Harlingen cisd budget preparation
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Harlingen CISD Budget Preparation. Allocations for Campuses. Allocations for Departments. All departments will be allocated the same amounts as last year. All campuses budgets at 100%. Introduction. The District’s budgeting process is based under a Site Based Management philosophy

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Harlingen cisd budget preparation

Harlingen CISDBudget Preparation

Budget Instructions 2014-2015

Allocations for campuses
Allocations for Campuses

Budget Instructions 2014-2015

Allocations for departments
Allocations for Departments

  • All departments will be allocated the same amounts as last year.

  • All campuses budgets at 100%

Budget Instructions 2014-2015


  • The District’s budgeting process is based under a Site Based Management philosophy

    • Site-Based Management allows the principals increased budgetary authority at the campus level.

    • The main advantage of site-based budgeting is that it allows the school personnel to make budgetary decisions for their own campuses.

  • Elementary Campuses budgets are prepared by grade level

  • Secondary Campuses budgets are prepared by department.

  • Department Budgets are prepared using a Zero Based Budget Approach.

    • Zero based budgeting basically makes depts. justify the programs activities and services on an annual basis while justifying any increase with their budgets.

  • Campuses submit their budgets directly to their Administrator.

    • The Business Office will review and make sure you stayed within your allotment.

  • Department Heads submit to your supervisor.

  • Budgets are due to your Asst. Supt. On April 11, 2014

  • Budgets are due April 18, 2014 to the Business Office.

Budget Instructions 2014-2015


  • The principal or director is responsible for submitting the budget for all items needed on their campus/dept. with the exception of the following items:

    • Payroll Costs

      • The payroll budget for each campus will be prepared by the Business Office after staffing requirements have been determined.

        • We take care of budgeting for salary and benefits for teachers, para-professionals, administrators and hourly staff.

      • Any new items such as car allowances, stipends and/or extra duty pay must be approved by the Human Services Department. It will be routed to the Business Office once approved. We will go over those forms later.

      • Payroll Costs that will be funded through the campus allocation must be submitted on Form #6 which will be completed online through Eduphoria.

    • Utilities-Completed by District Operations

      • Water

      • Gas

      • Phone

      • Electricity

    • Other items designated as Central Office responsibilities.

      • Copier Rental and repair

      • Computer Repair and Maintenance

      • Consultants for in-service at a District-Wide Level

      • Misc repairs for office equipment.

      • Replacement Computers

Budget Instructions 2014-2015

Preparation cont
Preparation – cont.

  • Certain items associated with Library functions will be submitted through the Coordinator of Media Services.

    • Your library budget should be budgeted to the accounts on your budget allocation worksheet

  • All requests for items to be constructed by maintenance, major repairs, or proposed renovations should be completed on Form #3. This form will be forwarded to the Asst. Superintendent for District Operations through Eduphoria.

    • Use Form #3-”Requests for Projects”

    • Do not include these items in your budget.

    • If approved, they will come out of the maintenance budget.

    • An approval or denial will be re-routed to your office after a decision has been made by Mr. Tapia.

Budget Instructions 2014-2015


  • Your campus budget will be submitted based on a per student allocation as follows:

    • Elementary-$85.00 per student

    • Middle School-$115.00 per student

    • High School-$140.00 per student

  • The projected enrollment is based on the current year’s Fall Peims Submission.

  • FTE’s for special populations are based on data collected from program directors.

  • The following allocations will be used for the libraries:

  • Elem M.S. High School

    • 12-6239 Region One $3.00 $3.00 $3.00

    • 12-6329 Periodicals $1.25 $1.80 $2.45

    • 12-6399 Library Supplies $1.50 $1.75 $1.50

    • 12-6395 Programed AV Mat $2.00 $3.00 $3.00

    • 12-6398 Library Books $10.00 11.00 $13.50

  • Your campus allocations for library will cover the above costs.

Budget Instructions 2014-2015

Allocations continue

  • In addition to the previously mentioned allocations, principals receive monies for their special populations as follows:

    • Bilingual $30.00

    • Special Education $75.00

    • At Risk $15.00

    • Gifted and Talented $50.00

    • Vocational $155.00

    • Title I Part A $20.00

    • Migrant $35.00

  • These are supplemental dollars to be used in those programs.

Budget Instructions 2014-2015

Allocations continue1

  • Administrative Technology-The business office will budget monies for each campus for the replacement of Campus Administrative Computers as follows:

    • Elementaries $1,000

    • Middle Schools $2,000

    • High Schools $4,000

  • The monies will be budgeted in the following accounts-199523XXX99 6307727.

  • You can use this account when needed.

Budget Instructions 2014-2015


  • Budget Form#1

    • Budget Form #1–Summary recap form must be completed by the Principal/Budget Secretary to summarize the requested items from the departments’ Form #2.

  • Budget Form #2

    • Please issue this Form to your departments to gather their budget items. This will be your supporting details for Form #1.

    • Please summarize all Form #2’s onto one Form #1 which is include in the Ultimate File to be uploaded through Eduphoria.

  • Requests for Projects-District Operations Form #3

    • Complete for requests of items to be constructed by maintenance, major repairs or proposed renovations.

    • Do not include these items in your budget

    • This will be completed online through Eduphoria and routed to District Operations.

  • Personnel Action Request Form #4

    • This form will be combined with Form #8 onto one form.

    • It will be completed online and sent electronically to Human Resources from Eduphoria.

Budget Instructions 2014-2015

Forms cont d

  • Request for 2014-2015 Salary Budgeted Items-Form #6

    • Payroll costs that will be funded through campus allocations

      • I.E. summer students

      • Coop Students

      • This will be completed and submitted online through Eduphoria.

  • Additional Items Form # 7

    • Use this form to submit any additional items that you need that were not included in your budget.

    • We will review and fund those if monies are available.

  • Personnel Action Form #4 – (Was Form #8)

    • This will be done online and will be combined with Form # 4 on Eduphoria.

Budget Instructions 2014-2015