a surrogate mother agency is an agency dedicated n.
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Commercial Surrogacy

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Commercial Surrogacy agreements are positive, noble acts of generosity gifted from the gestational surrogate to the intended parents, regardless of the monetary compensation the surrogate earned. Every parent remembers the moment they held their baby for the first time. The experience is simply unforgettable.

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a surrogate mother agency is an agency dedicated

A surrogate Mother agency is an agency dedicated to find possible surrogate mothers for the

couples interested in a surrogacy program. As infertility has become a worldwide epidemic,

many couples have become interested in achieving their dreams to have a baby resorting to

surrogacy. Surrogacy Ukraine agencies now offer a wide variety of programs and service albeit

not all of them has the same quality. The normal procedure is to find surrogate mothers online

and then offer specific candidates to a prospective couple. Surrogacy agencies also connect the

couple with a clinic for performing the medical services required in the surrogacy process. We,

at Pons Medical Research follow a different approach. We are a medical company specialized in

IVF and surrogacy. We offer integral services and we take responsibility for the results of the

clinic. In other words, we are not an agency. Even is the clinics that attend our clients are not of

our property, we have closed special agreements with such clinics with special conditions and

flexibilities that no other agency can offer. At the same time we complement the clinical services

with an excellent customer service and personalized assistance. In such a way we can combine

the best sides of an agency and of a clinic in the same company.