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Class of 2014!

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Class of 2014!

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  1. Welcome To Westlake High School, Future Warriors! Class of 2014!

  2. High School Graduation Requirements Classes are worth 5 credits per semester. You must earn a D or better to receive credits for a class.

  3. Freshmen must enroll in 6 classes. Below is a typical 9th grade schedule: • English 9 • Math • Biology • P.E. or Sport • Foreign Language (or other elective, chosen from the back of your enrollment sheet) • Health/Careers/Auto Safety • *See page 9 in the Course Directory for a sample 4-year plan! Choose your start time: 8 a.m. OR 7 a.m. If you intend to enroll in band or chorus in addition to your foreign language, you might consider enrolling in health through CVUSD summer school

  4. High School Graduation World History OR European History AP US History U.S. Government & Politics Economics 4 Year College (“A-G” requirement): World History CP OR European History AP US History CP/AP U.S. Government & Politics CP/AP Economics CP/H Must pass with C or better A: Social Science Requirement Vs.

  5. High School Graduation: Four years required English 9 English 10 English 11 English 12 4 Year College (“A-G” requirement): Four years of CP or Honors/AP passed with a C or better B: ENGLISH REQUIREMENT Vs. Note: If you are petitioning for honors/AP for any course, you must still check “CP” on your forms. Petitions are available from your middle school office.

  6. High School Graduation: 30 credits (including Algebra 1) C: Math Requirement • 4 Year College(“A-G” requirement): Three years of CP level or higher. Must pass with a grade of “C” or better. REQUIRED • Algebra 1 CP / H • Geometry CP / H • Algebra 2 CP / H • RECOMMENDED • Calculus AP • Computer Science AP • Discrete Math • Math Analysis CP/Honors • Multimedia Information Technology • Statistics AP Vs.

  7. Necessary for High School Graduation Only! Health (1 semester) If you take health during the regular 9th grade year, you will take it for one semester only, the other half of the year will be filled with your choice of Careers/Auto Safety, Wood Shop, or Microsoft Office See the CVUSD website for information on taking Health in summer school If you take health in the summer, you may replace it with a full year elective from the back of your enrollment sheet. There is a space to indicate your preference on your enrollment sheet. Auto Safety is not offered to students who take Health over the summer. Health Requirement

  8. High School Graduation: Biological science (1 yr) A physical science (1 yr) 4 Year College (“A-G” requirement): Two years of laboratory science Passed with a C or better Required Biology CP / H Chemistry CP / H Recommended Physics CP/AP Chemistry AP Biology AP Physiology/Anatomy CP/H Advanced Anatomy(Teacher approval required) Environmental Science AP Marine Science CP D: Lab Science Requirement Vs.

  9. Physical Education Requirement • Necessary for High School Graduation Only! • Physical Education (2 years) • Completed by taking: • P.E. • WHS athletic team sport Must try out! • Marching Band/Colorguard • If you are interested in trying out for a team or joining marching band, be sure to ask your middle school office for a Future Warrior Packet, if you’ve not done so already.

  10. High School Graduation: Visual & Performing Arts (one year) OR Foreign Language (one year) 4 Year College (“A-G” requirement): Visual & Performing Arts – One year, including dance, drama/theatre, music and/or visual art AND Foreign Language-Two years of the same language other than English (three years recommended) E: Foreign Language RequirementsandF: Visual & Performing Arts Vs.

  11. High School Graduation Everything above and beyond the previously listed graduation requirements are considered electives 4 Year College (“A-G” requirement): College Preparatory Elective In addition to those courses required in “A-G”, one year of college preparatory electives are required, chosen from history, social science, English, advanced mathematics, laboratory science, language other than English and visual and performing arts G: Elective Requirement Vs.

  12. All registration forms must be returned to your Social Studiesteacher by MARCH 19TH! To view this presentation online, go to the Counseling section of the WHS website @

  13. Questions?