past continuous n.
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PAST CONTINUOUS. Past continuous. Past continuous. Was the teacher explaining grammar at school last Monday? No, she wasn’t. She was explaining Geography. Past continuous tense. INTERROGATIVE. NEGATIVE. USES

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past continuous2
Past continuous

Was the teacher explaining grammar at school

last Monday?

No, she wasn’t. She was explaining Geography.

past continuous tense
Past continuous tense





We use the past continuous to describe a past action that was in progress at a specific timein the past.

What wereyoudoing yesterday at 8 0’clock? I was preparing breakfast.

Were you working yesterday at 10pm? No, I was watching TV at home.

PAST SIMPLE + PAST CONTINUOUSPast simple and past continuous are used together when something happened in the middle of something else.

The policeman broke his ankle while he was running after the dog


Compare the past continuous (I was doing) and past simple (I did):

Past continuous (in the middle of an action)

I was walking home when I met Dave. (in the middle of walking home)

 Ann was watching television when the phone rang.

while when

While normally accompanies past continuous; when, past simple. Compare:

My mobile phone rang while the band was playing.

I was reading a book while you were watching TV.

What were you doing when I phoned you?

When the phone rang, I was watching the news.

look at this chart
Look at this chart

What was Ann doing at…?

Was she studying at 9? Yes she was.

Was she doing exercise at 1? No she wasn’t. She was doing yoga.

He was reading.
  • They were playing football.
  • They were cooking.
  • It was raining.
what were you doing yesterday
What were you doing yesterday …?
  • In the morning
  • At midday
  • After lunch
  • In the evening