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What is Surrogacy

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What is Surrogacy

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  1. What is surrogacy ? GURGAON FERTILITY CENTRE

  2. What is surrogacy ? • SURROGACY • Surrogacy is a path for the couple to achieve parenthood where routine IVF process fails to work. • This comes under the category of Third Party Reproduction. • In the surrogacy process, another woman agrees for carrying and giving a birth to a baby for the couple who are waiting a long time to have children.

  3. What is surrogacy ? • Gurgaon Fertility Centre is clinic passionately committed to the vision of creating a life for the couple who are suffering with infertility problems and feeling difficulty while getting pregnant. • IN WHAT CONDITIONS SURROGACY IS USED • A woman is unable to carry a child due to some health problems. • A man who want a child but does not have a Spouse. • Absence or distortion of the womb.

  4. What is surrogacy ? • Frequent pregnancy loss. • Frequent failures. • SURROGACY PROCEDURE • Traditional Surrogacy Process: • In the Traditional surrogacy procedure a woman becomes pregnant with the semen of the intended father through simulated fertilization, not an intended mother.

  5. What is surrogacy ? • In the traditional surrogacy procedure, surrogate mother contributes her egg for usage of the intended parents in making their child. • There is an inherent bond to the father, but not to the intended mother. But it’s not permitted in India as per ICMR guidelines.

  6. What is surrogacy ? • Gestational Surrogacy Process: • In Gestational surrogacy procedure, intended mother’s own eggs or donated eggs are used to create a child with the intended father’s semen or donor semen through in vitro fertilization. • The surrogate becomes pregnant by transfer of some of the embryos into her uterus on the third or fifth day after the eggs are harvested and fertilized.

  7. What is surrogacy ? • The surrogate mother makes no inherent contribution to the creation of the child. • In simple words surrogate mother cannot act as egg donor.  • Gestational surrogacy is used when intended mother has good egg quality, but unable to carry a child due to health conditions or due to uterine problems. • For more details please contact us through Email id: info@gurgaonfertilitycentre.com


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