party identification directory installing the microsoft research service n.
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Party Identification Directory Installing the Microsoft Research Service

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Party Identification Directory Installing the Microsoft Research Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Party Identification Directory Installing the Microsoft Research Service. IDEAlliance and Drybridge Consulting – collaborating to deliver solutions for the Paper and Forest Products Supply Chain. Installing the PID Research Service. Show the Research Pane

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party identification directory installing the microsoft research service

Party Identification DirectoryInstalling the Microsoft Research Service

IDEAlliance and Drybridge Consulting – collaborating to deliver solutions for the Paper and Forest Products Supply Chain

installing the pid research service
Installing the PID Research Service
  • Show the Research Pane
    • View/Task Pane and then select Research
  • Click on Research Options
  • Click on Add Services
  • On the Add Services window enter the following address, make sure you enter it exactly as indicated
  • There will be a series of screens that culminate in a success message.






using the web service from ms office
Available in Office, Excel, and PowerPoint

The Research Pane comes loaded with dictionary and other types of look-ups.

It is very easy to register a new web service for use in the pane.

Office 2003 and above.

Using the web-service from MS Office

This is the area where requests are entered.

But first, Select Party Identification Look-up”

I asked for “help” which returned a list of the valid web services that you can execute.

  • Information about the service:
    • Scheduled Updates
    • Who is providing the service
an invitation to participate
An invitation to participate

The Party Identification Directory, we’ll be referring to it as PID from now on, provides two primary functions.

  • A directory of contact, identifier, and address information for parties involved in the paper and forest supply chain.
  • Look-up and retrieval of this information

You are experiencing one of the ways that we can make the PID service work. All approaches start the same way, an existing member invites a new trading partner to participate.

  • The invited trading partner can choose to maintain their own information.
  • Alternatively, the invited trading partner can choose to engage with IDEAlliance to maintain their trading partner information.

We’ll be reviewing how to access the information in the following slides. The point to take away from this slide is:

  • The quality of the information available is based on the effort that everyone puts into maintaining the information.
benefits of participation
Benefits of participation
  • Centralized trading partner directory
  • Timely and accurate information
  • Faster implementation
  • Integrated into your existing systems
    • As a web service
    • As a data synchronization tool
  • Flexible administration
  • Web browser access
  • Low cost
ways to retrieve information
Ways to retrieve information
  • Internet browser
    • Information returned in browser page with download possible in XML message or tab-delimited file.
    • This approach provides immediate benefits prior to any integration between PID services and your systems.
    • Basic instructions for use are included in this document, detailed documentation is available on the web.
  • Internet web service
    • XML format, suitable for integrations.
    • This approach provides long-term cost-saving benefits when PID services are integrated with your systems.
    • Instructions are available on the web.
  • Microsoft Office Research Pane Web Service
    • Zero footprint, easy installation, simple user interface.
    • This approach provides immediate inquiry access.
    • Basic instructions are included in this document. The service does not require documentation.
using the web front end
Using the web front-end

During the prototype period PID is hosted at - navigate to the site and select the link for Registered Users.


Password: visitor

Use the visitor access to query the directory.

The ability to maintain your company’s information is controlled by your email domain; so, registration is required.

You may also register on the PID Site. This will permit you to perform maintenance and invite additional trading partners to participate.

location search
Location Search

If you do not have an identifier you can use this screen to find a location using a variety of criteria.

  • This inquiry is also available as a web service and as a Microsoft Research Service. We’ll be discussing the research service later on in this presentation, web-service documentation is available separately.

This is the primary human interface into PID.

location information
Location Information
  • Locations follow the papiNet model
    • All Party elements and attributes
      • all items included in data model
      • not all shown on screen

In addition to the papiNet model

    • Location hierarchy based on parent-child relationship
    • Some additional contact roles to support PID admin
identifier search
Identifier Search
  • Identifiers have a base value and an extension.
    • Think “DUNS” and “+4”

This is the primary system interface into PID.

identifier information
Identifier Information
  • Identifiers are managed with papiNet requirements in mind
    • Can be enabled for particular market segments
    • Can be set-up in advance of their actual use
    • Changes to the base identifier cascade to any extensions
what types of things can you do
What types of things can you do?
  • Visitors can retrieve
    • Locations, Contacts, and Identifiers
  • Registered users can create and retrieve
    • Locations, Contacts, and Identifiers
  • Domain members can update
    • Location Parent – Location Child Assignment
      • Must be parent domain member
    • Location - Contact Assignment
    • Location – Identifier Assignment
    • Flag items for deletion
      • Review by administrator prior to deletion
sponsorship of a new trading partner
Sponsorship of a New Trading Partner
  • Increasing the number of entries in PID will happen either through paid maintenance, a pull process, or a push process.
    • Paid maintenance – Trading partners provide lists and contact we enter and update, following up periodically.
    • Pull – Admin will initiate an entry and invite a contact to participate
    • Push – participant will initiate an entry and invite a contact to participate
  • Contact status
    • Sponsor
      • Person initiating, if a foreign domain then can change until Prospect is validated, domain has been associated with location.
    • Prospect
      • A registered or non-registered contact who has been targeted as being responsible for a domain
    • Administrator
      • All domain members can perform maintenance on locations in the domain
      • Non-domain members who have been provided maintenance access.
    • pNet contact Type
      • Any other contact