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Using MMIS. April 17, 2014 Train the Trainer Sharon Arrington & Colleen Wing. Logging into MMIS. User Name: OR # If you no longer know your password, contact the Service Desk to reset it (503-945-5623) Must log in every 6 weeks or password will expire. Setting Up User Preferences.

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Using mmis

Using MMIS

April 17, 2014

Train the Trainer

Sharon Arrington & Colleen Wing

Logging into mmis
Logging into MMIS

  • User Name: OR #

  • If you no longer know your password, contact the Service Desk to reset it (503-945-5623)

  • Must log in every 6 weeks or password will expire

Setting up user preferences
Setting Up User Preferences

  • Setting up preferences will make it so that all necessary windows for determining a client’s eligibility will populate at every initial search.

Setting up user preferences1
Setting Up User Preferences

  • After logging into MMIS, place your cursor over the Recipient drop down menu and then click search.

  • In order to set preferences up, you will need a prime to search by.

Setting up user preferences2
Setting Up User Preferences

  • Copy/paste a prime into the prime field in the search window, and press “search”

Setting up user preferences3
Setting Up User Preferences

  • Click on any of the resulting search lines to open the client’s “Recipient Information” screen.

Setting up user preferences4
Setting Up User Preferences

  • This will bring you to client’s eligibility window.

Setting up user preferences5
Setting Up User Preferences

  • In order to fully see the type of benefits a client is receiving, you will need three more windows that do not automatically populate. Setting up the preferences will make it so the necessary windows will automatically populate.

Setting up user preferences6
Setting Up User Preferences

  • Scroll down to the Recipient Maintenance window, and click “Prefs” button.

Setting up user preferences7
Setting Up User Preferences

  • Within the same window, mark the boxes for Base Information and Benefit Plan, followed by Save.

Setting up user preferences8
Setting Up User Preferences

  • From this point on, every time a Recipient Search is completed, the following windows will automatically populate along with the Recipient Information.

Setting up user preferences9
Setting Up User Preferences

  • Helpful Tips:

  • User preferences will need to be set up on each new computer being used.

  • For some APD workers wanting to see Service Eligibility, “Level of Care” can also be checked within the Recipient Information Prefs section to automatically populate as well.

Setting up user preferences10
Setting Up User Preferences

  • Setting up preferences can also be done within the Managed Care screens in order to search for CCO enrollment – Select “Recipient Case Enrollment” within “Prefs” in order to bring up the search window for CCO enrollment.

How to view client eligibility
How to View Client Eligibility

  • Hover cursor over “Recipient” and click on “Search”

How to view client eligibility1
How to View Client Eligibility

  • Enter any of the following search criterion:

    • Prime, SSN, case number, and name of client

  • Prime will be the most helpful and accurate way to search

How to view client eligibility2
How to View Client Eligibility

  • After clicking on one of the lines, it will bring you to the client’s Recipient Information window.

  • There will be drop down windows of both eligibility and managed care in the upper right corner, but these are not fully accurate and should not be relied upon when determining what benefits a client has.

  • If you have not set up user preferences, you will have to always click on the “Benefit Plan” to open the needed panel.

How to view client eligibility4
How to View Client Eligibility

  • Scroll down to the “Benefit Plan” Window

  • In the “Status” drop down box, select “Active Only”

    • Active Eligibility – All correct eligibility, past & present.

    • History Eligibility – Incorrect eligibility that has been removed and cannot be billed on.

  • Click Search or press Enter to activate the filter.

How to view client eligibility5
How to View Client Eligibility

  • Current eligibility will have an infinity end date – 12/31/2299

  • Prior eligibility will have an end date (ex. 10/31/13)

How to view client eligibility6
How to View Client Eligibility

  • Click “End Date” twice to sort by the most recent eligibility

  • The carrot will point downward

How to view client eligibility7
How to View Client Eligibility

  • Click on the benefit plan that is most recent or is for the time frame you are inquiring about.

  • Once selected, scroll down to the subsequent “Aid Category Data” panel that will give more details about the eligibility for that time period.

    • Information provided includes branch, worker ID, program, case number, case descriptors, and address

How to identify magi cases
How to Identify MAGI Cases

  • MAGI cases in MMIS will have one of these agency codes:

    • HIX (Health Insurance Exchange) – Eligibility determined by Cover Oregon

    • FST (Fast Track) – Eligibility determined through based on other program eligibility (ex. SNAP)

    • MOD (Modernization) – Eligibility originating in Stateside Siebel, usually due to changes to the original HIX or FST determination

How to identify magi cases1
How to Identify MAGI Cases

  • MAGI cases can be identified in the Aid Category Data panel looking at the case number. The agency code will be at the end of the case number.

The necessity of using mmis
The Necessity of Using MMIS

  • Some clients will show medical eligibility in WEBM FIND

  • MAGI clients can have eligibility in MMIS, but eligibility will not be found in WEBM FIND – this is what is referred to as a “ghost case”

The necessity of using mmis1
The Necessity of Using MMIS

  • Same client with open eligibility in MMIS but only a ghost case in WEBM FIND

The necessity of using mmis2
The Necessity of Using MMIS

  • It is now necessary to determine if a client has active medical benefits.

  • Please check MMIS before giving a client eligibility to determine if he/she is already receiving.


  • If you have any questions as to whether a client has eligibility already in the system, please contact CMU.

  • Phone: 503-378-4369

  • Outlook: Maintenance Client

  • Outside network:

  • Colleen Wing – CMU Lead Worker:

    503-378- 4004;

  • Sharon Arrington – CMU Policy Analyst: