School Policies
  • Snacks/Class Parties
    • Please do not send in any homemade treats. When asked to donate snacks/party supplies, please send in store bought items only.
    • Please sign up to send in store bought healthy snacks.
  • Birthdays
    • Please mail all birthday invitations (don’t send them to school), this helps avoid anyone getting their feelings hurt. The class directory will be published soon.
    • Please do not send in any birthday treats.
    • Your child will receive birthday acknowledgment from administration, morning announcements, and myself.
  • Label items (backpack, lunch box, jackets, etc.)
  • Always send in lunch $ in an envelope with child’s name
  • Car Pick-Up: USE tagboard name plate in car window…include all last names of students in car pool (only driving through)
  • Ramada Pick-up (Park and designate a specific meeting spot.
  • Return library books each Monday(or Friday).
  • Bus passes will only be issued for emergencies and parents who call the Transportation Department (480-541-1700).
  • Please do not call the office after 1:00 to make an unscheduled after school change unless a true emergency arises.

Stuffed Animal Day is this Friday 

  • Weekly newsletter included each week with Homework Assignment sheet.
  • Send a note with your child
  • Call me at (480) 541-5717
  • Email –
  • Front office (480) 541-5600
thanks for coming

Thanks for Coming!!

Do not forget to visit the Book Fair in the library this evening. We’re looking forward to a great year!!!