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  1. Evaluation Question 6

  2. What have you learnt about technologies from the construction of your product? Camera(s), tripod, editing, blog, YouTube, camera, weebly, web hosting, google drive.Using a variety of cameras has helped my knowledge on how to use the camera to its full potential, before this I had the bare minimum knowledge of cameras needed to get by, such as taking photos in everyday life, but i now have drastically improved with this particular technology. In terms of the tripod this was rather easy to grasp, but using it did take some skill, a steady hand in order to get the best pan, so i feel that it didn't take as much skill to learn how to use the tripod. Editing was never one of my strong points as I didn't have any past experience with the editing software available to us in the media suites, and I couldn't get access at home, I have got the hang of Sony Vegas, but not after effects or premiere, so for editing I haven't really come on too far, I just gave input to what I thought would improve the film. Before media I had never written a blog before, so creating a weebly was a new thing for me, but I feel that I have come along well with utilising its features in terms of appearance but also creating posts with interactivity such as videos, embedded prezis (interactive presentations) etc. so again in terms of weebly I feel I have come along heaps.