supplemental budget preparation l.
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Supplemental Budget Preparation

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Supplemental Budget Preparation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Supplemental Budget Preparation. Robyn Hawley ED 639 Dr. Helms October 8, 2002.

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Supplemental Budget Preparation

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    1. Supplemental Budget Preparation Robyn Hawley ED 639 Dr. Helms October 8, 2002

    2. The following slides show a list of supplemental social studies materials, that I am suggesting for purchase. These materials will be beneficial to me and my seventh grade students as we learn about political science.

    3. Video Tapes • How A Bill Becomes A Law $79.95 • This video is narrated by a teenager and includes interviews with Members of Congress, lobbyists and Congressional staff. It includes comic clips from old movies. 30 minutes. • Our Federal Government $199.00 • This complete set includes 3 videos and 3 guides. It provides an introduction to the 3 branches of government and uses historic footage and graphics. 22-28 minutes.

    4. Video Tapes • Electing A President: The Process $69.95 • This video provides an introduction including eligibility requirements, electoral college, primaries, conventions, debates, negative campaigning and the media. Historical elections and speeches are examined. 22 minutes. • What is an American? $89.00 • This video discusses the importance of citizenship and voting rights and how the Bill of Rights and Constitution provided these. 22 minutes.

    5. Enrichment Books • Teen Power Politics $9.95 • This paperback book provides a humorous look at politics and activism, provides reasons to vote, explains importance of democracy, election process and community activism. This book includes teen activist profiles. 120 pages.

    6. Enrichment Books 2. The Kid’s Guide to Social Action $18.95 This paperback book explains the fundamentals for national and international activism. It includes step-by-step instructions for how to write letters, press releases, make speeches and contact government officials. 209 pages.

    7. Computer Programs • All About Elections (CD-ROM) $139.95 • This set includes 5 CD-ROMs that are full color, use audio and cartoons. This program includes 5 games such as presidential trivia and includes a resource section that includes the text of the Constitution and timelines. • How A Bill Becomes A Law $49.95 • This disk allows the student to assume the role of Representative that is pushing a bill through Congress. The outcomes may range from indictment to election to Senate.

    8. Games and Simulations • House of Representatives $11.95 • This simulation allows the students to become members of Congress and write and vote on legislation. The whole class may participate at the same time. • Politics As Usual Board Game $39.95 • The student is a U.S. Senator and must raise campaign money, deal with lobbyists, introduce bills and vote. The rule booklet includes additional lesson plans. This game allows 3-6 players at once.

    9. Teaching & Learning Supplemental Books • Teaching Government & Citizenship Using the Internet $29.95 • This reproductive activity book uses the Internet to explore diverse issues, such as branches of government, global citizenship and current affairs. It directs students to specific websites and engages them in activities.

    10. Teaching & Learning Supplemental Books • Dictionary of American Government & Politics $17.00 • This paperback book is great for locating facts, figures and definitions. This book covers all levels of government, includes actual laws, Supreme Court cases and political slang. The appendix includes the actual text of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

    11. Learning Activities • The Campaign in Cartoons $27.95 • This activity book includes 20 transparencies of political cartoons that teach presidential elections including information about parties, primaries, campaign finance and the media. • American Government Smartcharts $19.90 • These 5 posters show the Constitution, Bill of Rights, branches of government, federal elections and how a bill becomes a law. There are activities and games on the back.

    12. Learning Activities • Documents of Freedom $29.95 • This documents are primary resources, poster size and made out of parchment-like paper. The documents are the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and a recruiting poster under George Washington. This set also includes two paintings, the Declaration of Independence and the Signing of the Constitution.

    13. Total Budget $833.35