a web based workorder management system for california schools n.
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A Web Based Workorder Management System for California Schools PowerPoint Presentation
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A Web Based Workorder Management System for California Schools

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A Web Based Workorder Management System for California Schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Web Based Workorder Management System for California Schools. Purpose. MyTechDesk is an easy, web-based workorder management system. Designed to help support teams manage their work orders more efficiently. Easy to use in rich features and flexible. Detailed tracking and

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MyTechDesk is aneasy, web-basedworkorder managementsystem

Designed to help

support teams manage

their work orders more


Easy to use in rich

features and flexible

Detailed tracking and

reporting of service


"IVTA manages a county-wide fiber-optic WAN for schools and public agencies. We have 91 sites throughout the county with switches and other complex equipment. We were in desperate need of a ticket management solution that was completely web-based and easy to access from any site. MyTechDesk gives us this and so much more.“

Imperial Valley Telecommunications Authority Felipe Reyes Network Administrator (2002)

"We have found MyTechDesk to be a perfect solution for our needs. Our support operation has become more efficient and manageable since implementing MyTechDesk. It's easy to use, yet powerful in many ways!“

Larry Talbert Borrego Springs School District Director of Network Operations (2003)

Available to all California K-12 schools through a collaboration with the TechSETS project and the San Diego County Office of Education
  • Developed and operated by the Imperial County Office of Education
  • NO COST!
system provides the ability to
System provides the ability to:
  • Track service requests from start to completion
  • Define your own categories, groups and locations
  • Create Portals for support staff
  • Audit trail of responses
  • Generate customized reports
  • View quick statistics on completed tickets
  • Track time spent on each incident
  • Allow end-users to become requestors
  • Notify end-users
  • And more
benefits to ticket requestors
Benefits to Ticket Requestors
  • A simple way to submit requests for technical support
  • End users can directly input their service requests
  • Convenient place to add, manage and follow-up on service requests
benefits to support staff
Benefits to Support Staff
  • Provides tools to manage work orders
  • Work orders are received via phone, e-mail and direct input into the system
  • Focus on problem resolution and not data entry
  • Promotes better organization and prioritization of time and work load
  • Maintains history of work orders
  • Escalates work orders to appropriate staff
  • Provides a solid tool to monitor, evaluate and continually improve the support operation
benefits to school districts
Benefits to School Districts
  • Determine workload on support staff
  • Manage and distribute work orders for appropriate staff
  • Document work order history
  • Report progress and amount of work completed
  • Detailed reporting of progress
  • Collection of data for Total Cost of Ownership calculation
system requirements
System Requirements

No hardware or complicated configuration is required

to support the implementation of MyTechDesk.

Users will need:

  • A PC or Mac computer with Internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 5.x or later
  • Netscape Navigator 6.x or later
  • High speed Internet access recommended

No other comparable product is easier,

simpler or more affordable.

mytechdesk website
MyTechDesk Website
  • Three types of MyTechDesk users:
  • Requestors – end users
  • requesting assistance or placing
  • a work order request
  • 2. Staff – Technicians or others
  • responsible for completing work
  • orders
  • 3. Group Manager – Supervisor
  • responsible for managing the
  • work orders. Has full access
  • privileges and controls access
  • rights for staff and requestors.
  • Establishes all staff accounts.

MyTechDesk Website

  • Two options for the requestor access:
  • Centralized or End-User submission of tickets
  • Group manager decides which to use
end user submission of tickets
End User Submission of Tickets
  • End users or ticket
  • requestors log in from a
  • simplified site.
  • List tickets assigned and
  • and view status
  • Manage profile and change
  • password
  • Create a new ticket
staff and manager home screen
Staff and Manager Home Screen
  • Menu Bar
  • Home
  • List
  • New
  • Mail
  • Files
  • Reports
  • Options
  • Help
staff and manager home screen1
Staff and Manager Home Screen
  • Each staff member gets this customizable portal
  • My Tickets
  • My Statistics
  • My Messages
  • My Files
  • My Contacts
  • My Bookmarks

List (Tickets)

  • Lists all tickets in the system
  • Filtered by fields
  • Search by ticket number
new ticket
New (Ticket)
  • Enter a new ticket
  • Ticket has unique ID number
  • Required fields
  • Group manager can modify fields
  • Update and close ticket


  • Communicate with staff members
  • Create a new message
  • Unread messages on Staff Home Screen
  • Online storage for files such as users guides, patches, graphics, virus definitions, etc.
  • Tag for Staff Home Screen
  • 25 MB capacity
  • Generate customizable reports
  • Filter by Ticket Data
  • Sorting
  • Monthly reports
  • Customized Reports
  • Monthly Report
  • Category
  • Requestor
  • Support staff
  • Other

Export data

(.csv or .tab)

  • Customize settings to meet your needs
  • Three sections:
    • My Settings
    • Tools
    • Group Settings
  • MyTechDesk guide
  • Terms of service
  • Customer support
additional assistance
Additional assistance
  • Flash Product Overview
  • Live Demo
  • Trial Evaluation
To learn more about MyTechDesk and find out how it can help improve your support organization, visit the TechSETS website at