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  1. ISO-14001 EMSOVERVIEW May 2014

  2. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING Contents • What is an EMS? Why ISO 14001 & Certification? • EMS Basic Elements • Environmental Policy • Environmental Objectives and Targets • Potential for Environmental Impacts • Who Is Responsible • Training Responsibilities • Contact Us ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING

  3. Reduce Risk No Impact on Cost Status Quo Reduced Cost and Risk Reduce Cost No Impact on Risk Risk What is an EMS? Why ISO-14001 and Certification? An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a structure or framework within which an organization can provide an ordered and consistent approach to environmental concerns through the allocation of resources, assignment of responsibility, and ongoing evaluation of practices, procedures and processes. Shifting the Cost-Risk Curve Cost • Why ISO-14001 and Certification? • Certification is not a market differentiator – creates a level playing field: • ISO Certifications continue to grow globally and many of our competitors are certified. • 267,000 registrations as of CYE 2011, 6% increase over 2010. • Many of our customers have procurement policies that either require demonstration of EHS performance (e.g., an EMS) or use the existence/non-existence of an EMS as a selection criteria. • ISO-14001 is an international standard for Environmental Management Systems to which 3rd party certification is available. Similar to ISO-9000.

  4. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING EMS Basic Elements • Scope • Policy (Global) • Planning • Implementation and Operation • Management Review • Continuous Improvement • Roles and Responsibilities • Preventive and Corrective • Action Management Review Policy Continual Improvement Planning Checking Implementation & Operation ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING

  5. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING EMS Basic Elements: Scope • Scope of the EMS: • EMS provides a structured approach for improving environmental performance by managing all of a business’ “activities, products, or services that can interact with the environment”, in other words, its Environmental Aspects. • EMS has business wide applications including; manufacturing, facilities operation and maintenance, product design, service and repair, and supply chain management, among others. • Beaverton certificate applicable only to Tektronix business operations at Tektronix's Beaverton Campus. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING

  6. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING EMS Basic Elements: Environmental Policy • Environmental Policy: • A policy statement establishes a base and sets corporate goals from which decisions are made within an organization. ISO 14001 requires the formal establishment of a policy related to environmental issues. • Tektronix has a combined Environmental, Health & Safety Policy. EMS TEKTRONIX Activities, Products, Services Improved Environmental Performance Aspect Aspect Aspect Aspect Aspect Aspect Program to Address Program to Address Program to Address Program to Address Program to Address Program to Address ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING

  7. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING EMS Basic Elements: Environmental Policy ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING

  8. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING Environmental Objectives & Targets The ISO-14001 EMS manages environmental performance through a hierarchal method of identifying, assessing, and establishing Environmental Aspects, Objectives and Targets. • This process involves a detailed analysis of how the different aspects of Tektronix' business impact the environment and to what extent.  Once this analysis is complete the significant aspects are identified based on rankings of the most severe impacts. • From these Significant Aspects specific objectives are created.  Objectives reflect the areas of improvement in relation to the significant aspects.  Measurable targets are set to achieve those objectives.  • Environmental programs are then created to define how objectives and targets are to be achieved.  Aspect/Impact Analysis ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING

  9. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING Environmental Objectives & Targets • Environmental Aspect (Aspect):means an element of Tektronix’s organization’s activities, products or services that can interact with the natural environment. • Environmental Impact (Impact):means any change to the natural environment, whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partially resulting from an organization’s activities, products or services. • Objective:means an overall environmental goal, arising from the environmental policy, that an organization sets itself to achieve, and which is quantified where practical. • Target:means a detailed performance requirement, quantified where practicable, applicable to the organization or parts thereof, that arises from the environmental objectives and that needs to be set and met in order to achieve those objectives. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING

  10. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING Environmental Objectives & Targets ISO-1400Significant Aspect KPI/Metrics:

  11. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING Potential for Environmental Impact Suppliers, vendors and contractors who work at or deliver to the Beaverton Campus have the potential for environmental impacts. Potential environmental impacts can result from: • Chemical deliveries • On-site service of equipment • Telecomm service and maintenance • Waste and recycle pickups • Excavation, demolition • Asbestos maintenance • Garbage and fryer oil pickup • Janitorial services ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING

  12. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING Who Is Responsible? The roles and responsibilities for compliance with environmental rules and regulations and Tektronix environmental policy and procedures lies with the individual associates, temps and contractors. All associates, temps and contractors are expected and required to actively participate in achieving environmental compliance and performance measures. • Recognize you do have environmental impacts! • Understand the Environmental Policy and your role and responsibility in achieving the objectives of the Policy through the EMS. • Follow policy and procedures. • Execute your duties within the requirements of the EMS and with the best interest of Tektronix and its business objectives in mind. • Report exceptions. Protect the environment. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING

  13. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING Training Responsibilities Summary of EMS training responsibilities for temps and contractors who perform work and/or services on Tektronix’ Beaverton Campus: • Ensure that employees are advised of and will comply with alllaws, rules and regulations, particularly those regarding environmental, health and safety, and conformance with Tektronix’ EMS. • Present this EMS Overview to each applicable employee • Provide training as necessary to ensure employees are competent to perform the job assigned ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING

  14. ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING Contact Us Contact your Tektronix representative for assistance. The following resources are available: • Emergency: 503-627-3333 • Medical • Chemical Spill • Environmental: 503-627-2677 • EMS Management • Regulatory Compliance & Reporting • Environmental Permits management • Hazardous Waste Management & Disposal • Health & Safety: 503-627-2677 • OSHA/Or-OSHA Compliance & Reporting • Ergonomics Assessments • Hazard Assessments • Indoor Air quality • Safety Committees ISO-14001 EMS OVERVIEW TRAINING