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  1. Alabama The Heart of Dixie By Mason Roldan

  2. Facts about Alabama • Alabama marble is the purest and whitest in the world. It has been used in buildings such as the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C • NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville built the first rocket to put humans on the moon • The first University of Alabama vs. Auburn University football game was played on Feb. 22, 1893. These Games between them have be known to be called the Iron Bowl

  3. Natural Resources Oil Iron Ore Marble

  4. State Symbols of Alabama The State Mammal of Alabama is the Black Bear. It was the official mammal in 1996. The State Fish of Alabama is the Largemouth Bass it was the official freshwater fish in 1975. The State Rock is the marble. It was the official rock in 1966. It has been used in many of the national monuments in Washington D.C such as, The Lincoln Memorial.

  5. Major Attractions Paul W. Bryant Museum Tuscaloosa, Al of The University of Alabama. Paul “Bear” Bryant is known as the best college football coach that ever lived with a record of wins with 323 career wins Alabama Adventure Water & Theme park outside of Birmingham, Al

  6. Geography Total Area-52,423 square miles Land Area-50,750 square miles Water Area-1,673 square miles Coast Line- approximately 53 miles Highest Point- Cheaha Mountain 2,407 feet above sea level Lowest Point- sea level where the state meets the Gulf of Mexico Mean Elevation- between highest and lowest point the mean elevation of the state is 500 feet above sea level Major Rivers- Tombigbee River, Alabama River, Tennessee River, Chattahoochee River Major Lakes- Guntersville Lake, Wilson Lake, Lake Martin, West Point Lake, Lewis Smith Lake Capital- Montgomery

  7. Geography • East Coastal Plain- Covers 2/3 of the state. There is many varying landscapes such as swamps and pine forests. In the Black Belt Prairie which is a part of the region is very fertile. • Piedmont Upland- Located in the eastern central section of Alabama and has low hills, ridges, and sandy valleys. Coal, iron ore, limestone, and marble are found in the Piedmont Upland along with Cheaha Mountain the highest point. • Cumberland Plateau- Sometimes called the Appalachian Plateau is northwest to the Appalachian Ridge and Valley Ridge. It has rolling terrain and flat lands rising to 1,800 feet above sea level in the northeast. Slopes down southwest to 500 feet above sea level meeting up with the East Coastal Plain.

  8. Governor Robert Bentley

  9. License Plate and Quarter • The Alabama quarter was the 2nd made state quarter of 2003. It features Helen Keller with her name in English, and in braille. It is the first US coin to have braille. It includes long leaf pine branches and Mongolia's , and a Spirit of Courage Banner This is Alabama’s most recent license plate from 2009

  10. Famous People Harper Lee author of To Kill a Mockingbird was born in Monroeville, Al Helen Keller author and educator was born in Tuscumbia, Al Willie Mays one of the best baseball players that ever lived was born in Fairfield, Al

  11. Bibliography