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The University of Dayton Business Plan Competition PowerPoint Presentation
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The University of Dayton Business Plan Competition

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The University of Dayton Business Plan Competition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The University of Dayton Business Plan Competition. A special thanks to our sponsors. UD National Alumni Association. Overview of today’s presentation. What is a Business Plan competition? Elevator Pitch Cameo Round ◄ The new wrinkle! Finalist round

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The University of Dayton Business Plan Competition

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a special thanks to our sponsors
A special thanks to our sponsors

UD National Alumni Association

overview of today s presentation
Overview of today’s presentation
  • What is a Business Plan competition?
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Cameo Round ◄ The new wrinkle!
  • Finalist round
  • Prize money ◄ $59k this year!
  • Key dates
  • Support
what is a business plan competition
What is a Business Plan Competition?
  • It’s where you investigate an opportunity for starting a new business
    • Markets, costs, competition, benefits
  • You present a 1 minute overview of the opportunity
    • “back of the cocktail napkin”
  • Finalists write up their findings in a commonly used format (the business plan has 11 parts)
ours is a 3 stage competition
Ours is a 3-stage competition
  • Stage 1—Give a one minute speech, write one page of information about your product
    • Judges select ten semi-finalists, and also identify top ten oral presentations
  • Stage 2---The ten semi-finalists write up 2-3 pages and talk for five minutes. Judges select five finalists
  • Stage 3---Five finalists write a full business plan during the winter semester
plus a chance for even more money
Plus a chance for even more money!

The three highest placing finalist teams will be invited to pitch the Connor Foundation Seed Fund for an additional $50k investment!

We also network our finalists to other competitions and potential investors as well

how our competition works
How our competition works—
  • Three stage competition
  • Solo or team effort (teams 1-8 in size)
  • 1st& 2nd stages open to everyone-two entries per person
  • Finalist round must include current UD students or UD Alumni.
what is an elevator pitch
What is an Elevator Pitch?
  • It is a one minute presentation where you
    • Present your idea
    • Cover six general areas

In our elevator pitch, Judges don’t ask you questions—you have one full minute to present.

what are the 6 areas of an elevator pitch
What are the 6 areas of an Elevator Pitch?
  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Opportunity
  • Resources Required
  • Returns to Investor
  • Tag line and closing
what do the ep judges look for
What do the EP judges look for?
  • Novelty/Cleverness/Usefulness
  • Quality of Benefits provided
  • Competitiveness
  • Growth Potential
  • Ability to Execute
  • Quality of presentation
elevator pitch stage application process
Elevator Pitch Stage:Application process
  • Application:
    • Opens 13 September, 2010
    • Closes 20 October, 2010
  • What we ask you to tell us
    • Demographic information
    • 6 areas of elevator pitch
      • Space limited to roughly one page.
elevator pitch cameo stages key dates
Elevator Pitch & Cameo stages: Key dates
  • September 13th: Online system opens
  • October 20th: Application deadline
  • October 22nd, & 29th: Dress Rehearsals
  • October 30th: Elevator Pitch
  • November 20th: Cameo Round
  • December 3rd : Finalists announced
final plan stage process
Final Plan Stage:Process
  • Finalist teams notified on 3 December, 2010
  • Teams are paired with Mentors.
  • Each team given 15 hours of Mentor time.
  • Coordinator will conduct training sessions for all teams
  • Teams prepare Business Plan, presentation slides during the winter semester
final stage presentation
Final Stage:Presentation
  • Each team given 20 minutes to present, plus ten minutes Q & A time
    • Props, multi-media are acceptable
    • Break after 3rd presentation
  • Order of presentations is random, and announced the day of presentations
  • Full team must be present, but not all team members are required to speak
what do finalist round judges look for
What do finalist round judges look for?
  • Quality of the idea
  • Quality of the written plan
  • Quality of the oral presentation
  • Quality of the financial analysis
  • Quality of the team
why enter a business plan competition
Why enter a business plan competition?
  • Entrepreneurship courses teach three critical items
    • Spotting opportunities
    • Planning to seize those opportunities
    • Executing the plans.
  • Many people have great ideas, but are scared of parts “B” and “C”– our goal is to make those steps easier and simpler.
why is this a good resume line
Why is this a good resume line?
  • It’s a competition, so you outperformed others
  • Spotting opportunities suggests leadership and creativity
  • Good presentations suggest good communications skills
  • Business Plans are “big picture”, they demonstrate how you can see the entire picture
eligibility plan parameters
Eligibility:Plan parameters
  • Work must be original.
    • Plans checked for plagiarism.
  • Start-ups acceptable up to one year old.
  • Non-Profits are acceptable, but judged the same as others.
  • Plans cannot violate Marianist values.
    • E.g. no payday loans, etc.
  • Plans must be legal
    • (e.g. no DVD pirates).
  • Plans cannot have a liquor license.
  • Anyone may enter up to two plans, but can only be a finalist once.
  • Students can’t be serving a university suspension during the competition
support for entrants
Support for entrants
  • Free individual instruction with the BPC Director
  • On-line coaching sessions
  • Optional rehearsals for elevator pitch
  • Coaching sessions for all finalist teams
  • Business mentor assigned to each finalist team
  • Access to market research, planning tools, etc.
what if you don t have an idea yet
What if you don’t have an idea yet?
  • We’ll help you generate many good ideas
  • We’ll help facilitate partnerships with people who do have ideas.
  • We can help you succeed