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Smart Seal Containment Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Smart Seal Containment Systems

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Smart Seal Containment Systems
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Smart Seal Containment Systems

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  1. Smart Seal Containment Systems Strong and stable containment you can count on!

  2. The Fast Clip The Fast Clip is the heart of Smart Seal Containment Systems. This male and female interlocking mechanical fastener allows the user to combine and lock together multiple layers of poly sheeting between the male and female pieces and apply them to a surface or structured component. The Fast Clip is reusable.

  3. Measure and cut Fast Clip with PVC cutters

  4. Fasten male Fast Clip to surface or structured component with screw or two-sided tape.

  5. Once male Fast Clip is attached, place poly sheeting over the male and snap fasten with the female Fast Clip.

  6. Strong and stable containment you can count on every time; The Fast Clip

  7. The Portable Containment Unit

  8. Construct a frame using pre-cast aluminum couplers, corners and tees with PCU rods to create a containment room of any size.

  9. Once frame has been constructed, place poly sheeting over it and snap on with female Fast Clip.

  10. From hospital containment to dry ice and soda blasting

  11. Todrying chambers and mold remediation decon chambers

  12. Smart Seal’s Portable Containment Units are the only free standing any size, go anywhere do anything, containment rooms available in today’s market.

  13. The Duct Smart Snap

  14. Line up the DSS at the lower portion of your containment

  15. Cut and X in the poly and insert the DSS

  16. Once inserted, snap on female Fast Clip

  17. Strong and Stable connection of negative air machines to containment walls.

  18. THE PVC PAC (Portable Adjustable Ceiling)

  19. THE PVC PAC allows the user to quickly frame a room at the floor level using standard PVC corner couplers

  20. And tees if needed. You can build up off the ground if your baseboards need to be dried as well.

  21. For a better introduction of your drying source, simply frame around the opening.

  22. Once your room is framed, simply snap on your poly sheeting and you are ready to introduce your drying source.

  23. From wood floors

  24. To large carpeted areas and walls and cabinets too!Smart Seal’s PVC PAC is a tool for you.

  25. For more information on Smart Seal Containment Systems visit our website at www.smartseal.ccStrong and Stable Containment you can count on.