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dear bob n.
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Dear Bob,
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Dear Bob,

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  1. Dear Bob, Expository

  2. Introductory paragraph • Dear Bob, • I am going to tell you about my favorite time of the year. Summer is my favorite season because you can go swimming, play with your friends and you do not have school. Summertime is a time of year with a lot of freedom. • Dear Bob, (letter) • Hook (question) • Indent • Transition sentence • Introduce topic (topic sentence) • 3-4 sentences • Thesis STATE THREE REASONS IN THIS STATEMENT

  3. 1st body paragraph • The first reason, I like summer is because you can go swimming! When it is as hot as the sun out I like to cool off in the icy, cold water. Even though I am on vacation I love to swim because it helps me stay fit for my PE class. I can not wait to learn how to do new tricks in the water. When you are in the pool enjoying an ice cream treat makes it even better! It is fun to enjoy in the pool all Summer long! • Transition, • 1st reason!!!! • Examples (3-4) • Transition sentence

  4. 2nd body paragraph • The second reason, I like Summer is because I like playing with my friends. Sometimes we get to play video games, ride bikes or skateboard. It is even more fun to go to the movies in the Summer because you can stay up later. You can also have your friends spend the night as often as your parents will let you. On the weekends it is exciting to embark on an escapade in the forest. During the Summer you can have many precarious escapades. • Transition, • 2nd reason!!!! • Examples (3-4) • Transition sentence

  5. 3rd body paragraph • The third reason, I like Summer is because you do not have to concentrate on school work. I can spend all of my free time participating in lots of different sports. I really like the fact that I will have weeks of no homework! When I choose to read a book I do not have to pick it up every night. It feels awesome to know that I can stay up late, and wake up late in the mornings. • Transition, • 3rd reason!!!! • Examples (3-4) • Transition sentence

  6. Conclusion • Now you know why Summer is my favorite season. Summer time offers lots of opportunities for fun and freedom if you know what to do! Lets make plans to spend time together during this season. • Sincerely, • Miss Vlahos’ class • Closing sentence (restating the topic) • Takeaway ending • Transition into closing • Final Statement (Personal Exclamatory)