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Program ‘Til You Drop PowerPoint Presentation
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Program ‘Til You Drop

Program ‘Til You Drop

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Program ‘Til You Drop

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  1. Program ‘Til You Drop Brenteria Travis NSF North Mississippi GK-8 NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  2. What are Programs? • Programs are a detailed set of instructions that tell the computer what it is that needs to be solved. • It tells the computers what to do and tells other humans what it is that you want the computer to do. NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  3. Things that are programmed • Video games • ATMs • Cash registers • Washing machines • Microwaves • Drink/snack machines • Casino games NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  4. Languages • Programming Languages are the ways we communicate with the machines. • We learn the language. • We write the program in a language. • There are many, many programming languages in existence. NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  5. BASIC Pascal Fortran Cobol C C++ Java Perl Python MatLab HTML ActionScript JavaScript SQL Programming Languages NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  6. What do you think is the most important concept for writing programs? NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  7. Exercise: How to Create a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  8. Important Things to Remember: • Be Specific! • Be Very Detailed! • Computers are not Humans • They do not have common sense!!! NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  9. Project Objectives • Activity 1: • Create an Advanced HTML Webpage • Frames • Applets • Activity 2: • Create an Introductory 3-D Graphics Program NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  10. Activity 1: HTML NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  11. What is HTML? • Hyper Text Markup Language • Tag-based language used to code WebPages for the Internet NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  12. <html> <head> <title> Example Page </title> <body> <h1 align ="center"> Example Page </h1> <hr align ="center" width ="50%"> <p> This is an example of an HTML page. It shows how to create this page using the tag format. </p> <p> For further details on how to write an HTML page using an editor and the tags, go to </p> </body> </html> HTML Code and Page Paragraph Tag NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  13. How Do We Create HTML? • Option 1: • Manually type each line of code in a text editor. • Option 2: • Use software tools that allow you to build Web pages without writing code. NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  14. HTML Tools and Editors • Programming Tools • Microsoft FrontPage • Netscape Composer • Macromedia Dreamweaver • Program Editors • TextPad • UltraEdit • Notepad NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  15. What will we do? HTML Tool: Microsoft FrontPage NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  16. Microsoft FrontPage • Microsoft FrontPage is a tool created by Microsoft that allows for the creation of Web pages using drag-and-drop operations. • FrontPage functions are very similar to Microsoft Word. • Difference: When saving a file, it converts all the contents to the HTML tag format. NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  17. Microsoft FrontPage Menu Bar Tool Bar Canvas NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  18. Applets NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  19. Java: Applet • A small program written in Java and included in a HTML page. • It is independent of the operating system on which it runs. (Windows or Mac) • An applet can be used to display scrolling text in a specific area, special effects, animations, or calculations. NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  20. ******************************************************** // Author: Lewis and Loftus // Demonstrates basic drawing methods and the use of color. //****************************************************** import java.applet.Applet; import java.awt.*; public class Snowman extends Applet { //----------------------------------------------------------------- // Draws a snowman. //----------------------------------------------------------------- public void paint (Graphics page) { final int MID = 150; final int TOP = 50; setBackground (Color.cyan); page.setColor (; page.fillRect (0, 175, 300, 50); // ground page.setColor (Color.yellow); page.fillOval (-40, -40, 80, 80); // sun page.setColor (Color.white); page.fillOval (MID-20, TOP, 40, 40); // head page.fillOval (MID-35, TOP+35, 70, 50); // upper torso page.fillOval (MID-50, TOP+80, 100, 60); // lower torso page.setColor (; page.fillOval (MID-10, TOP+10, 5, 5); // left eye page.fillOval (MID+5, TOP+10, 5, 5); // right eye page.drawArc (MID-10, TOP+20, 20, 10, 190, 160); // smile page.drawLine (MID-25, TOP+60, MID-50, TOP+40); // left arm page.drawLine (MID+25, TOP+60, MID+55, TOP+60); // right arm page.drawLine (MID-20, TOP+5, MID+20, TOP+5); // brim of hat page.fillRect (MID-15, TOP-20, 30, 25); // top of hat } } Example: NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  21. If we want an applet, do we have to write code all the time? Answer: No! NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  22. Anfy NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  23. Anfy • Is a programming tool that allows us to create Java applets without directly writing code. • Gives the opportunity to add exciting graphical applets to our websites with simple “Click” and “Add” functionalities. NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  24. Anfy’s Opening Page NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  25. Anfy Demo: • Open Anfy • Choose the following Categories and Menu Items. • Click the “Preview” button for the following: • Banner/Slideshow & MOSAIC • Fractals/Alife & FLOZOIDS • Image Effects & ANSTRETCH • Image Effects & LENS • Other & ANPUZZLE NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  26. Activity 2: Beginner’s Programming NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  27. How do we learn to program? • Option 1: Sit in front of a computer with a book and type code • Option 2: Sit in front of a computer with a book and type code • Option 3: Download a beginner’s programming software tool and learn the initial concepts of programming using 3-D graphics!! NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  28. Alice • Alice is a tool created in Java that teaches programming concepts to beginners using 3-D animations. • Alice was created at Carnegie Mellon for the purpose of enticing beginner programmers into programming. • It allows the user to create 3-D “Worlds” incorporating objects, environments, and actions with drag-and drop programming techniques. NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  29. Example: Alice World Environment Object NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  30. Alice Demo: • Double-click the “Alice” icon on your desktop. • On the opening pop-up screen, click the “Examples” tab. • Double-click the “IceSkater” icon on that screen. • Click the “Play” button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  31. Alice: Code Scene Objects Methods Built in Properties NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  32. What we want to accomplish • Create new web pages using Microsoft FrontPage • Create a Java applet for the webpage using Anfy • Create 3-D programs using Alice NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  33. Sources: • Dann, W., S. Cooper, and R. Pausch. 2005. Learning to Program with Alice: Beta Version. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. • Lewis, J. and W. Loftus. 2001. Java Software Solutions: Foundations of Programs Design. Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. • Alice v2.0: Learn to Program Interactive 3D Graphics. 1999-2005. Accessed 2005 November 14. <>. • Anfy Homepage. 1997-2003. About Anfy Team. Accessed 2005 November 14. <>. • Microsoft Office Training. 2005. Designing a Website with FrontPage. Accessed 2005 November 14. <>. NSF North Mississippi GK-8

  34. Questions? NSF North Mississippi GK-8