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Today’s Presentation: Digital Video At Length – Category Cables PowerPoint Presentation
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Today’s Presentation: Digital Video At Length – Category Cables

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Today’s Presentation: Digital Video At Length – Category Cables - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Today’s Presentation: Digital Video At Length – Category Cables. Your Presenter Today is… Brian Minchew, CTS Director of Sales and Business Development Email – Our Learning Objectives. Signals Important To Extended DV Connectivity?

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today s presentation digital video at length category cables
Today’s Presentation: Digital Video At Length – Category Cables

Your Presenter Today is…

Brian Minchew, CTS

Director of Sales and Business Development

Email –

our learning objectives
Our Learning Objectives
  • Signals Important To Extended DV Connectivity?
  • Technical Challenges Of Long Connections
  • Basic Extension Of DV Using Category Cables
  • Understanding HDBaseT Technology And Applications
what are the signals being sent
“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.” - Richard Feynman What Are The signals Being Sent?
digital video
Digital Video
  • Color In Uncompressed Digital Video
    • 8-Bit Per RGB Component Minimum
    • Up To 4:4:4 Color Space With Up To 16-Bits Per sRGB Component
    • YCbCr 4:4:4 “Deep Color”
    • xvYCC Extended Gamut Color Space Support
  • Detail In Uncompressed Digital Video
    • Luminance Figure Sets Detail Level
    • D2K Is 2,000 Pixel Horizontal Measure
    • D4K Is 4,000 Horizontal Pixel Count By 2,000 Vertical Pixel Count
  • High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
    • Digital Copy Protection Developed By Intel Corporation To Prevent Copying Of Digital Audio And Video Content As It Travels Across Connections
digital audio
Digital Audio
  • HDMI Sources Support PCM And Other, Optional, Audio Formats
    • Up To 8-Channels Coded At 24-bits And 192khz Linear PCM
    • Up To 8-Channels Lossless Compressed DTS-HD
    • Up To 8-Channels 1-Bit DSD (Delta Sigma) Super Audio
  • Digital Audio Content Is Embedded Within The TMDS 10-Bit Data Stream
    • Audio Is “Embedded” Within The RGB Stream
consumer electronics control
Consumer Electronics Control
  • CEC Is An HDMI Feature Designed To Allow The User To Control CEC-Enabled Devices
    • Via Device’s Remote Control(s)
    • Allows For Individual CEC-Enabled Devices To Command And Control Each Other Without User Intervention
  • One-Wire Bidirectional Serial Bus That Uses The Industry-Standard AV.Link Protocol
    • CEC Implementation Is Optional At The Product Level
    • CEC Standards Allow For USB-To-CEC Adapters For Custom Control Applications
display data channel
Display Data Channel
  • DDC Enables The Display To Communicate Its Supported Display Modes To The Source Using Inter IC Bus Protocol
    • I2C, Or Sometimes IIC
  • Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) Is A Companion Standard
    • Defines A Compact Binary File Format Describing The Monitor's Capabilities And Supported Graphics Modes
    • Stored In A Read-only Memory (EEPROM) Chip Programmed By The Manufacturer Of The Monitor
  • DDC/EDID Flows From The Sink To The Source
transition minimized differential signalling
Transition Minimized Differential Signalling
  • TMDS Transmits High-Speed Serial Data
    • Transmitter Incorporates An Advanced Coding Algorithm Which Reduces EMI Over Copper Cables And Enables Clock Recovery At The Rx To Achieve High Skew Tolerance
  • Uses 4 Channels: Red, Green, Blue, Clock
  • TMDS Is Natively Differential (Balanced)
    • Current Mode Logic (CML), DC Coupled And Terminated To 3.3 Volts.
    • 4 Twisted Pairs Are Used To Transfer Video And Clock Data
the physics of wire
The Physics Of Wire
  • Longer Wire = More Resistance
    • Cross-Sectional Area Of The Wires Affect Resistance
    • Material Composition Affects Resistance
    • Pure Resistance Causes A Frequency Independent Voltage Drop
  • Capacitance and Inductance Are Proportional To Wire Length/Construction
    • Impedance Is Defined As The Frequency Domain Ratio Of The Voltage To The Current
    • Parallel Conductors In Wire Express A Reactance That Is Inversely Proportional To Frequency
    • Capacitance and Inductance Cause A Frequency Dependent Voltage Drop
  • Skin Effect Becomes Relevant At High Frequencies Over Longer Runs
utp minimizes induced noise
UTP Minimizes Induced Noise
  • UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Can Be Optimized For Specific Tasks
    • Differential (Balanced) Signaling Ensures Environmental Noise Rejection
    • Differing Twist Rates Minimize Crosstalk Between Pairs
    • Twist Pitch Is Vital In Fixing The 100Ω Characteristic Impedance
    • Bandwidth Up To 250MHz Per Pair (Cat6)
      • 100MHz Per Pair Cat5e
  • 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T
what does base t mean
“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.” - Upton Sinclair What Does “Base-T” Mean?
from starlan to hdbase t
From StarLAN To HDBase-T
  • Local Area Network Technology Standards Of The 1980’s Included StarLAN and LattisNet
    • IEEE Worked To Standardize Physical Layer Attributes Of 10 Mb/s Networks
    • Names Derived From Physical Media
  • BASE Denotes Baseband Transmission
    • Signals And Systems Whose Range Of Frequencies Is Measured From Close To 0 Hz To A Cut-off Frequency, A Maximum Bandwidth Or Highest Signal Frequency
  • T Denotes Twisted-Pair Carriage
hdmi beyond 50 feet
“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” - Galileo GalileiHDMI Beyond 50-feet
tmds over dual utp
TMDS Over Dual UTP
  • Dual Cat-x Connectivity
    • One For TMDS – RGB and Clock
    • One For SCL/SCA I2C, Hot Plug, 5V Power, 5V Ground
  • No Fundamental Changes Are Made To The Signal
    • Equalization And Clock Reconstruction
    • Impedance Matching And Voltage Amplification
  • Carriage Distance Is Inversely Proportional To Signal Bandwidth
    • 60 Meters For 720P Content
    • 25 Meters For 1080p/60
    • 20 Meters For 1080p With 10 Or 12 Bit Color Depth Content
hdmi beyond imagination
“Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance but to do what lies clearly at hand.” - Thomas Carlyle HDMI Beyond Imagination
hdbaset alliance and standard
HDBaseT Alliance And Standard
  • Established In 2010 By LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures, Valens Semiconductor
    • Working Openly To Create A Global Standard For Advanced Digital Media Distribution
    • HDBaseT 1.0 Standard Finalized In June 2010
    • Deals With Video Control Signals And The Reconstruction Of Video Clocks.
    • HDBaseT Standard Includes Provisions For Power
    • HDBaseT Standard Will Support Up To 8 “Hops” Of 100 Meters Each
designed for 5play
Designed For 5Play

“HDBaseT Is A Connectivity Standard Which Consolidates High Throughput, Unidirectional, HDCP Protected, Uncompressed High Definition Digital Multimedia With Bidirectional Data Networking Over Standard Cat5e/6 Structured Cabling.”

breaking down hdbaset
Breaking Down HDBaseT
  • Asymmetrical Design Supports Up To 10.2GBs Downstream and 100MBs Upstream Data Transfer
    • Scales To 20GBs For Future D4K Applications
  • Allows For Support, Over A Single Cabling Infrastructure Of:
    • Uncompressed AV With High Bandwidth Downstream Throughput, Characterized By Low Latency Service Time for Mesochronous Streams, Complete With Associated Controls
    • Bi-Directional Data Exchange At 100MBs
hdbaset and power poh
HDBaseT And Power - POH
  • Enables Transfer Of Up To 100 Watts (DC) Power
    • Based On The IEEE 802.3at Standard With The Appropriate Modifications To Increase Power Handling From 60w (Over All 4 Pairs) To 100w
  • Eliminates The Need For AC/DC Conversion In Display Power Supply
    • Minimize Power Supply Costs
  • ENERGY STAR Product V 6.0 Specifications Require Maximum 98.7 Watts Consumption For 60 Inch Display
    • HDBaseT 100 Watt Specification Will Be Able To Power Displays Up To 60 Inches Diagonal
hdbaset and network control
HDBaseT And Network Control
  • CEC Is Embedded In HDMI Standard And Allows For One Initiator To Communicate With One Follower Via 9-Bit Commands Plus 1-Bit EOM (Downstream) With 1-Bit Acknowledge (Upstream)
  • Ethernet Is Supported As A “Standard” 100Base-T Network
    • Ethernet Data Is Encoded In 65-Bit Blocks, Sent Over HDBaseT Link, Then Decoded To MII Or RMII (Reduced Media Independent Interface) Before Connection With PHY Chip (Physical Layer Interface)
  • RS232 Protocols And Connections May Supplant Ethernet In Device Configuration
more to come wireless and wired solutions
More To Come!Wireless And Wired Solutions
  • Future Training Opportunities Will Include:
    • HDMI Over Coax
      • Baseband Solutions
      • Bandpass Solutions – DTV Modulation And Distribution
    • HDMI Over Wireless
      • 5Ghz RF
      • 60GHz Ultra-Wideband RF
    • HDMI Over Fiber
in conclusion
In Conclusion…
  • HD Video Signals Include Control I the Form Of CEC, Audio, HDCP And Communication In The Form Of IP Or RS232/USB
  • Transporting These Complex Signals Over Distances Greater Than 100-Feet Demands A Thorough Understanding Of The Desired Outcome And The Technologies Inherent Strengths
  • HDBaseT Support 5Play And Includes IP, Audio, Control, HD Video And Power Over A Single Category Connection
  • HDBaseT Can Support Ethernet Or RS232 Communication
  • HDBaseT Is Designed To Operate In A UTP Environment Over Cat5e Or Cat6 Cabling At Distances To 100-Meters