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Seth or set, the God of storms and Chaos PowerPoint Presentation
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Seth or set, the God of storms and Chaos

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Seth or set, the God of storms and Chaos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BY: Cole Ransom. Seth or set, the God of storms and Chaos. Interesting Facts about Seth .

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interesting facts about seth
Interesting Facts about Seth
  • Seth lived an evil life. On of his most known and most evil deeds is the killing of his brother, Osiris. After drowning his brother, he spread the body parts all over the Egyptian dessert. Osiris’ wife found all the body parts to make a son. This son comes in later of this presentation.
why he was so important
Why he was so important
  • Before scientists had the technology to determine why things happened, such as a thunderstorm, people wanted things to make sense. Seth was the god of storms, earthquakes, etc. So, when a terrible storm came, they believed Seth was unhappy.
what was he worshipped as
What was he worshipped as?
  • In 11th Nome, Seth was worshipped as a pig. In the capital of 19th Nome, he was worshipped as a fish! He was also known as the black boar who swallowed the moon each month. Surprisingly, these animals weren’t all!
did he have any children
Did he have any children?
  • Although Seth was married to the Goddess of childbirth, and other Goddesses such as Nephthys.
what makes seth so evil
What makes Seth so evil?
  • Seth was referred to as evil because of his blame for storms and other natural disasters. Although Seth was known as evil, he was more strange in my opinion. He has plenty of odd, disturbing stories about him.
his most important battle
His most important battle
  • Horus, who represented the day sky, fought a long battle with Seth. Many say the battle never ended until the end of time. Others say Horus won the battle, triumphing the evil.
seth s family
Seth’s family
  • Seth’s father and mother were, Geb and Nut. Gebwas known as the god of the earth. Nut was the god of the sky. Osiris, one of his brothers, was very important in Seth’s life.
  • Seth killed his brother out of jealousy. After Osiris’ wife found his body parts, she made a son, the son killed Seth. This son is Horus. Talk about some serious family drama!
  • Seth, the god of evil and Upper Egypt, did many wrongdoings and got what he deserved. Seth, from the start was evil. In some tales, he tried to be born out of his mother’s side. Although his evilness shattered his reputation, his storms brought fertile land and he protected the pharaohs.
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