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Welcome to Advocacy PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Advocacy

Welcome to Advocacy

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Welcome to Advocacy

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  1. Welcome to Advocacy Advocacy/Senior Portfolio Overview

  2. Advocacy • Advocacy meets for 30 minutes every Thursday after 2nd period. • Students will remain in the same advocacy class with the same advocacy teacher for 4 years

  3. Goal of Advocacy The goal of Advocacy is to help all students to understand the importance of what they are doing now and its impact on the future.

  4. Goal of Advocacy To help personalize the school environment by connecting students to a “small learning community”

  5. Goal of Advocacy • Support students with their academic endeavors, including Senior Portfolio preparation.

  6. Goal of Advocacy • Allow students to explore post-secondary college and career options.

  7. Goal of Advocacy • Provide support and guidance to students as they make critical life decisions.

  8. Goal of Advocacy • Help students to respect and appreciate diversity and to actively contribute to the PGHS community and the community at large.

  9. What will I do in Advocacy? • Lessons/Activities in 9th grade advocacy will focus on the following: • Teambuilding (building a learning community) • Link Crew Activities • Portfolio Completion • High School Survival • PGTV/ASB information

  10. How will I be graded • Advocacy grade is Pass/No Pass based on completion of required portfolio assignments • Advocacy grade becomes a part of your permanent high school record (transcript) • A “no pass” at any grade level cannot be changed later on (even if you complete the portfolio) • The grade doesn’t affect your GPA but it is a reflection of your effort and can affect your competitiveness for college.

  11. The Senior Portfolio • The Senior Portfolio is the culminating project of students’ high school career.

  12. Overview and Purpose • It provides students with the opportunity to bring together all that they have learned in twelve years of school.

  13. Purpose • Students choose samples of their best works and create a portfolio that will showcase their unique talents, strengths and expertise. • Senior Portfolio consists of four parts: • (a) the portfolio, • (b) community service hours, • (c) the Reflective Research Essay, • (d) the oral presentation. • Students begin building their Senior Portfolio in ninth grade and it is a work in progress throughout their 4 years at PGHS.

  14. Overview and Purpose • Advocacy teachers will be the main source of guidance and support throughout the process. • English 12 teachers will facilitate the process during their senior year.

  15. Grade • The Senior portfolio is worth 25% of the student’s Term 2 weighted grade in English 12.

  16. Information about Advocacy and the Senior portfolio requirements can be found on the school website.

  17. Components • Best Work Samples • Freshmen will be required to complete 2 best work reflection windows

  18. Components • Best Work Samples • A “Best Work” Sample is an assignment, project or test that reflects each of the following: • Growth – sample shows how you’ve grown &/or improved over time (i.e.. An improved grade or success in a class where you’ve struggled.) • Strength – reflects your strengths as a student • Future Plans & Goals - sample reflects your future plans after graduation (i.e. a project complete in CADD or Photography)

  19. Components Each Best Work Sample must be accompanied by a typed “Reflection Window” • Reflection Windows • A short reflective piece that explains why you selected this sample, a description of the assignment and how the sample relates to growth, strengths or goals.

  20. Community Service • Community service is not a requirement, but without it you cannot earn an A on your Senior Portfolio. • Students completing 55 hours of ‘approved’ community service will earn cords at graduation.

  21. Community Service • All community service hours must be pre-approved by Advocacy teachers.

  22. Community service hours • Grade Level Hours Breakdown: • Hours must be completed in full each school year in order for students to earn a community service cord. • 9th grade: optional • 10th grade: 10 hours • 11th grade: 20 hours • 12th grade: 25 hours • See Appendix B13 for a breakdown of community service hours for transfer students

  23. What is the requirement for the Senior Portfolio at the end of each school year? • At the end of each school year, students will write a “Summative Letter” which synthesizes all best works collected throughout the year.

  24. Senior Year • During your Senior year you will write a reflective essay on your portfolio and present your portfolio to a panel of judges.

  25. Questions?