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2/3 Brain Jogger PowerPoint Presentation
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2/3 Brain Jogger

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2/3 Brain Jogger
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2/3 Brain Jogger

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  1. 2/3 Brain Jogger religion Fill in the sentences with information from yesterday’s notes. • Hinduism is considered a _____________, but not an ethnic group • Hinduism is _____________ which means a belief in more than one god. • Hinduism started in ________________, but has spread across the world. • The __________ people brought an early version of Hinduism to the Indus River Valley. • The Aryans were different from the people of India and Pakistan. They even had their own language called ________________. • The sacred text of Hinduism is called the _______________. polytheistic India Aryan Sanskrit The Vedas

  2. Hinduism and other Religions of South and East Asia

  3. What are some quick facts about? Hinduism • It is a religion. • Polytheistic • 80% of people in India are Hindu.

  4. (The Spread of Hinduism)

  5. (Do you know anyone who is Hindu?)

  6. The Story of Hinduism • Aryan People migrated to Pakistan and India about 1500 years before Jesus was born. • Aryans spoke Sanskrit Aryan People

  7. The Story of Hinduism • Aryans had a religion that was spread through hymns and chants. • The books were called the Vedas or Books of Knowledge.

  8. (This Started Hinduism!!!)

  9. (If the Vedas are the sacred text of Hinduism…) • What is the sacred text of Christianity? Bible • What is the sacred text of Islam? Qur’an • What is the sacred text of Judaism? Torah

  10. The Story of Hinduism • As Hinduism spread, it mixed with other local religions. • In the end, many different versions of Hinduism appeared.

  11. (Lets review so far…) • What is Hinduism? A religion • Where did Hinduism start? Pakistan and India • Who started Hinduism? The Aryans • What is the sacred Hindu text? The Vedas

  12. Hindu Beliefs • Reincarnation is the idea that after death a person’s soul is reborn into a different body.

  13. Hindu Beliefs • Karma is the idea that a person’s actions determine what will happen after his or her death. Moral Life = Wealthy or wise reincarnation Immoral Life = Poor or sick person

  14. Hindu Caste System • Caste=social class • Inherited from your parents. • Believe that people are not equal. • Social classes: • Priest • Warriors and princes • Merchants and Farmers • Labors (workers) *Untouchables are the absolute lowest class

  15. (Final Review) • What is Karma? … a person’s actions determine what will happen after his or her death. • What is Reincarnation? …idea that after death a person’s soul is reborn into a different body. • What do Karma and Reincarnation have in common? If you live a good life you will be reincarnated as a something good, and vice versa.

  16. Hindu Caste System Priest Warriors and Rulers Farmers and Merchants Unskilled Workers Untouchables

  17. Coach Books • Read Pages 160-162.

  18. 2/4 Brain Jogger • Name two ways that Christianity and Hinduism are both the same and different.

  19. Cultural Characteristic of South and East Asia

  20. Hinduism • Castes (class, poor vs. rich) • Vedas and Upanishads, Sacred texts. • Reincarnation and Karma • Move up and down caste. • Polytheistic, many gods

  21. What are the major THEMES of Hinduism?

  22. Islam • Not just in the Middle East. • Believe Allah sent Muhammad as a prophet. • Five Pillars • Qur’an is sacred text. • Pray in Mosques 1. Faith 2. Prayer 3. Charity 4. Fasting 5. Hajj

  23. Are the 5 pillars radical?

  24. Confucianism • A way of life or philosophy • Developed from the teachings of Confucius. • His teaching focus on human morals and making the “right action.”

  25. Confucius Sayings • Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. • Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. • Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses. • It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. • Respect yourself and others will respect you. • Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. • Study as if you were never to master it; as if in fear of losing it.

  26. Buddhism • Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha • 4 Noble Truths and the Eight-Fold Path • Trying to reach Nirvana. Remember the Story Board

  27. How is this different from the teachings of other religions?

  28. Shinto • Means “the way of the gods” • No sacred writings, no founder. • Believes Kami, spirits, are in everything. • Tori, shrine

  29. Literacy Rates • Ability to read and write. • Japan 99% • India 65% • Indonesia 85% • China 91 % • Guess which of these two countries are the most developed? • Yep, Japan and China

  30. 2/5 Brain Jogger • How does Asia’s literacy rates differ from those of the areas that we have already studied this year? (Middle East, Africa)

  31. How do people in the United States choose a partner to marry?

  32. Arranged Marriage • Parents choose who you marry • They want to pick a person that has the best job, comes from families that haven’t divorced, is “attractive”, high caste, man=makes a lot of money, woman=runs the house well, healthy, educated, etc. • http://home.att.net/~tisone/wedding.htm

  33. Advantages and Disadvantages of Arranged Marriage.

  34. Group up with a partner and decode the marriage advertisements. • How is this different from U.S.? • What type of things do the parents list in the ad? • Which a`d do you think is the craziest? Why?

  35. Writing Assignment • Compare and contrast the Hindu and American process of getting married. • This writing assignment should be one page in length. It may go over the length, but if the paper is short I will begin to take off point. • This will count as a Daily Work grade. • Hint: How are Hindu Weddings different from American process of getting married? How are Hindu and American processes of getting married the same?

  36. Taoism • In China, means “The Way” • Live in Harmony, “Go with the Flow” • Lao Tzu started it. • Really a Philosophy, way of life.

  37. Way do you think so many people lump Taoism into the religion category?

  38. Ethnic Groups and Religions