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Representation In TV Drama

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Representation In TV Drama. Learning Objective: Build notes on representations of homosexuality. Stereotypes of Homosexuality. What does it mean to be homosexual? Sensitively list some of the stereotypes of homosexual men and women? Where do we get these stereotypes from?.

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representation in tv drama

Representation In TV Drama

Learning Objective:

Build notes on representations of homosexuality

stereotypes of homosexuality
Stereotypes of Homosexuality
  • What does it mean to be homosexual?
  • Sensitively list some of the stereotypes of homosexual men and women?
  • Where do we get these stereotypes from?
homosexuality in tv drama
Homosexuality in TV Drama
  • Homosexual characters in TV drama have often been portrayed in very stereotypical ways
  • Can you name any homosexual characters from mainstream drama? What about soap operas?
  • There is a history of gay characters in soaps starting from the 1980’s. These characters have often caused shock headlines and moral panic in the newspapers and other media.
  • Moral panic = the creation of fear around a specific group of society through negative representation
  • Soaps often feature gay characters as a stock types now.
honmosexuality in tv drama
Honmosexuality in TV Drama
  • With gay characters in TV drama much has often been made of their homosexuality, it is very much a defining aspect of their characterisation rather than that they are character who just happens to be attracted to the same sex.
  • Often plots focus on the attitudes of hetrosexual characters and their coming to terms with a gay characters sexuality
  • What percentage of the population are gay? Is this accurately reflected on TV?
  • What percentage of TV drama viewers are gay? Again do you think is this accurately reflected?
  • Watch the clips of gay characters in Shameless, Skins and The Wire
  • Make notes on the following, these are the key areas to consider when analysing representations of homosexuality:
  • Is their sexuality important to their character construction?
  • Is it immediately obvious that the character is gay?
  • Is the representation stereotypical? In what way?
  • Is there a difference between the presentation of male and female homosexuality?
  • How are the audience encouraged to feel about that character?
shameless analysis
Shameless - Analysis
  • Look at the sheet on page 194 of your handbook and make notes on the character of Ian in episode 1 of Shameless
  • What can you say about his representation as a teenage homosexual boy?
  • Using your notes answer the following question for homework:
  • “How far and in what ways do you think the representation of gay sexuality in this episode is challenging?” consider whether Ian is a stereotypical gay male.