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For my media project me and two other students were given a task to make a music video, to start our planning we had to think of some sort of theme or video style and the find a song to go with it. So to choose what we was going to film we decided to do some research on our targeted age group. We found that a lot of teenagers like extreme sports so we decided to film something to do with extreme sports suck as skate parks and bmxing. This would keep the teenagers interested as there are a large verity in things that could happen at a skate park. Our results show that a lot of kids watch bmx videos online they also usually have music put to them to make it seem like it is a music video but is not. We also decided then to use music that teenagers would like to listen to as the video would relate back to teenagers. The music would have to be quite up beat and fast to go with the genre at a skate park where everything is loud and fast moving and the sense of adrenaline to keep the mood going and make it more fun and a bit of a rush. The video that we have designed does not have a story line but shows a large verity of tricks on a bmx to give people an idea of what it is all about and may get people interested into this sport so the may even watch our music video more than once and tell there mates so it could be show to many other kids by one person viewing it. We had to choose a skate park and some people who are talented to go and film so we chose to film at Hertford bowl in Hertford as there is a nice scene there the area is nice and there is a nice view there to film also the bmx riders that I had chosen have ridden there before and liked it so that they would be familiar with the skate park. We had chosen a date to go and film when we knew that the weather would be sunny and up lifting so the music video wouldn’t be dull, boring and depressing it may even make you feel happy. So once we had chosen the date to film and people to film and a scene to shoot them at we went off to film our video at Hertford bowl.

To start filming we made sure that we could shoot from a position where we would get the full scene in to show what they are doing and where they are doing it because it maybe become confusing for the viewer, we had to take a few shots again as there had been people in the background or the may have been a problem with the trick the rider(s) was doing so we had to change position a few time but after 2 days of filming we had a few clips that we were happy with and the lasted the length of the song so we didn’t have to cut anything like the music or make the video longer witch would also slow down the video witch we didn’t want to do. During the editing process we did come across a few problems but we manage to work to gather and find solutions online and if that wasn’t possible we would of asked the teach but we was able to fix it our selves. We leant how to add in extras suck ad the end credits witch we thought made it look very professional and the whole group was happy with . Over all I was very happy with the way our music video turned out so was the rest of the group there may have been something's we could have done to improve but we would have needed to how to use the software better and needed more time to test on what we was going to do but I think the video came out great and so did the rest of the group so were happy with the out come.