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More of everything you want TM
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  1. Ινστιτούτο Επικοινωνίας Καινοτομίας Προβολής και Δημοσίων Σχέσεων Институт за Комуникации Иновации Реклама и Връзки сОбщественосттаInstitute for Communication Innovation Advertisement and Public Relations More of everything you wantTM

  2. Ινστιτούτο Επικοινωνίας Καινοτομίας Προβολής και Δημοσίων Σχέσεων Институт за Комуникации Иновации Реклама и Връзки сОбщественосттаInstitute for Communication Inovation Advertisement and Public RelationsMore of everything you wantTM Консултирайте се с нас …Consult us… Our dream is a strong company which can manage and form identity, confidence and professional attitude in the spheres we work. The Institute for Communications, Innovations, Advertisement and Public Relations is always close to you, when you need it. Our services are always professional and of high quality. Our approach to every project on which we work is individual and conformed only to your needs. Differentiation and exclusivity are our objective. We form your company’s identity and establish a feeling of confidence in our customers with a view to ensuring a progressing trend of your company. The image of the Institute for Communications, Innovation, Advertisement and Public Relations is a multi-layer idea. Its organization requires responsibility and care of long years. We establish the conditions required allowing the creative use of the public relations, communications and advertisement through correct choice and strategic planning of direct and indirect funds. In the Institute for Communications, Innovations, Advertisement and Public Relations we approach the different social groups by organizing internal, social and specialized activities, selecting and using modern methods and means of high quality for public relations. To-day progress of technologies is faster than in any other past epoch, and the use in time of their possibilities may become a very powerful competitive advantage.

  3. Especially to-day, when the stress due to everyday problems alienate us more and more, the electronic communication represents a form of association both modern and necessary because: It increases the functional and company’s possibilities of people and different social groups It enables the citizens to be informed in detail and in real time and have the decisive word and possibility of constant intervention It opens a window for information and knowledge of the citizens and mostly of the young people Maintenance of the connection with the new technological possibilities and Internet and benefiting their practical advantages require a combination of information , caution, capacity of dreaming and gift to experimentation. We are in the time of rise of new technologies, we use modern instruments in the global network and services which offer strategic advantage. The Institute for Communications, Innovations, Advertisement and Public Relations is the result of the union of members specialists in spheres related to public relations, political and juridical sciences, communications, media and strategic planning. Thus unifying their efforts they can offer special and complete consulting services and apply in practice the ideas, the objectives and the views. Many analyzers think that political marketing is not subject to any other differentiation than the commercial one. They might be right partially taking into consideration that the political market , accepting the main part in the “play” of the media and new technologies, has lost its primary orientation and has been transformed into a “hunter” of long-term and short-term benefits but in the conditions of a commercial market. Our position and our opinion are that a correct consistency between communication and politics is necessary,

  4. so that they can become a complete political product (a political person or event) perceived by the users in such a way that its weight is not decreased but increased in their notions and a correct management of its reputation is achieved by using well established techniques which would not allow any doubt in the best choice. The political profile needs knowledge and strategic planning. We have the possibilities which are necessary to us enable us to offer complete programmes for political communication which it is possible to be easily adapted to the needs and requirements of a political person or events. The Institute for Communications, Innovations, Advertisement and Public Relations has been establishedinan epoch of actually intensified contradictions related to issues of communication between people. In spite of the remarkable progress in the means and the new technologies, the quality of human communications and information becomes poorer and the main point is lost. By using knowledge, imagination, clear thought, new standards and methods we create reliable communication channels which give great results. Our aim is that the results should not represent just positive balances and top economic benefits, but that they should be combined with humane objectives and cultural activity. We support and we are based on mutual respect, innovations, strong will and confidence, and we establish relations of lasting trends. We go ahead considering that ideas are inexhaustible. Consequently the problem in case of different activities is not the contemplated idea used to achieve the objective and to reach the target groups. The exact implementation of the idea and the perfect organization of the event are more important.

  5. The way from programme composition to its accurate implementation of high quality is long and difficult. We draw plans from the beginning to the end, we organize with a sense of responsibility and creativity congresses, meetings and seminars of different groups of society. We organize with a sense of responsibility and accuracy the participation of corporative customers in exhibitions and the design and realization of their exhibition space. In times of insecurity and strong competition we are able to meet your requirements by opening new horizons for you. The Institute for Communications, Innovations, Advertisement and Public Relations helps the selection of the suitable event. Further, we ensure a suitable and timely assistance for the concomitant activities, and we guarantee a high quality of the final result of the event such as cultural events, presentations of books, different organizational forms, promotions and presentations of products and services. We can undertake to make the design and to print and distribute your printed materials such as advertisements, personal or corporative materials with care and accuracy. We shall create your publication or literary or scientific book or your collection using high aesthetical standards in their design. We shall create them with care to the details guaranteeing a high quality, then we shall promote and distribute them by special channels in which you are interested taking care of the complete cycle of the distribution. Our choiice is the key to the success in the correct and original advertisement of your company and your products.

  6. The new ideas proposed by the Institute for Communications, Innovations, Advertisement and Public Relations create the perfect advertising conception and guarantee completely the positive perception of the messages by the target group of people. We know what advertisement is and which is its purpose. The advertisement as a communication means, whether it is printed, published in the mass media or electronic represents a specially processed optical and acoustic material intended for the general public. It tries to deliver definite messages in a suitable way so that they could be impressed in the consciousness in the best way. The purpose of the advertising messages is to convince the user to buy the product, to emphasize its advantages, to build up and to form his opinion and to differentiate the product from the other competitive products. We present to you the principles we have adopted in our work, when creating an advertisement (as concentrated in the abbreviation AIDAP): ΑΤΤΕΝΤΙΟΝ – Attracting user’s attention INTEREST – Provoking user’s interest DESIRE – Provoking user’s desire ACTION – User’s reaction (purchase, use of the product) PRESPECTIVE – Perspective of collaboration with the user

  7. Public opinion is everything for the Institutefor Communications Innovations, Advertisement and Public Relations ! We have developed durable collaboration with the press and electronic mass media which is based on the main principles included in our conception. We think that our main care is the durable and bilateral relations with the mass media. Our collaboration goes beyond the borders of the national mass media. We keep up the collaboration with the regional mass media and with some specialized periodicals. It is important to know that the public relations are based on information. We invest in the personal contacts in the communication with representatives of printed and electronic mass media and with journalists looking for a positive, correct and broad informational implementation. We approach with care and punctiliousness every activity and we follow step by step its successful organization. A company should analyze the degree of quality of the services offered by them, whether it is high or low, so that they can follow a specific programme of communication conformed to the objective reality. From the moment in which it is not able to offer certain services or products, their communication should be revised without trying to use advertisement tricks with the only aim to have a financial benefit from “allegedly services of high quality”. The only thing they could achieve is a short positive financial success at the same time destroying the image and the reputation of the company for a long time in the future., because the managers close their eyes guided by the lack of communication strategy and planning.

  8. The Institute for Communications, Innovations, Advertisement and Public Relations has the possibilities required for proposing complete programmes of corporate communication which can be easily adapted to the needs and requirements of a competitive corporate environment. Written articles are an instrument to exchange views and opinions with people having similar interesses and problems. We analyze the publications in a manner of high quality, because we know very well that the corporate relations with the public , the advertisements and the communications are often far away from the scientific knowledge in this sphere which causes the formation, in the public consciousness , of a wrong corporate culture and attitudes which are not compatible in any way with the above-mentioned corporate standards. The public relations represent systematic and adequate actions strictly organized with a view to creating and maintaining relations of confidence and good will. Our objective is to create, maintain and develop the corporate and individual identity of our customers, to transform infavourable and critical situations such as animosity, apathy, etc. into positive ones. We can increase our customers’ reputation by developing a public informed opinion. A programme of public relations correctly structured is very important because only a suitably informed public is able to support the adherence to the principles in a moment of crisis and only professionals in the field of public relations can achieve a change in the opinions and commitments of the target groups. Our choice is the key to the success of a perfect and original corporate advertisement of products. The establishment of a corporate identity of your company will make it more dynamic in the internal and external corporate environment. The selection of the most suitable employees and their training are an important condition as well of development and success both of the company and their employees.

  9. We offer our complete support with consultations for finding the suitable personnel by means of special professional tests, and we can organize their training both theoretically and practically. We can organize and carry out corporate seminars, presentations and training within the firm meeting the requirements of the special needs of every company. Sales are one of the most important sections of activity of a company. The long-term success and the existence of a company are due to the sales. Therefore, we attach a great importance to this section by establishing special plans of sale. Seminars, presentations of new products, services or companies, symposia by branches, scientific congresses, meetings for training, motivation measures, every event irrespective of the place and time is in our competence. For this purpose we prepare a complete plan of the organization and we carry it out according to the requirements of the highest standards. Every participant in an exhibition or congress has many opportunities to establish contacts with the public. The limitation to the conventional distribution of printed materials ignores the actual possibilities of public relations and the benefits from latter. The Institute for Communications, Innovations, Advertisement and Public Relations develop, reinforce and protect the positive image of their customers and their products using at the maximum every situation on the market and with the competition. They develop the relations, the permanent contact and the collaboration with the representatives of the media. The public identification and the provocation of the interest are our objective aiming to achieve the maximum publicity and distribution of the information. .

  10. Activities in the sphere of communications, maximum display and advertisement of the product or service verbally, visually or acoustically to complement the built-up image or to establish a new one. Public relations comprise a complex of long-term activities the purpose of which is to establish the public image of the company. These activities help the public accept the company and their products. The results of the public relations often depend on the planning and realization of the main idea. The creative corporate communication helps the messages reach the public and be accepted positively by the same. The messages may be set forth in many different ways using the data base maintained by us. The Institute for Communications, Innovations, Advertisement and Public Relations and the persons working for the same carry out the relevant activities realizing the importance of the correct corporate communication policy of our times and using their special competence in working out specific ideas and plans this being a guarantee for their implementation with high quality.

  11. Our services: Corporative communication Company communication Political communication Public relations Electronic advertisement Relations with the media Specialized communication Building-up and developing corporative identity Analysis and interpretations of inquiries Newsletters publication Human resources training Complete public relations programmes Consultations for strategies and communications Environment, analyses and estimations monitoring Collaboration in educational projects Management if crises Market development Promotion planning Distribution Sales Clients Promotions and events Project management and monitoring Market investigations

  12. Relations with media • CorporateCommunication and company identity management • BrandCommunication & ProductPlacement • EventManagement • Congresses • Exhibitions • Presentation of new products • Competitiveness • Contacts with partners • Corporate orientation • Measuring public reaction in case of product promotion Event selection Planning and Realization • Investigation of users’ opinions • Relations within the firm • Relations with local public • Relations with local organizations • Periods • Realization of product sales • Invoicing, prime costs and promotional policy Our services:

  13. Our activities: Study of strategic issues related to communications and competitiveness of your company Creation of publicity Planning and implementation of advertisement strategies Events management and organization Graphic services: - Logo design - Posters design - Cards design - Printed materials design Target group determination Organizational plan of public relations and post-monitoring Corporate identity determination and management Media partnership Media representation of the company Exhibitions, congresses and other activities Sponsoring Newsletters Awards Presentations Management of the total budget of public relations Internet communication - Internet sites design - Maintenance of Internet sites- Electronic product presentation - e- public relations Preparation and realization with a sense of responsibility of every stage of a corporate event

  14. Planning • Consultations • Budget and financial management - Promotion • Advertisement • Correspondence, Wording, editing and printing materials - Delivery of invitations, announcements and programmes of events - Optical and acoustic equipment - Translations • Recordings - Cocktails, official dinners - Tours and trips of participants and companions - Special programmes for guests, presents - Transport - Tickets • Booking - Rent-a-car services- Statistical data about events - Reports In the section of sales we offer: - Establishment of distribution networks and their development • - Selection and training of personnel • Distribution network supervision • - Merchandising • Distribution of company’s materials • Study of clients’ satisfaction • Post-sale services Our activities:

  15. Our activities: Development of relations, constant contact and partnership with media representatives. Development and distribution of information are our objective. We offer: ` - Complete planning of communication policy Press conferences - Formulation and distribution of press releases - Management of news for the press, the radio and the TV - PressKits – creation of communication printed materials for the media and distribution of invitations -GuestLists - - MediaTracking – appreciation and reporting of results of events - PressClippings - Layout of space - Presents Printed advertisements Radio advertisement

  16. Give value to your identity • Create challenges • Accept challenges • See the possibilities • Open new horizons Benefits: Our engagement: • Respect to clients and long-term partnership based on the services of high quality we offer Address: 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria 10 “Kniaz Alexander Batemberg” str. Entrance: A, Floor 5, Flat: 21 E-mail: Tel:+35 9896 73 4338

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  20. Ινστιτούτο Επικοινωνίας Καινοτομίας Προβολής και Δημοσίων Σχέσεων Институт за Комуникации Иновации Реклама и Връзки сОбщественосттаInstitute for Communication Innovation Advertisement and Public Relations More of everything you wantTM