the effects of alcohol on adolescents n.
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The Effects of Alcohol On Adolescents PowerPoint Presentation
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The Effects of Alcohol On Adolescents

The Effects of Alcohol On Adolescents

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The Effects of Alcohol On Adolescents

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  1. The Effects of Alcohol On Adolescents Danielle Beaudoin, Codi Gallagher, Madisyn Hetherington, and Elizabeth Trombley. ARC- 4th hour 13 May 2014 AA

  2. The Problem • Alcohol is the most commonly used drug among teenagers. It is responsible for over 4,000 annual deaths among adolescents, thus making underage drinking a major health problem.

  3. Research Questions • How often do students at GBHS drink alcohol? • Does how often they drink relate to the grades they receive? • How will underage drinking affect adolescents in the future?

  4. Research Information • Underage drinking is associated with academic failure. It also can cause alterations the structure and function of the developing brain. • Creates a greater risk for heavy drinking and alcoholism later in life. • It causes physical problems, such as hangovers, and can lead to alcohol poisoning, which may result in death. • Alcohol related car crashes and other unintentional injuries, for example burns, falls, and drowning, are more common in adolescents that drink than adults.

  5. 1.) Have you had any type of alcohol? a. yes b. no 2.) If so, how long ago? a. days b. weeks c. months d. years 3.) How often would you say you drink? a. alot b. moderately c. rarely 4.) What is your average grade in your classes? a. A b. B c. C • We interviewed an anonymous student at GBHS who participates in moderate drinking habits. While they know the immediate and distant consequences that go along with underage drinking, they still drink on occasion.

  6. Survey Results • In terms of how often teens at GBHS participate in underage drinking, the majority of the teens that do drink, did so moderately.

  7. Students who drink less often receive better grades than students who drink more often.

  8. Conclusion • Of the GBHS students that do drink, the majority participate in moderate drinking habits. • Students who drink more are less likely to be successful in academics compared to those who do not drink.

  9. Recommendation • While it is impossible to get rid of underage drinking, keeping teenagers informed of the consequences may help to decrease the amount of adolescents that do drink. • Also, if you do decide to participate in underage drinking keep it to a minimum.

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