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The Catholic Reformation

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The Catholic Reformation . The “Counter Reformation”. What was the Catholic Reformation?. Protestant Churches had won many followers Catholics wanted to help others remain loyal to the church Movement within the church to reform itself. Ignatius of Loyola.

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the catholic reformation

The Catholic Reformation

The “Counter Reformation”

what was the catholic reformation
What was the Catholic Reformation?
  • Protestant Churches had won many followers
  • Catholics wanted to help others remain loyal to the church
  • Movement within the church to reform itself
ignatius of loyola
Ignatius of Loyola
  • One of the great Catholic Reformers
  • In 1540, the Pope named Ignatius’ followers a religious order called the society of Jesus
    • Commonly known as Jesuits
role of the jesuits
Role of the Jesuits
  • Concentrated on three issues

1) Building superb schools throughout Europe

- Rigorously trained Teachers

- Trained in Classics and Theology

2) Convert non-Christians to Catholicism

- Sent out Missionaries

3) Stop the spread of Protestantism

- Succeeded in Poland & So. Germany

reformation popes
Reformation Popes

Pope Paul III (1534-1549)

  • Investigated the selling of indulgences and church abuses
  • Approved the Jesuit Order
  • Used the Inquisition to seek out and punish heresy
  • Called a great council of Church leaders – The Council of Trent
the council of trent
The Council of Trent
  • The Church’s interpretation of the Bible was final. Other interpretations considered heresy
  • Christians needed faith & good works for salvation. Not simply faith as Luther stated.
  • The Bible and church traditions were equally powerful authorities for guiding Christian life
  • Indulgences were valid expressions of faith (banned false selling of indulgences)
reformation popes1
Reformation Popes

Pope John IV

  • Followed the Council of Trent’s Doctrines
  • Created list of books considered dangerous to the Catholic Faith
    • Known as “The Index of Forbidden Books”
    • Gathered up offensive books
    • Including Protestant Bible
    • Burned books in Bonfires
legacy of the reformation
Legacy of the Reformation
  • Protestant Churches flourished
  • Religion no longer united Europe as it once had
  • Church Power declined
    • Gave rise to individual Monarchs
    • The rise of Nation States
    • Leading to Modern Nations