Tv drama openings
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TV Drama Openings. Rafique Uddin. Merlin Opening Sequence. !.

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Tv drama openings

TV Drama Openings


Merlin opening sequence
Merlin Opening Sequence


The narrative of the opening is spoken. There is a voice which sounds like a old man this connotes that the person is wise due to there age and a storyteller. It also gives a in sight into what the drama is about an makes the audience think about what will happen.

Also the typography is a serif font it is also bright and in a dark background this connotes that it mystical or magical. Also it it may be trying to convey that “Merlin” is the main character and he is the savior.

Tv drama openings

The First image denotes a knight on a horse and the background is of a burning castle. This connotes that it is based in a different pre historic era this conveys that it is a costume drama. Also there is backlighting used to emphasise the drama and action of the knight and horse by creating a silhouette to entice the audience that there will be action.

This second image denotes a dragon with a background of fire. This conveys that the there is mythical creatures or fantasy within the program this is also of the story tale character Merlin.

The third images uses props like the armor and swords and helmets to elaborate on the fact it is based in a prehistoric era. The lighting in most of opening is dark and gloomy this is part of the mise en scene to emphasise there there may be mystery.

Hollyoaks background is of a burning castle. This connotes that it is based in a different pre

The narrative of the Hollyoaks is very character driven. The characteristics of each character shown by creating a background which shows there personality. This images shows a background of words and floating pair of glasses. This may convey the message that the character is smart.

Pastels and bright colours are used this connotes fun youth and represents the characters and also can be used to represent the target audience of young people aged between 16-24 this allows the target to relate to the characters also there are many different personalities shown in the opening so they can attract a wide variety of people.

Doctor who
Doctor Who background is of a burning castle. This connotes that it is based in a different pre

The opening of the doctor who is of floating telephone box through a a time portal. This connotes time travel but the police box is is an element of confusion because police boxes are not used in the current day so the audience may believe that the series is based in the past.

The back ground is blue and not much information is given so creates confusion and the transition from blue to red may connote calm to danger so adds suspense. The target audience can vary because there is not much information from he opening so it may be trying to target a wide audience.