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Setting the Scene The Value of Industry Vision Dr Walter Tuttlebee Chief Executive, Mobile VCE PowerPoint Presentation
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Setting the Scene The Value of Industry Vision Dr Walter Tuttlebee Chief Executive, Mobile VCE

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Setting the Scene The Value of Industry Vision Dr Walter Tuttlebee Chief Executive, Mobile VCE
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Setting the Scene The Value of Industry Vision Dr Walter Tuttlebee Chief Executive, Mobile VCE

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  1. Setting the Scene The Value of Industry Vision Dr Walter Tuttlebee Chief Executive, Mobile VCE The Virtual Centre of Excellence inMobile & Personal Communications

  2. The Three Waves A Long Way in only One Decade … ! • Telecoms Penetration drives Development • Well documented in World Bank & ITU studies • Cf China Teledensity: 1990 0.5%, 2000 18%, 2010 80% •  Wireless • Until the 1990s, telecoms = wired • Wireless has driven telecom penetration •  Internet • Recent studies show Internet as a new driver • Wireless Internet will turbocharge development • (And of course generate a huge increase in data traffic) • The Next Wave  Infrastructure for Transformation

  3. The Importance of Industry Vision • A ‘Recent’ Example - Electricity • Why do we need it ? • We don’t need it to survive – it’s not like food or water • We have steam for energy • We have gas for light • Electricity was Transformational • It did more than replace gas for lighting & steam for energy • It transformed existing industries • It enabled new technologies • It created new industries • It changed society

  4. The Importance of Industry Vision • So what about our own Industry, in this 21st century ? • The Next Wave = Connectivity + Content + Context + Cloud • Ubiquitous broadband (wired+wireless) has huge potential, when combined with realtime, contextual, information and the cloud • This is Infrastructure for Transformation • But what might this look like ? • Application of technology • ….to transform • ………other industries & society • Some simplistic examples

  5. Possible Futures…on their way today • Wellness & Healthcare • ‘The Internet of Things’ is here • Withings Body Scale (WiFi) • The Fitbit (Bluetooth) • Nike+ (proprietary 2.4GHz) • Repositioning …. • From… monitoring exercise for fitness geeks (already fit people !) • To… embracing sleep & weight for ordinary folk • Illness prevention • to improve public health & reduce treatment costs

  6. Possible Futures…on their way today • Personal Health Screening • From… ‘the Lab on a Chip’ • To the… ‘the Doctor in the Phone’ • Bio / Chemical sensor chips • Specific bacteria detection • Chemical effects on the breath • A new service from your mobile provider….? • ‘We’ll let you know you’re ill before you know it yourself !’ • From… ‘BUPA check-ups as a conscious choice of the few’ • To… ‘the obvious low cost choice for the masses’ • If personal health management can be made simple, passive & cheap it will be widely adopted

  7. Possible Futures…on their way today • Home-based Patient Care • Hospital Authorities, Care Homes, GPs • DoCoBo HealthHub…. • Blood Oxygen (SpO2), ECG • Long term conditions • Chronic Heart Disease • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease • Diabetes • etc • Self Management • Linked to a remote healthcare service provider • Offers active monitoring & advice • Wired & wireless

  8. Possible Futures…on their way today • Protecting the Environment • From… ‘bespoke monitoring infastructures’ • To the… ‘crowdsourced data’  • Passive sensing from location enabled devices • would be a ‘simple’ extension of ‘the lab on a chip in a phone’ • (with a few privacy & regulatory hurdles !)

  9. Possible Futures…on their way today • Enabling Transport • Reducing congestion & CO2 emissions requires… • Realtime congestion information • Intelligent decision making • Feedback to the vehicles • A mobile phone offers a self-provided… • In-car sensing mechanism • A means to communicate the information to a central server, capable of processing and making intelligent decisions, and • A means to provide the driver with guidance & advice • Cf Google’s ‘Live Traffic View’ • Cf UCBerkeley / Nokia 10,000 driver pilot • Self provision can enablehuge economies for society

  10. VCE’s Industrial Visions Group

  11. Industry Vision • Industry Visions Group • Six Halfday Meetings since January • Very Good Industrial Turnout • Strong contribution • Consideration of … • Environmental Trends (big picture, all types) • Industry Trends • Technology Trends • Input from • Members’ questionnaire • VG participants’ perspectives • Invited talks

  12. Industry Vision • Industry Visions Group • Brainstorm contributions • Synthesis & Overlap • Champions • (Attendance by EPSRC – very welcome & useful) • First Cut 3-pagers • Early stage still • Next Steps • Paper refinements & member consultation • Wider industry consultation (September event) • To calibrate, capture additional input & attract new members

  13. Industry Vision • Big Picture Drivers… • Increasing scarcity of resources • Food, water, fuel, energy … • Need for a wider ‘new sustainability’ • ICT has a vital role to deliver solutions • New Business Models • The delivery of services digitally implies interaction between the physical & cyber domains • This will enable/require new business models that will bridge the application & delivery domains

  14. Industry Vision • Delivering Digital Services… • The advent of smartphones and appstores, in the wake of mash-ups & open APIs, is resulting in • huge increases in demand for bandwidth, dominated by video and requiring ubiquitous connectivity (via cellular/wifi/femto) • rapid emergence of internet-web-mobile integrated services enabled by • data in the cloud, connectivity and context • Connectivity - 4G is delivering • Higher bandwidth • Lower latency • Even more to come, with LTE-A

  15. Industry Vision • Delivering Digital Services… • Context can be from • phones, connected personal, environmental, proximity sensors, networked displays or other, local, realtime, sources • Services require • connectivity, intelligence and capability which needs to be • scalable, flexible (accommodate unforeseen svcs) & economic

  16. Industry Vision • Delivering digital will transform other industries…

  17. Industry Vision Emerging Research Priorities • Delivering Digital and Transforming Industries on the global and ‘everyone-everything-connected’ scale cannot yet be fully supported by today’s technology, but will require advances in several key areas, related to • Applications • Network/Device Architectures • Wireless Delivery • Resilience & Security and • Quality of Experience • To enable the future possibilities, advances in these areas must deliver these new capabilities in ways that are scalable, flexible and economic

  18. Industry Vision Industry Visions – Emerging Themes • Connected People & Smart Environments • aka Smart Cities, Internet-of-Things, Web-of-Things, M2M • ###bn connected devices, providing context information • ‘Delivering Digital…’ by combining data, cloud, APIs…with connectivity and context • New added value for the operator - polyvalent business models • ‘Intelligence Everywhere’ – Changing the Paradigm • For years we have discussed where intelligence should reside – in the network centre or at the edge, most recently with debates about dumb and smart pipes. ‘Intelligence Everywhere’ is a new concept to distribute intelligence between the infrastructure and devices, that could permit dumb terminals to have high functionality, and bring new value to the network, in terms of services, capability & resilience • Flexible Use of Spectrum, enabled by Economic RF Technology • Plenty of spectrum is available, just different in different places, and to design products that can adapt to it all is uneconomic. Breakthroughs in RF technology could make for more flexible use of spectrum and thus reduce the cost of delivering communications, connectivity and future digital services

  19. Industry Vision Industry Visions – Emerging Themes • Network Protection & Resilience • The mobile device is becoming for people everywhere their main, or for many, their only portal to the Internet. Hacking is changing in nature, reflecting trends in crime and in government control freakery. As operators begin to address the next big opportunities, to transform other industries (healthcare, transport, energy…) the potential damage arising from network compromise becomes much greater. Different approaches are needed to keep networks safe… • Quality of Experience • Evolution of delivery has moved from simple metrics to complex ones. What matters to the user is ‘what is the value of this to me ?’. As new services emerge, measures of Quality of Experience are needed that are meaningful to the user and measurable by the provider. Experiences that enhance Quality of Life, QoL, will become increasingly valued.

  20. Industry Vision Wider Industry Calibration & Consultation • ICT Futures: Capabilities & Opportunities • Jointly organised event with the ICT KTN, 23rd September • Presented a Top-Level Overview of the Industry Vision, to calibrate, seek additional external inputs and • …with a view to creating ongoing dialogues • Research theme presentations are available for download from the VCE website (calendar page for this meeting) • ICT Applications: Transforming Industries • Jointly organised event with the ICT KTN, 26th October • 3x 1hr sessions on health, energy and transport • …with a view to creating ongoing working groups

  21. Industry Vision Funding the Vision • Discussions begun with some potential funding agencies • Connected People & Smart Environments = IoT+ (TSB?) • Intelligence Everywhere …. (EPSRC?) • Flexible Spectrum enabled by Economic RF Technology (EPSRC+TSB ?) • Network Protection & Resilience = Civil Infrastructure Cybersec (??? Should be a Govt Priority) • Quality of Experience = Value to the User (Creative Industries + ICT TIC ?)