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What is Science and Life?

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What is Science and Life? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Science and Life?. Test Friday, October 14 th Review Session Friday Morning. Six Steps of Scientific Method. A. Question B. Hypothesis C. Experiment D. Data Collection E. Analyze Information F. Report Results – Communication Steps or Procedure used to test a question.

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what is science and life

What is Science and Life?

Test Friday, October 14th

Review Session Friday Morning

six steps of scientific method
Six Steps of Scientific Method

A. Question

B. Hypothesis

C. Experiment

D. Data Collection

E. Analyze Information

F. Report Results – Communication

Steps or Procedure used to test a question

quantitative vs qualitative
Quantitative vs Qualitative
  • Quantitative = Observation that deal with NUMBERS
    • There are 15 desks in the room
    • There are three windows
  • Qualitative = Observation that cannot be expressed in numbers (LETTERS)
    • Bernie is green
prediction vs inference
Prediction vs Inference

Prediction is a guess about what is going to happen in the future!

Inference is a guess about what has happened or is happening right now and you cannot see


Take something complex and make simpler or easier to understand from a new perspective

control and variable
Control and Variable

Control: Group that nothing new is being tested on

Variable: A factor in an experiment that can change

*You can only test one thing at a time!!!*

  • Mrs. Carey heard that there is a new brand of gum called Dominator that is supposed to make you smarter. She decides to try it on her students to see if it actually works. The day of the test she gave half of her students, group A, plain gum and half the students, group B, the new Dominator gum. After grading the test she finds that group A averages a 93% and group B averages an 80%.
needs vs characteristics of living things
Needs vs Characteristics of Living Things
  • Needs:
    • Water
    • Food
    • Shelter
    • Homeostasis
  • Characteristics:
    • Growth
    • Reproduction
    • Metabolism
    • Response to Stimuli
unicellular vs multicellular
Unicellular vsMulticellular




Uni = ONE

Multi = MANY

autotroph vs heterotroph

Autotroph = Has ability to make its own food

Heterotroph = Does not have the ability to make its own food

redi s experiment
Redi’s Experiment

What happened?....

  • Two identical jar with meat
    • One has a cover
    • One does not
stimulus and response
Stimulus and Response

1. One of Mrs. Carey’s students tells a funny joke

2. A bear smelling food

3. Insect landing in a spider web

4. Pulling your hand away from fire

lab safety
Lab Safety
    • What if something breaks?
    • What if you hurt yourself?
    • Things not to do?....
branches of science
Branches of Science

Difference between “ology” and “ist” ending?

Biology = Study of Life

Cytology = Study of Cells

Entomologist = Scientist who studies insects

Microbiologist = Scientist who studies microscopic organisms


What do they ALL need?

Can you read and interpret the information?

Why would the graph you created be useful?

What must all the parts of a circle graph add up to?