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Surrogacy Services and Costs

Gurgaon fertility centre is the best destination for Surrogacy and fertility treatments and advanced fertility centre in Gurgaon in gurgaon . Gurgaon is started to help Infertile couples from the whole of North India We offer high quality fertility treatment at the most affordable pricing. <br>GURGAON FERTILITY CENTRE<br>DR.RICHA SHARMA<br>DR.SAMIT SEKHAR<br>91 9873875195<br>info@gurgaonfertilitycentre.com

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Surrogacy Services and Costs

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  1. Surrogacy Services and Costs GURGAON FERTILITY CENTRE

  2. Surrogacy Services and Costs • Surrogacy Process: • At Gurgaon Fertility Center (GFC) we offer a Guaranteed Surrogacy package with Egg donation and Surrogacy. • Surrogacy: • Surrogacy is a process to carry and deliver a baby for the infertile couples. 

  3. Surrogacy Services and Costs

  4. Surrogacy Services and Costs • Infertility is due to miscarriages in multiple pregnancies, Unable to carry fetus due to age, Hysterectomy,congenital absence of uterus and other chromosomal or genetic defects.  • Gurgaon Fertility Center (GFC) offers Gestational surrogacy program to fulfill your dream to make a family for the couples who are unable to carry a baby in their own womb.

  5. Surrogacy Services and Costs • GFC is one of the leading which provides surrogacy treatment for the patients. • Gestational Surrogacy: • The word gestational surrogacy refers to several variants in surrogacy. In Vitro Fertilization is used in Gestational surrogacy to generate an embryo by means of the ova or eggs from the prospective mother/donor and sperm from the father/donor, and this will be implanted in a surrogate mother.

  6. Surrogacy Services and Costs • This agrees to the intended parents to have a genetic relation with the baby. • Is gestational surrogacy suitable for any couple? • couple, who are unable to carry the baby herself due to the illnesses of the woman had her uterus removed through surgically, in some situation like uterine cancer, fibroids, severe endometriosis or some other illnesses without hysterectomy.

  7. Surrogacy Services and Costs • As long as the ovaries are complete and efficient, there is a good chance that eggs may be collected, fertilized or inseminated in the laboratory with the man’s sperm to create embryos, and then embryos are placed into the uterus of the gestational surrogate mother.

  8. Surrogacy Services and Costs • Surrogate Mother: • A surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to carry baby for someone else. • She becomes pregnant by using some form of assisted reproductive technology or through IVF process and gives birth to a baby who is not biologically related to her.

  9. Surrogacy Services and Costs • A surrogate mother must have good health and able to undertake a pregnancy with the slight extent of risk to her own health. Some of the medical test will be taken for the surrogate mother.

  10. Surrogacy Services and Costs • if there are any identified health problems which leads to difficulties with the pregnancy and those who are significantly overweight, heavy smokers, drinkers are not suitable for the surrogate mother, since this will create problem for both woman and the child.

  11. Surrogacy Services and Costs

  12. Surrogacy Services and Costs • Egg donation: • The Egg donation procedure consists of In Vitro Fertilization, the recovery of oocytes from the donor and will combine with the sperm from the surrogacy couple or donor and keep it for 3-5 days in the lab to create embryos. • When embryos are produced with good and healthy then one or two embryos are moved to the recipient in order to succeed the pregnancy.

  13. Surrogacy Services and Costs • Every woman is not suitable to donate her eggs; some conditions have applied for egg donor. Her age must be less than 30 years; • she must undergo some medical tests like screening tests, ultrasounds, blood tests and psychological screening and pelvic exam.

  14. Surrogacy Services and Costs • Egg donation is a wonderful package, and these eggs are used by an infertile couple from the donor to fulfill their desire to become parenthood. • We at GFC provide this type of treatment for infertile couples to fulfill their dreams to make a family with their own babies.


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