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A u t i s m. lorena rosas. Thesis Statement.

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a u t i s m


lorena rosas

thesis statement
Thesis Statement

Autism diagnosis are becoming more common in America due to the fact that there are now more foundations set up to spread awareness, doctors and scientists are finding more information about autism every day, there are more forms of treatments for people with autism, there is an increase in children with autism & parents are more aware of autism symptoms.

t opic s entence 1

There are now many foundations dedicated to spread autism awareness.

Evidence #1: Autism Speaks is an organization founded in February 2005 by grandparents of an autistic child Bob and Suzanne Wright, it has grown into the largest autism science and advocacy organization in the nation. It is dedicated to funding research into causes, preventions treatments & a cure while spreading awareness.

Evidence #2: April is autism awareness month. World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 and Light It Up Blue is meant help shine a light on autism.

t opic s entence 2

Doctors and scientists are finding more information about autism every day.

- Evidence #1: Environmental risk factors may lead to DNA mutations and increased risk for autism. According to many studies, more children with autism are born during the spring.

- Evidence #2: The risk of autism could be lowered significantly

by women using vitamin D supplements before conception & during pregnancy.

t opic s entence 3

There are more forms of treatments for people with autism.

Evidence #1: While there is no known cure for autism there are treatments and with appropriate services and supports, training, and information, children with autism will learn even if it’s at a different rate than others.

Evidence #2: Early diagnosis and treatment helps young children with autism develop to their full potential. The primary goal of treatment is to improve the overall ability of the child to function, there is no single treatment that will be effective for all people with autism.

t opic s entence 4

There is an increase in children with autism.

Evidence #1: Research has shown that there has been a rise in autism diagnosis throughout the years. In 1975 1 in 5000 children had autism, ten years later in 1985 1 in 2500, in 1995 it was 1 in 500, by 2001 1 in every 250 children were diagnosed with autism. Now in 2012 1 in every 110 of children have autism.

Evidence #2: Rates of autism are 3 to 4 times higher in boys than girls. Girls with autism tend to have more severe symptoms and lower intelligence.

t opic s entence 5

Parents are more aware of autism symptoms.

Evidence #1: To diagnose autism, symptoms must appear before the child is 3 years of age. Parents are now more aware of symptoms such as; being over sensitive to noises, lights & odors and they may dislike being touched. in some severe cases children are totally isolated from society.

Evidence #2: Autistic Disorder is a spectrum disorder which means that its symptoms appear in a wide variety of combinations from mild to severe. hand flapping, rocking, self injuries, staring off in space, and throwing tantrums are all common.