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Types & Benefits of Protein Supplements PowerPoint Presentation
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Types & Benefits of Protein Supplements

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Types & Benefits of Protein Supplements

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Types & Benefits of Protein Supplements

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  1. Types & Benefits OF Protein SUPPLEMENTS

  2. Proteins are one of the most essential components required by the human body to perform various functions. With giving the body energy to perform different activities, proteins also facilitate other major functions such as developing and repairing body tissues, creating hormones. The human body therefore requires a regular supply of proteins to function smoothly. This can be ensured by consuming food rich in these components which cannot be always possible given the time constraints that all of us face. PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS

  3. Edema • Weight Loss • Thinning of Brittle Hair • Pale skin • Weakness Pay attention to the symptoms that can arise due to protein deficiencies

  4. While people generally believe that an athlete needs more protein than others, this isn’t always right. It depends on an individual’s athletic performance, body weight, workout intensity, energy intake, age and dietary protein quality. • As per the general rule of thumb, the amount of protein required is 1.2 to 1.4 g/kg of body weight for endurance athletes while it is 1.2 to 1.7 g/kg of body weight for strength training and power athletes. With greater workout duration and intensity, more protein is required. Around 2 g/kg of body weight helps in the prevention of muscle loss in athletes with reduced energy intake. • It was also found that an increase in workouts by elderly people enhanced the response to protein intake, which suggests that increased physical activity may prevent and help recover the loss of muscle with aging. How much protein is enough?

  5. Whey Concentrate : Ideal for beginners, whey concentrate is a basic form of protein supplement, easily available in any store. Containing 70 to 85 percent protein, whey concentrate is ideal for those who wish to gain mass. This protein supplement is not only cost-effective , but also easy to process by the body. You can have whey concentrate both pre- and post-workout sessions. • Whey Isolates : It is the most expensive version of whey protein, due to high Biological Value (BV) and less fat and lactose content. Whey isolate is considered as the best source of protein with 90 to 95 percent of protein content. Isolates are great when taken pre and post workout, as they get quickly absorbed and supply the needed nutrients. • Whey Protein Blends : Whey protein blend is a batter of whey isolates and whey concentrates. These are also quite reasonably priced and among the most commonly used whey protein supplements. Protein blends have 76 percent protein content and are well suited for beginners and professionals alike. It can also be used as a replacement for meals. Protein Supplements: Types & Benefits

  6. Whey Isolates : This supplement is particularly suitable for people who are on a low carb diet, as isolates are 90 percent pure protein and are the quickest to be absorbed in the blood stream. Athletes, bodybuilders and others can have whey isolates pre- and post-workout as they quickly supply nutrients to the muscles and help in muscle development and recovery. • Casein Protein : The source of protein in this supplement is glutamine known to enhance immune system. This protein supplement is ideal for those who want to consume protein supplement as a meal. It takes 5-7 hours to fully breakdown, during which, the body keeps absorbing and utilizing the protein. Therefore, they keep you energetic all day long. • Hydrolysate Protein : This is one of the most expensive and trending protein supplements. Content wise, hydrolysate protein contains the highest quality of protein available. By consuming this supplement, you can actually sense an anabolic effect, i.e., high absorption rate of the protein. This supplement can also be taken both pre as well as post workout sessions. Protein Supplements: Types & Benefits (Cont.)

  7. Soy Protein : This is the most famous protein supplement among vegans. Though, not much popular among professional bodybuilders; this supplement comes with all basic nutrients such as glutamine, arginine and BCAA, and helps in muscle regeneration and development. Also known to dilate blood vessels, soya protein can be taken anytime. • Milk Protein Isolate : A mixture of casein and whey proteins, Milk protein isolate supplements contain amino acids similar to soya proteins. In milk protein isolate supplements, multiple sources of proteins are blended together. If, however, you are looking for a concentrated source of protein, this type of supplement may not be an appropriate choice. • Egg Albumin : When it comes to the sources of natural protein, egg white has no parallel. A favorite among bodybuilders, egg albumin supplements are prepared from egg white and do not contain amino acid. Though, it is unadvisable to take egg albumin supplements at night or before you go to bed, it can be consumed as snack inbetween meals. • Soy Protein Isolate : Soy protein isolate supplements are prepared by separating or isolating non-essential components of soybean. It has approximately 90-95 percent protein content and does not contain fat or carbohydrate. Protein Supplements: Types & Benefits (Cont.)

  8. Taste Options : Protein supplements are available in numerous taste options, with vanilla and chocolate being the most preferred choices. Here, it is important to mention that when it comes to buying any protein supplement, make sure that the one you select consists of minimal added flavors, as more often than not, the added flavors are nothing but crystallized sugar. • Cost : Protein supplement powders generally range from 2000 to 5000 INR. Nonetheless, you can also get these supplements at a lower price by availing the discounts offered by both online and physical stores. Among other options, you can realize substantial savings by signing up with any reputable supplement e-store or by using any of the various discount codes available online, discoverable using any web search engine. PROTEIN Differentiating Factors

  9. Whey Protein is quickly digested, the only time you would want to take whey protein alone is within 30 to 60 minutes after a strength-training based workout. At any other time, you would want to slow down the digestion of the protein by eating it with other foods. When To Use Protein Supplements

  10. Helps in weight loss: Studies have proved protein to be more satiating than fat or even carbohydrates. This effectively means a reduced calorie intake for individuals opting for protein supplements. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Ulm in 2010 establishes the authenticity of this fact. The subjects participating in the study were divided into two groups. One group of subjects used high-protein meal diets as a replacement for high calorie food while the other group continued with the normal diet. At the end of the study individuals from the first group were found to lose weight and body fat at an enhanced rate than as compared to those constituting the second group. • Helps in gaining and building-up lean muscle: Studies have found protein to be extremely potent in aiding the body in building lean muscle. • Proteins are the essential building blocks. Moreover, a protein rich diet helps the body in repairing damage caused to the tissues due to work out or any physically taxing activity. Advantages of Protein Supplements

  11. Reduction in food choices • Calcium loss • Potentially increased cholesterol DisaDvantagesof PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS

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