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A l t r u i s m

A l t r u i s m

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A l t r u i s m

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  1. Altruism By Purple Power!!!

  2. Altruism? What is Altruism? Where is Altruism? Why do we use Altruism? What do people think of Altruism?

  3. What is Altruism? • Altruism is when someone does something nice to someone else without getting anything in return. Its helping others, its practically another word for kindness.

  4. Where is Altruism • Altruism is all around us. Its our neighbors, friends, family and many more.

  5. Why do we use Altruism? • We use altruism because altruism is a way of helping others and setting a good example to other people. Helping others is something we should all use. If its for your community, neighbors, friends, family or just for the sake of doing something Altruism is a good place to start.

  6. What do people think of Altruism? Mina • One of people that I interviewed was a girl named Mina, she is in a group called “Eco helpers”. Mina helps create activities to help our community. Her big message is “start locally and the others will fall into place”. At first I didn’t get what she mean by “fall into place” but now I think I get it. If our community is fine and everything is okay we can help others with the money that would usually go to us. She really enjoys helping others. What kindness means to her is it means helping somebody no matter what. She loves our world we live in but unfortunately its not the greatest place. Mina is the perfect example of altruism. <3 oo U

  7. What people think of Altruism Alex • Another person I interviewed was a guynamed Alex. He helps his sister by taking care of her pet for her. He also helps our community by planting trees with certain organizations. He likes helping others because it makes him feel good inside.

  8. Pros and Cons of our community Pros Cons Garbage is still on the ground & not in the trash can!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cigarettes are still on the ground Adults still sell drugs to kids People are still setting their pets loose in the city or the wild to die Kids and families are still on the streets Kids are on the streets because of drugs People still treat each other with respect health programs are superb Charity’s are being funded businesses are still in good shape Which one looks bigger to you???

  9. What can you do to help? • You can join a club, help a friend, donate to a charity, volunteer, babysit, donate to a worthy cause ect. The list goes on

  10. Credits • Marin • Dahlia • Amanda • Mr. Mcartney • Song by Will I am “this is love” • Pictures/images from Google Images

  11. Thanks for Watching !!!