2007 u s scale masters l.
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2007 U.S. Scale Masters

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2007 U.S. Scale Masters. Hemet, California Oct 11 th -14 th 2007. 1 st Day – Static Judging. Thursday Oct 11 th 2007. Our new National Chairman Bill Hart and Director of Administration Carolyn VanHerk Helped us all feel very welcome. The weather so far is perfect!.

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2007 u s scale masters

2007 U.S. Scale Masters

Hemet, California

Oct 11th-14th 2007

1 st day static judging
1st Day – Static Judging

Thursday Oct 11th 2007

Our new National Chairman Bill Hart and Director of Administration Carolyn VanHerk

Helped us all feel very welcome. The weather so far is perfect!

1 st day static judging3
1st Day – Static Judging

Paul Haynes prepares his Nieuport 28 brought back to life from last years

crash at the Muncie Masters – dedication to the extreme level

1 st day static judging4
1st Day – Static Judging

Bill Powers prepares his T28 for Open Class static judging

1 st day static judging5
1st Day – Static Judging

Dennis Crooks arrives with his P38 and many other scale aircraft to

Defend his title: The Masters Grand Champion

Living proof that folks from the East Coast can indeed venture to the West Coast safely

1 st day static judging6
1st Day – Static Judging

Earl Aune (Team Scale Pilot) is first up under scrutiny of tough static judges with Randy Smithhislers beautiful electric powered J3 Cub

1 st day static judging7
1st Day – Static Judging

Tom Wolf is up with his incredible DeHaviland Mosquito bomber. He adjusts each wheel brake according to his throttle setting to keep it tracking straight on take offs. The scratch built landing gear is inspiring.

1 st day static judging8
1st Day – Static Judging

Randy Smithhisler and his gorgeous J4 Cub – electric power.

1 st day static judging9
1st Day – Static Judging

Scale realism at it’s finest! Jeff Weiss’s incredible TA-152 Foke Wolf

1 st day static judging10
1st Day – Static Judging

Tom Wolf’s Mosquito

Hal Woods points out his new landing

Lights that took him over 30 hours to

construct all 3 out of solid aluminum

1 st day static judging11
1st Day – Static Judging

Next year Jeff Weiss says the tractor will actually pull his TA-152 out to the runway!

1 st day static judging12
1st Day – Static Judging

Scott Enoch makes a test hop after static with his beautiful Spad 13

1 st day static judging13
1st Day – Static Judging

Doug Crumley’s complex Fiesler Storch can fly verrrrry slow