learn about pnp initiative and the new sharepoint framework n.
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Learn about PnP initiative and the new SharePoint Framework PowerPoint Presentation
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Learn about PnP initiative and the new SharePoint Framework

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Learn about PnP initiative and the new SharePoint Framework - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learn about PnP initiative and the new SharePoint Framework

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  1. Learn about PnP initiative and the new SharePoint Framework Vesa Juvonen Senior Program Manager BRK2115

  2. Why would be forced to solve everything by yourself?

  3. Wouldn’t it be great, if you would have peers to share and learn from?

  4. Real life learnings shared by the community for the community

  5. 2016 Partnership PnP ownership moved to engineering, team works with a partnership on aligning roadmap. Work with SP Framework starts. 2014 Going public Going first public in CodePlex, then moved to GitHub. Concentration on add-in model enterprise scenarios. 2015 Reusability PnP Provisioning Engine introduced. Reusable components and solutions, like PnP Partner Pack introduced. Weekly webcasts started. 2013 Internal Internal initiative in Microsoft to start collecting learnings from add-in model More than 150 samples to learn and take advantage from in your work More than 2000tenants use PnP Core Component in SharePoint Online. Numerous also on-prem. More than 11000 unique visitors during past 2 weeks in PnP repositories More than 300 contributors in the GitHub for the PnP and SP repositories. More than 280 million requests using PnP Core Component in September before 13th.

  6. Thank you!

  7. Code samples Reusable components and solutions Guidance documentation Monthly community calls Case Studies SharePoint Framework SharePoint add-ins Microsoft Graph, Office 365 APIs etc. Remote provisioning and client side development Sharing is caring… http://aka.ms/SharePointPnP

  8. Anything in PnP initiative is free for reuse in any way you want

  9. Existing assets and solutions for you to us How to kick-start your projects?

  10. How to find PnP samples or guidance?dev.office.com > Resources > PnP > Sample / Guidance

  11. DEMO Finding what’s relevant for you from PnP assets

  12. Videos and webcastsaka.ms/SPPnP-Videos • Webcasts, community call, demo videos, tutorial recordings etc. • Weekly webcasts with blog post to dev.office.com • List few interesting webcasts • From the close history • To show the variation • Cross the different topics • What’s available • And what’s not

  13. Documents…aka.ms/SPPnP-Docs • Contains significant amount of presentations • Web cast presentations • Community call presentations • Seminar presentations • Reusable graphics • PnP Graphics presentation contains more than hundred different slides and drawings for reuse around SharePoint and Office 365

  14. One of the main objectives of the PnP is to simplify and easy up development PnP initiative provides reusable components and solutions for the community to use as a baseline or as a starting point

  15. Ready to use… • PnP Core Component • PnP PowerShell • PnP Partner Pack • PnP JavaScript Core • Other components and solutions

  16. DEMO Different capabilities already available for production usage PnP Core Component PnP PowerShell PnP Partner Pack PnP JavaScript Core

  17. SharePoint Framework and future models

  18. SharePoint Frameworkdev.office.com/sharepoint • Lot of existing resources to get started with your journey • Documentation • Tutorials • Samples • Videos and webcasts • We welcome community contributions also on the SPFx side around documentation and samples

  19. SharePoint Framework in GitHub • SharePoint organization will contain all new SharePoint Framework topics • http://github.com/sharepoint • Documentation available for contributions in GitHub • We already accept samples around SharePoint Framework Client-Side web parts • Numerous existing samples available for you to get started https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-docs https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-fx-webparts https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-samples

  20. Join the community on sharing your knowledge with others!

  21. DEMO Currently shared assets around SharePoint Framework – Available samples and other resources

  22. How to participate to PnP initiative?

  23. How to participate to the PnP initiative? • Get visibility in the internal and external community • Help others on their journey to recommended patterns • Find peers who work on similar topics and engage with customers and partners also using this channel • Participate on the discussion • Help others with your questions and answers • aka.ms/SPPnP-Community • Report and fix issues • Contribute with new samples, guidance and documentation • Participate on the discussion around needed capabilities • aka.ms/SPPnP Microsoft TechCommunity • Follow monthly releases and discussion around latest topics • aka.ms/SPPnP-Call

  24. Why to contribute? Get acknowledged as contributors in the communications dev.office.com blog posts Monthly community calls MSDN pages Help others by sharing your learnings around Office 365 and SharePoint development

  25. Kickstart your solutions Stay current Learn provenpractices

  26. Deploy, ramp-up on new services and onboard new users with Microsoft FastTrack:http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/

  27. Join the Microsoft Tech Community to collaborate, share, and learn from the experts:http://techcommunity.microsoft.com

  28. Please evaluate this session Your feedback is important to us! From your PC or Tablet visit MyIgnite at http://myignite.microsoft.com From your phone download and use the Ignite Mobile App by scanning the QR code above or visiting https://aka.ms/ignite.mobileapp