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High Performance ALD HfO 2 -Al 2 O 3 Laminate MIM PowerPoint Presentation
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High Performance ALD HfO 2 -Al 2 O 3 Laminate MIM

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High Performance ALD HfO 2 -Al 2 O 3 Laminate MIM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Silicon Nano Device Laboratory / Dept of ECE. High Performance ALD HfO 2 -Al 2 O 3 Laminate MIM Capacitors for RF and Mixed Signal IC Applications.

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Presentation Transcript

Silicon Nano Device Laboratory / Dept of ECE

High Performance ALD HfO2-Al2O3 Laminate MIM

Capacitors for RF and Mixed Signal IC Applications

Hang Hu1, Shi-Jin Ding1, HF Lim1, Chunxiang Zhu1, M.F. Li1, 2, S.J.Kim1, XF Yu1, JH Chen1, YF Yong1, Byung Jin Cho1, D.S.H. Chan1, Subhash C Rustagi2, MB Yu2, CH Tung2, Anyan Du2, Doan My2, PD Foo2, Albert Chin3, Dim-Lee Kwong4

1SNDL, Dept. of ECE, National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore,

2Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore,

3Dept. of Electronics Eng., National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan

4Dept. of Electrical & Computer Eng., Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX 78712, USA

outline of presentation
Outline of Presentation
  • Motivation
  • Experiment
  • Results and Discussion
    • RF characterization
    • DC properties
    • Reliability and lifetime
    • High-κ MIM capacitors comparison
  • Conclusions
  • Mixed signal MIM capacitor requirement

The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, 2002 Edition

  • SiO2 and Si3N4 MIM capacitors usually provide low capacitance density of ~1 fF/μm2.
  • High-k dielectrics needs to be used for future MIM application according to ITRS roadmap.
  • HfO2 is a promising high-k material for MIM capacitor. However fast oxygen diffusion.
  • Al2O3 have the advantage of large band gap, low oxygen diffusivity, however only middle k value.
  • 4 μm SiO2 deposition on Si substrate for isolation
  • Bottom electrode deposition (Ta/TaN)
  • Transmission line formation
  • Dielectric deposition by atomic layer deposition (ALD)
  • Al2O3 (1nm)/HfO2 (5nm) laminate
  • Al2O3 as electrode contacting layers
  • 13, 31, and 43 nm used in our work

TEM photo of 13 nm laminate film


MIM structure

Dummy device

  • Post deposition anneal (420oC)
  • Contact hole etching
  • Top metal deposition (TaN/Al) and patterning

Final Device structure for characterization

i rf capacitor model
I. RF capacitor model

Capacitor modeling in RF regime

  • Equivalent circuit diagram for MIM capacitor

modeling in RF regime

i s parameter simulation
I. S-parameter simulation

13 nm

31 nm

43 nm

  • Measured and simulated S-parameters for laminate

MIM capacitors by IC-CAP using SPICE3 simulator.

i high frequency response
I. High frequency response
  • High frequency response of laminate MIM

capacitors from 50 MHz to 20 GHz

i cap versus frequency
I. Cap. versus frequency
  • The frequency dependence of capacitance density

of laminate capacitors (k ~19).

ii j v characteristics
II. J-V characteristics
  • Typical J-V characteristics of laminate MIM capacitors
ii j v characteristics1
II. J-V characteristics
  • Leakage obtained at different temperatures for 13

nm MIM capacitor (normalized to JRT: leakage

measured at room temperature)

ii conduction mechanism
II. Conduction mechanism
  • Conduction mechanisms of 13 nm laminate MIM

capacitor, showing Pool-Frankel conduction at

high field.

ii cv characteristics
II. CV characteristics
  • Quadratic (α) and linear (β) VCCs of laminate MIM

capacitors with thicknesses of 13, 31 and 43 nm

ii cv characteristics1
II. CV characteristics
  • Thickness dependence of quadratic VCC (α) for

laminate MIM capacitors. The implication is

significant for the scaling of the high-k dielectrics.

ii cv characteristics2
II. CV characteristics
  • Frequency dependence of quadratic VCC α for

laminate MIM capacitors

ii cv characteristics3
II. CV characteristics
  • Quadratic VCC  as a function of stress time.

The inset shows time dependence of linear VCC .

ii cv characteristics4
II. CV characteristics
  • Time dependence on VCCs and leakage, under

stress condition. The recovery of leakage and VCCs

may further prolong lifetime under AC condition.

ii tcc properties
II. TCC properties
  • TCC values for laminate MIM capacitors

with three different thicknesses

iii constant voltage stress
III. Constant voltage stress
  • Stress time dependence of leakage for a fresh

device up to 2000s. The device was re-stressed and

re-measured after interrupting stress for 10 hours.

iii lifetime projection
III. Lifetime projection
  • Life time projection of 13 nm laminate capacitor, using

50% failure time criteria, the extrapolated voltage for

10 years lifetime is 3.3 V.

iv high mim cap comparison
IV. High-κ MIM cap. comparison
  • Laminate capacitor is among one of the best for RF capacitor application.

[1]. XF Yu et al. EDL. Vol. 24, 2003.

[2]. Tsuyoshi. I et al. IEDM 2002, p.940.

[3]. C. H. Huang, et al. MTT-S. 2003.

[4]. Y. L. Tu. et al VLSI symp. 2003, p.79.

[5]. S.J. Kim et al. VLSI symp. 2003, p.77.

  • High performance HfO2/Al2O3 laminate MIM capacitors

have been demonstrated for the first time.

  • The ALDlaminate MIM capacitors exhibit high C

density, superior dielectric stability up to 20 GHz,

low leakage current, and promising reliability.

  • For 13 nm laminate MIM capacitor C density ~12.8 fF/μm2up to 20 GHz

 ~ 211 ppm/V,Leakage ~ 7.45 nA/cm2at 2 VMeets all requirements for RF bypasscapacitor


This work was supported by Institute of Microelectronics (Singapore) under Grant R-263-000-233-490 and the National University of Singapore under Grant R-263-000-221-112.