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Presenting the new 1600 series PowerPoint Presentation
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Presenting the new 1600 series

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Presenting the new 1600 series - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presenting the new 1600 series. 1600 series Pocket-size Scanner. Introduction of 1600 series Product concept Product features & benefits Software tools Applications Competitive advantages Marketing Collaterals FAQ. 1600 series Pocket-size Scanner. Product concept.

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presenting the new 1600 series

Presenting the new1600 series

1600 series

Pocket-size Scanner


Introduction of 1600 series

Product concept

Product features & benefits

Software tools


Competitive advantages

Marketing Collaterals


1600 series

Pocket-size Scanner


Product concept

  • Designed for healthcare, field sales and field service environments with strong mobility requirement, the CipherLab 1600 series brings the highest flexibility to the workers in the workplace. The Bluetooth® communication and pocket-sized form factor with lightweight unleash workers and allow them to go where the work is and get more done, in more places.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: High mobility solution

  • Extreme lightweight and pocket-size form factor
    • Smaller and lighter than a mobile phone, the 1600 series can be easily fit in your pocket and carried around for required tasks wherever it takes. 1600 series is a high mobility solution for the workers in the hospital or in the field.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Unleash the workers

  • Bluetooth® option
    • Capable to connect with PDA, Smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth® communication and support at least 10 m Bluetooth® working range for real-time data transmission. Through the WWAN on those Bluetooth® smart devices, users can always keep the back-end system updated anywhere, anytime.
    • Enable efficient and cost-effective data collection via 1600 series to the smart devices with CipherConnect.
  • Accessory for instant pairing
    • Plug in and play! 3610 Bluetooth® transponder help 1600 series easily connect to Bluetooth® compatible devices with USB port and save time of the pairing process.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Versatile Data Capture

  • Reader options of linear imager and 2D imager
    • 1600 series offers the options of reading 1D and 2D barcodes to meet any business needs. In particular, the option of 2D imager answers to the growing adoption of 2D barcodes on medicine packaging or hospital equipments in healthcare industry.
  • Time Stamp (1664)
    • Associated with a date and time to every read of barcodes, time stamp makes it easy and efficient for data analysis, such as, evaluating the time that caregivers need to finish a round.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Assure data storage

  • Big on-board memory in batch mode
    • When 1600 series is used as a memory scanner, its 256 K to 4 MB on-board memory holds up to 240* thousand scans and prevent the data loss.

*The calculation is based on EAN13 barcode.

Get more done with the long-lasting power

  • Long working hours
    • Capable of providing long working hours for all day operation without battery recharge and let the workers get their jobs done more efficiently.
  • Options of batteries
    • Choices of replaceable AAA batteries or the environmental-friendly rechargeable Li-ion battery for the diverse needs in different regions.
1664 feature summary
1664 Feature summary

Lightweight and small size

Onboard memory

stores over 240,000* scans

*The calculation is based on EAN13 barcode.

Bluetooth® interface

24 hours support

without time wasted on

battery recharge

2D imager

Rechargeable Li-ion battery

1660 1661 feature summary
1660/1661 Feature summary

Extreme lightweight

and small size

Onboard memory

stores over 10,000* scans

*The calculation is based on EAN13 barcode.

Bluetooth® interface

30/40 hours support

without time wasted on

battery recharge

Linear imager

Options of AAA batteries or

the rechargeable Li-ion battery




protective cover

protective cover



  • Standard Windows® interface
    • The interface of ScanMaster is standard Windows® and users just tick a few boxes for related setting.
  • Easy and efficient operation
    • ScanMaster provides comprehensive tools to configure CipherLab scanners in a fast and easy way, such as editing format and choosing symbology types.
  • Save time for SI, resellers and users
    • The SI’s or resellers create setup files through ScanMaster. The generated files can be saved, shared and printed out as a sheet listed with barcodes. By simply scanning these barcodes, customer can implement the same setting on all their scanners effortlessly.


  • It is a COM-to-key utility designed for CipherLab cordless scanners to work as an input device for smart devices, such as Smartphone or PDA. The software enables intensive data collection and transmission via CipherLabBluetooth® scanner to the smart devices.
  • It is available for Android, BlackBerry and Windows® Mobile via Bluetooth® SPP.
  • Apple’s iPhone, and iPod Touch (2nd Generation) support Bluetooth® HID profiles when running iOS 4 and above, where CipherConnect is not needed to pair with CipherLab cordless scanners.

Caring for Patients at Point-of-Care, Dispensing Medications

Field Mobility

Asset Management, Direct Store Delivery, Meter Reading

Target vertical applications


Challenges for healthcare

  • Heavy workload and long working hours
      • Besides treating patients and helping in rehabilitation, caregivers need to keep records of symptoms and other trivial paperwork. These routines occupy their time and make them spend less time on patients.
  • Update Medical Records Constantly
        • Repetitive dose or other medial errors might happen and injure patients if the medical records cannot be updated immediately.

Beneficial solutions for healthcare

  • The efficient operation of 1600 series makes the doctors’ or caregivers’ rounds more efficient.
    • Low power consumption enables longer working hours and fewer battery recharges/replacements.
    • Bright LED and adjustable beeper let caregivers easily confirm data capture even in dim wards.
  • The medical information will be updated immediately via the reliable Bluetooth® communications of 1600 series.
    • The Bluetooth® connection and the coverage range of 1600 series ensure that moving caregivers are able to transmit data to tablets or laptops on medical carts immediately after dispensing medicines to inpatients.
application point of care
Application: Point of care

By scanning the barcode

on patient’s wristband, the patient’s information is shown on the screen of the tablet on the medical cart. Caregiver can check when and what medications were

given last.

If all information matches,

caregiver helps patient

take the medicine and

he/she updates the

medical records through WLAN.

Caregiver confirms the

medicines in the

dispensing cup with the

physician notes and

medication orders

on tablet.

application dispensing medications
Application: Dispensing medications

After the dispensing is completed, pharmacist

takes the medicines to the patient and updates the medical records.

Pharmacist starts to dispense the medicines. To confirm the medicine is taken, pharmacist scans the barcode on each medicine’s cabinet or packaging before taking.

By scanning the barcode

on patient’s prescription,

pharmacist checks the patient’s identification and what medicines the patient



Challenges for field mobility

  • Mobility is required
    • It is not easy for field workers to carry big or heavy devices with them while moving around.
  • Investment of the devices for field workers
        • Each field worker needs to have a set of devices to help them collect data in different locations, which could be costly especiallyfor the companies which have limited budget.

Beneficial solutions for field mobility

  • The 1600 series scanners are small and lightweight and won’t be a burden for field sales to carry.
    • 1600 series is smaller than a mobile phone and the weight is
    • under 110 g.
  • The Bluetooth® option of 1600 series makes it a good companion of PDA and Smartphone.
  • For field workers who are already equipped with PDA or Smartphone, the company buy them only 1600 series scanners, and they can collect required data in the field and transmit it to the back-end system immediately.
application shelf replenishment
Application: Shelf Replenishment

If the inventory is insufficient, field sales scan the barcode on product package, and transmit the data to PDA/Smartphone via Bluetooth® communication. Meanwhile, the corresponding product information will be shown on the screen.

Field sales go to the retail store and check if there is enough inventory on the shelf or in the storage.

Field sales use the WWAN function on PDA/Smartphone to connect with back-end system where he/she can check the inventory information and place order accordingly.

1600 competitive advantages
1600 Competitive advantages
  • Outstanding reading performance
    • 1600 series can read small barcodes up to 3 mil of 1D and 5 mil of 2D, along with the wide range of reading distance from 3.6 to 30.5 cm.
  • Long working hours
    • 1600 series supports all day operation to work across workers’ shifts and reduce the time wasted on frequent re-charging or replacement.
  • Large on-board memory
    • In batch mode, there are 256K/512K and 4M memory in the 1600 series 1D and 2D Bluetooth® scanners respectively to store from 10 to 240 thousands data.
  • A cost-effective solution
    • A lightweight and pocket-sized scanner with affordable price.
  • Custom-configure scanners easily
    • ScanMaster provides comprehensive tools to easily configure scanner, edit format and choose symbology types.
marketing collaterals
Marketing Collaterals

1600 series

Pocket-size Scanner


Pull-up Poster


Press Release



1600 series

Pocket-Size Scanner

  • What are the enhanced features of newly-launched 1664 comparing with existed 1660/1661?
  • Bigger memory – 1664 has 4MB on board memory, capable of holding over 240 thousands scans and 10K buffer memory when it’s out of Bluetooth® working range.
  • Longer Bluetooth® working range – The working rang of Bluetooth® connectivity on 1664 is extended to 20 m.
  • New function of time stamp – If time stamp is enabled, every data will be stored with a date and a time, which makes data analysis easy and efficiency.
  • IP and drop testing – 1664 is rated IP42 and able to withstand multiple drops onto the concrete at 1.5 m.
  • What kinds of PDA and Smartphone that 1600 series Bluetooth® scanners can support?
    • For the PDA or Smartphone which support Bluetooth® HID profiles, e.g. Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (2nd Gen), 1600 series Bluetooth® scanners can be paired with them directly for data collection.
    • As to the Bluetooth® devices which only support Bluetooth® SPP profiles, e.g. Android, BlackBerry and Windows® Mobile, CipherConnect helps them transfer SPP signals to HID and let them be cable to communicate with 1600 series Bluetooth® scanners.
    • CipherConnect is a COM-to-key utility designed for CipherLab Bluetooth® scanners to work as an input device for smart devices. The software enables intensive data collection and transmission via CipherLab Bluetooth® scanner to the smart devices.
  • What is the benefit of using 3610 Bluetooth® transponder?

For any computer with USB port, 3610 Bluetooth® transponder can add reliable wireless capability between it and 1600 Bluetooth® scanners with easy, instant pairing and guaranteed performance.

  • What are the differences between 1600 and 1500 series Bluetooth® options, and 1166/1266 scanners?

The 1600 series is for the applications in field sales, field service and healthcare environments. Other than 1600 series, 1500 series and 1166/1266 focus on different vertical markets. The details of the differences are summarized as below:

2D Bluetooth® Scanners


Thank you!

1600 series

Pocket-Size Scanner