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BREEAM Existing Buildings Assessment, Knowledge, Value

BREEAM Existing Buildings Assessment, Knowledge, Value. Justin Halewood ecobuild 2011. Independent and impartial. Free of any bias BRE Group is completely independent of government, commercial, sectorial or vested interests of any kind – we are influenced only by the facts.

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BREEAM Existing Buildings Assessment, Knowledge, Value

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  1. BREEAM Existing BuildingsAssessment, Knowledge, Value Justin Halewood ecobuild 2011

  2. Independent and impartial Free of any bias BRE Group is completely independent of government, commercial, sectorial or vested interests of any kind – we are influenced only by the facts. For the benefit of all Profits earned by BRE Group companies go, not to shareholders, but back into projects supported by the BRE Trust – the UK’s largest research and education charity for the built environment.

  3. Creating and transferring knowledge 3

  4. Mass-market shift in the construction sector BRE (estimate), 2011 Million m2 of BREEAM certified floor area up to January 2011, by rating... 4

  5. Age profile for the projected non-domestic UK building stock Analysis 1By 2050, 60% of the building stock will have been built prior to 2010. 2To achieve an 68.4 MtCO reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050, improvements to existing buildings will be required alongside the construction of new zero-carbon buildings. BRE, 2010…Energy Efficiency in New and Existing Buildings... 5

  6. BREEAM In-Use BRE Environmental and Sustainability Standard (BES 5058) Designed to provide detailed and meaningful insight into the environmental performance of buildings throughout their entire operational life. Providing assessment of: the building (Asset Rating), the operation of the building (Building Management Rating), how Clients are managing their activities within the building (Organisational Rating). 6

  7. Input and outputs ASSESSMENT KNOWLEDGE VALUE 2 1 3 7

  8. Assessment Using an online system, assets are pre-assessed by Clients and certified by Auditors. Answers to 197 questions contribute to the overall Asset, Building Management and Organisational ratings. Questions are split between up to 10 categories and can be shared between ratings. Flexible submission of answers. Consumption data is used to track performance over time. ASSESSMENT DATA ASSESSMENT 1

  9. Example assessment criteria Tripartite pre-assessment: • Asset (Part 1) “Are tenancy submeters provided?” • Management (Part 2) “Is there a policy for minimising the use of harmful VOC-emitting materials or substances?” • Organisational (Part 3) “Do you reduce/manage the negative environmental impacts associated with staff commuting, business travel and/or visitor/customer travel?”

  10. Client 1Visit www.breeam.org/inuse 2Download free training material and complete online exam 3 Receive Exam Pass ID 4Visit www.assetinuse.com 5 Create account 6 Log assets 7 Register measurements 8 Undertakepre-assessment 9 Submit to Auditor online alongside evidence base 10 Receive certification Auditor 1Visit www.breeam.org/events 2Attend BREEAM In-Use Auditor training (plus prerequisites) 3Login to www.assetinuse.org using account details assigned by BRE 4Receive asset pre-assessment online from client 5 Verify against submitted evidence base 6 Take certification decision 10

  11. Step 2 Performance management Step 1 Online pre-assessment Offline data collection Pre-assessment dashboards (training firewall) Bulk Data Collection XLS Spreadsheet Internalquality assurance XML/XSD Data Asset Summary (BMD) • Bulk Collection • Asset • Environmental Live KPI scores Environmental Data Review and edit data online Selectvalidation option Assign Auditor QA validation Auditor validation and feedback BREEAM In-Use Certificates: Asset Building Organisational Verified KPI Reports: Asset Complete Report, Asset Rating Report Step 3 Certification & Verification Auditor issues online downloadable PDF Reports/Certificates Online assessment process (Client-side) Log assets online Asset Data Live BREEAM In-Use scores: Asset Building Organisational Register pre-assessment Online questionnaire Pre- Assessment Only Offline pdf data collection

  12. Log asset Free Register pre-assessment£190 Certificate £250 (plus Auditor fee) 12

  13. Knowledge Tripartite interests: Owner: Direct effective interventions and maximise portfolio performance. Manager: Regular reviews lead to year-on-year improvement in property performance. Occupiers: Identify how to save money and improve profitability of business operations. KNOWLEDGE 2

  14. Case studies Cushman and Wakefield • Global commercial real estate services firm, Cushman & Wakefield tested BREEAM In-Use, and is now applying the scheme to around 200 of the UK properties it manages. • Afforded flexibility to select a pre-assessment against the management rating as the starting focus, and then expand into the other areas requested by the client, including full certification. EDF Energy • Following the initial pre-assessments, a cost analysis produced a full range of improvement measures to integrate within a property strategy. • For example, biodiversity could be improved at low cost. “While we don’t know enough yet about how different types of property perform to give a general rating target, we are committed to seeing an improvement as a principle and we will use BREEAM In-Use to drive that.” Andries van der Walt , Cushman & Wakefield’s UK Head of Sustainability “We were seeking a robust methodology that was efficient, effective and easy to use to self-assess the environmental performance of our building portfolio – BREEAM In-Use provides this” Simon Marshall, EDF Energy 15

  15. Value Business case beyond operational cost savings. Emerging research shows a link between the financial and environmental performance of property assets. In order to protect and enhance value, sustainability characteristics need to be continually monitored and reported consistently. Information required is systematically created, structured and collected through sustainability certification. VALUE 3 VALUE DATA KNOWLEDGE Investor attitudes to sustainability, GVA Grimley, 2010

  16. Value Photo courtesy of Hattie Harman, AJ Operating costs 8 - 9 % 7.5 % Building Value 3.5 % Occupancy 3 % Rents 17 Sustainable Buildings Alliance, 2010

  17. International Sustainability Alliance (ISA) EDF Tower, Paris • ISA Ltd is a not-for-profit members organisation working in partnership with the BRE Trust to collect and analyse environmental operational data from the built environment. • As a global network of leading corporate occupiers, property investors, developers and owners, ISA members are dedicated to achieving a more sustainable built environment through better measurement and understanding of the sustainable performance of buildings. 18 Redevco Building, Paris

  18. Objectives of ISA Ltd 1Pool, compare and benchmark reliable performance data for the built environment 2Provide easy access to sustainability certification for existing stock 3Improve the quality of environmentally related regulation 4 Promote and facilitate evidence-based research 19

  19. JI090211

  20. ISA KPIs – backed by industry, based on practise 21

  21. ASSESSMENT KNOWLEDGE VALUE 2 1 3 “Build your future sustainable real estate power with the ISA membership and become twice as smart. ISA enables your company to undertake internal and external Corporate Responsibility reporting and makes your portfolio ready for BREEAM In-Use indicative scores and/or certification, to be compared the with the ISA benchmark.” Jaap Gillis, COO Redevco, 2011 22

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