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Navigating through Exceed IEP PowerPoint Presentation
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Navigating through Exceed IEP

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Navigating through Exceed IEP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Achievement Manager. Navigating through Exceed IEP. Specialized Data Management Support (SDMS). Debra Hill, Manager Rene Gonzalez, Systems Analyst Alicia McDonnold, Systems Analyst Donald Bayer, Database Analyst Dayner Brashear, Quality Assurance Specialist

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Navigating through Exceed IEP

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Student Achievement Manager Navigating through Exceed IEP

    2. Specialized Data Management Support (SDMS) • Debra Hill, Manager • Rene Gonzalez, Systems Analyst • Alicia McDonnold, Systems Analyst • Donald Bayer, Database Analyst • Dayner Brashear, Quality Assurance Specialist • Vonda Thomas, Quality Assurance Specialist • Ley Rita Propes, Data Technician • Maryann Troiano, Data Technician SDMS 2909 N. Buckner Boulevard Suite 507 Dallas, TX 75228 Box 158 (Interoffice Mail) Main: 972.794.3550 Fax: 972.794.3551 Email: SDMS Help Desk (972) 794-3550

    3. Objectives • Describe the EXCEED Student Achievement Manager and how it relates to the district’s data and ARD/IEP • Identify the Dashboard and how to navigate the different areas of EXCEED • Access information from a student’s profile • Add and manage student ARD/IEP information in EXCEED • Summarize the ARD/IEP process

    4. Table of Contents • SAM: Student Achievement Manager • Access Information • Dashboard/Navigation • Icons and Symbols • Student Profile/Special Ed Snapshot • Status • Changing Service Provider • Watch List • Event Sections • Special Education Process – IEP • Prior Written Notice of ARD • ARD/IEP Meeting • Resource(s) • Progress Monitoring • Progress Reports • Student Transfers from Out-of-DISD

    5. Access • Within Dallas ISD Network: • • Outside the Dallas ISD Network: • • Your User Name and Password is the same as your EAD Domain login (i.e. Outlook). • Example == Username: daduck • Password: 1n3abcDe Exceed Menu Bar: Always use the Logout button in order to completely exit EXCEED. FYI: The Exceed Menu Bar is available throughout the application.

    6. Dashboard

    7. The Dashboard will be the first screen you see after logging into EXCEED. Notice the location of the Exceed Menu Bar (see red box).

    8. User Capability The Educator dashboard is the most common user capability. Dependent on the user’s scope of responsibilities, the word Educator may be replaced with Dashboard. Both levels of capability allow the user to access student data in EXCEED.

    9. Dashboard – Educator PANE 2 PANE 1

    10. Dashboard – Educator (Cont’d) Window Shades

    11. Screen Navigation Window Shades Navigator

    12. Screen Navigation (Cont’d) COLLAPSE NAVIGATOR When user clicks on the magnifying glass in the upper left bar or in the gray bar (see red box on the left), the Navigator will collapse allowing the main screen to expand. See the horizontal scroll bar? Navigator

    13. Screen Navigation (Cont’d) COLLAPSE NAVIGATOR In its expanded version, the horizontal scroll bar will be eliminated or its length will be reduced. Clicking on the magnifying glass or gray bar a second time will return screen to its original position.

    14. Dashboard – Educator Quicklink Click on Quicklink to open separate menu Calendar Displays user’s activity in daily, weekly, or monthly format Look Ahead User can see activity for next thirty days Student Groups By clicking on arrow, user can categorize students Into groups such as My Meetings or My Watch List Look Back Click on Show Past Due to view past activity

    15. Icons & Symbols Meeting Manager Custom/Edit Student Options Menu

    16. Icons & Symbols (Cont’d)  Save Lock Event Check Compliance

    17. Remember to Save Changes! • The EXCEED program does not save any changes until the user tells it to do so. This is accomplished by clicking Save (or a similar term) in the lower right corner of an EXCEED screen (or window). If you try to leave a screen without saving your changes, EXCEED displays a dialog similar to the one shown below: • Clicking Ignore Changes & Continue leaves the screen or window, abandoning any information you may have entered. • Clicking Let Me Save Changes returns you to the screen so you can click Save or a similar term (i.e. Save Assessments, Save Services, Add Selected Goals, etc.) to commit your changes.

    18. Student Profile

    19. Student Profile: General Education Student A1 STUDENT NAME School name is here. Name of guardian is here. MM/DD/YYYY(xYrsyMonths) 123XXXX A1 STUDENT NAME Navigation Panel Name of School Name of School Name of School Name of Guardian(s)

    20. Student Profile: Special Education Student A1 STUDENT NAME Name of School Name of School Name of School Name of Guardian(s)

    21. Special Ed Snapshot

    22. Special Ed Snapshot • Once the Special Education process has started, the Special Ed (Education) Snapshot • will be available. Clicking on Special Ed will display the snapshot view.

    23. Special Ed Snapshot (Cont’d) • Current Status displays the student’s current status in special education. • The various status categories include: Active, Consent for Eval Denied, Consent for Eval Not Obtained, Consent for Eval Revoked, Consent for Placement Denied, Consent for Placement No Response, Graduation: Special Education, Not Eligible, Pending, Placement Revocation, Referred, Special Education: Dismissed, Withdrawn: Special Education, and Withdrawn: Referred.

    24. Special Ed: Changing Service Provider • Once an ARD is locked, a user can change the service provider for goals and/or services. • From the Special Ed Snapshot, click the tab for which the assignment will be changed. • In this example, Services was selected. The user can view the services for this student. • Click on Staff Assignment.

    25. Special Ed: Changing Service Provider (Cont’d) After selecting Staff Assignment, you will see the Staff Assignment Central dialog box.

    26. Special Ed: Changing Service Provider (Cont’d) • Check the box next to each item for which you want to edit assigned staff. • Another option is to select all boxes by clicking the All button. • To clear all boxes, click the None button.

    27. Special Ed: Changing Service Provider(Cont’d) • Edit the staff assignment by choosing one of the following: • to assign staff using the staff search window, click the pencil icon. Refer to slides 38-39. • to assign yourself as the responsible staff, click the smiley face. • to change your selection, click the redX. • FYI: Your change will affect all selected items. • Click Assign and Save. • Click Close.

    28. Special Ed: Changing Service Provider (Cont’d) You have now returned to the Services screen of the Special Ed Snapshot.

    29. Special Ed: Monitoring Frequency • Under the Goals and Objectives tab within the Special Ed Snapshot: users can view the Monitoring Frequency selected in a locked ARD (Exceed versions 14 and later). • Click the Goals Detail icon. • From the Student Goal Detail screen, the user can view progress monitoring selections and other information.

    30. Watch List

    31. Creating a Watch List • Creating a Watch List is synonymous with establishing one’s caseload. • The next three slides will detail how to create a watch list by adding a student.

    32. Add a Student to Your Watch List Search for a Student • Click anywhere in the Search dropdown area. • Enter parameters such as student identification number, last name comma first name, or initial of last name comma initial of first name (i.e. 0123456 or Williams, Andy or w, a). • Click Search.

    33. Add a Student to Your Watch List (Cont’d) Open Student Options Menu • Click on a student’s name. • Click the Student Options Menu icon (blue gear). • Click Add to My Watch List.

    34. Add a Student to Your Watch List (Cont’d) View Watch List • To view the students on your watch list: • Click on the dropdown • symbol in front of Search • Results. • Click on My Watch List. • Navigator panel will • display My Watch • List and students • that were added to • the list. FYI: Search results for My Progress Monitoring, My Services, and My Evaluations originate from Goals, Services and IE Evaluations assigned to the user.

    35. Watch List • Another feature of the Watch List is that a user can add a student to someone else’s watch list. • For a case manager, this feature may be useful when one would like for a particular staff member to review information for certain student(s). • For instance, a case manager can add a student to the watch list of the diagnostician assigned to his/her campus. • The following slides will detail how to add a student to another user’s watch list.

    36. Add a Student to Someone Else’s Watch List • Hover the mouse over a student’s name. • Click on the student’s name. This action opens the student’s profile. • Click on Watch List in the gray navigation panel. • Click Add Staff. The Watchlist Assignment screen appears.

    37. Add a Student to Someone Else’s Watch List (Cont’d) • Click the Edit icon (pencil). • Now you are in the Staff Search screen.

    38. Add a Student to Someone Else’s Watch List (Cont’d) • Provide last name, first name, and/or school. • FYI: You can also search by initials. • Click . • Highlight the appropriate name. • Click OK.

    39. Add a Student to Someone Else’s Watch List (Cont’d) • Enter a reason for the assignment. • Enter an expiration date, if different from default date. • FYI: Default date is end of the current school year. • You may type the date or you can click on the calendar to select a date. • Click Save.

    40. Add a Student to Someone Else’s Watch List (Cont’d) • Now this student is on the Watch List of two different users.

    41. View Events

    42. View Events • After opening a student’s profile, click on Events in the navigation panel. • Click on All Events (if it is not already highlighted). • Note events listed under Current and Upcoming Events and Ended and Locked Events.

    43. View Events (Cont’d) • Access items under Ended and Locked Events by clicking on the Locked Event Options icon(blue gear) next to the appropriate event.

    44. View Events (Cont’d) • Click View. • FYI: View Latest may also be available. Click it to see the most recent document. • Click the name of the form you would like to view and/or print. • In this example, the form is ARD.

    45. View Events (Cont’d) • A read-only (pdf) file is now available. • Pdf files can be printed, saved, and/or emailed, if applicable. • FYI: This document contains 32 pages.

    46. View Events (Cont’d) • If applicable, access attachments by clicking on View Attachments. • EXCEED displays the following dialog, showing upload information for the attachment. FYI: Creator is the individual who uploaded the attachment, not the individual who created the attached document. • To view the attachment, click the open icon. EXCEED downloads the attachment to your computer.

    47. View Events (Cont’d) • Access items under Current and Upcoming Events by clicking on the Meeting • Manager icon(blue folder) next to the appropriate event.

    48. Event Overview • Now the user has access to the Event Overview (1) and the corresponding Event Sections (2) • wherein student information can be entered, saved, printed, and locked at the appropriate time. 2 1

    49. Event Overview (Cont’d) • Status – Before you start entering data, the status of the screens will display as blank. • After a user has entered data on a student, clicking on Event Overview under the Event Sections panel returns the user to the event overview window.

    50. Event Overview (Cont’d) From Event Overview, the user will have access to the following menu bar: • The Back icon will access the previous screen. • By clicking on Profile, the user will access a screen containing a read-only version of the Student • Profile. • If a user would like to write something specific about a student, Notes is the appropriate icon. • FYI: All notes can be viewed by anyone who opens a student’s profile. • The Attachments icon is used to attach documents to the ARD. Remember to refer to the Special • Education File Attachment Approved List. • The Print command allows a user to view and/or print a PDF document of an event. • Reload Event Data allows a user to refresh entered data, especially if two users entered data • simultaneously in a student’s event. • Lock allows a user to lock an event. • Compliance reviews the user’s completion of required fields in EXCEED. • Required fields are signified by pinkshading OR a red asterisk, a red triangle in a table display, or • a redoutline of a textbox. • FYI: In Exceed, Compliance means that information has been typed in the required field. • It does not verify the accuracy and validity of the information.