building essays building essays using the four square writing method n.
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Building Essays: Building Essays: Using the Four Square Writing Method PowerPoint Presentation
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Building Essays: Building Essays: Using the Four Square Writing Method

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Building Essays: Building Essays: Using the Four Square Writing Method - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Essays: Building Essays: Using the Four Square Writing Method. English Language Fellow, Taiwan. Objectives. Participants will……. Become familiar with the Four Square Writing Model. Examine examples of the Four Square Writing Model. ? Create your own essay using

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Building Essays: Building Essays: Using the Four Square Writing Method

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    1. Building Essays:Building Essays:Using the Four Square Writing Method English Language Fellow, Taiwan

    2. Objectives Participants will…… • Become familiar with the Four Square Writing Model. • Examine examples of the Four Square Writing Model. ? Create your own essay using the Four Square Model.

    3. Judith S. GouldandEvan Jay Gould Teaching and Learning Company1204 Buchanan St.,P.O.Box 10Carthage, IL 62321-0010

    4. Introduction We know different languages have a different structures for writing. • English • (1) Introduction /Topic: • (2-3/4) Reason • Detail • Example • Detail • Example • Detail • Example • (4) Conclusion – Summarize, Re-state Thesis Mandarin (1) Introduction/Topic (2) Expand on Topic (3) Compare & Contrast (4) Conclusion

    5. Introduction When we teach math give you formulas teach science we give you a scientific method teach reading give you decoding skills 4 Square Method is a way to learn to write. (for any grade or any subject)

    6. What is the 4 Square Writing Model? • „ Four-Square writing is a method of teaching basic writing skills that is applicable across grade levels and curriculum areas.

    7. Forms of Composition • Expository • Narrative • Descriptive / Opinion • Persuasive • Compare & Contrast

    8. What is the 4 Square Writing Model? • Prewriting and organizational skills are taught through the use of a graphic organizer. • This visual and kinesthetic aid is employed to focus writing, to provide detail and to enhance word choice. • „The visual organizers help students to • conceptualize, understand, and structure a piece of written discourse successfully.

    9. Guidelines • Four-Square instruction should be done weeklyto bi-weekly. • „ It should be accompanied by other writing activities. Ex. Journal Writing • „ It is recommended to use the same prompt repeatedlywhenintroducing the steps because the familiarity will aid instruction. • „ It is important for students to understand the relationship of ideas as demonstrated in the four square format before moving on to paragraphs.

    10. 4-Square PrimaryCategorizing

    11. 4-Square PrimaryCategorizing with Words

    12. 4-Square PrimaryExamples with a Feeling Sentence

    13. 4-Square PrimaryUsing Complete Sentences

    14. Writing a Paragraph • Paragraphs are several sentences on the same topic (5 or more). • Now we will transfer the sentences from the four blocks to lined paper for paragraph building. • While class modeling it is best to teach this.

    15. Adding More Detail • To move from a 5 sentence paragraph to an 8 sentence paragraph; go back to the 4 Square. • Add one additional detail sentence in each box. • Elaboration: tell more about the topic or tell what is so great about it.

    16. Moving to a Multiple Paragraph Essay

    17. Adding Connecting Words to Provide Transition Between Ideas • By now the thesis is developing into three reasons. • These reasons should be different from each other and therefore necessitate the use of transitions & connecting words. • Connecting words can be explained as the “little sticking out part” of the puzzle Connecting words hold the different parts of the puzzle together!!

    18. Wall Poster Yellow Green Red Yellow

    19. Color the border of this wall poster green. One reason First For example One example To begin with To start with

    20. Color the border of this wall poster yellow. Second Third Another reason Another example Also As well as Too In addition Additionally

    21. Color the border of this wall poster red. Last Finally In conclusion In summary In short So you can see As one can see To summarize Hence

    22. Adding Connecting Words to Provide Transitions Between Ideas

    23. Expanding the Introduction Use the Same Graphic Organizer! • Topic Sentence (Center of 4 Square & Box 2) • Prepare your Readers (Give them a little more information in boxes ¾) • Wrap-Up Sentence (Without connecting word in box 5)

    24. Expanding the Introduction Ultimatum Question Proverb Quote

    25. Improving the Concluding Paragraph • Wrap-Up Sentence with Connecting Word / Words • Personal / Reflective Sentence, Question, or Exclamation Example: As you can see, school is a great place because we learn, meet friends, and play. I will always cherish the friendships and relationships I made while learning.

    26. ALWAYS MODEL! • When moving from the information from the 4-Square to the multiple paragraph essay, model by: • The whole class builds a 4-Square. • Build the story one sentence at a time • As the composition is built one sentence at a time, students copy it down. • During this time, the teacher integrates rules of composition.

    27. Make Your Own 4-Square Template

    28. Different Types of Essays • Expository- Usually nouns in boxes 2-4 • Narrative- Boxes 2-4 are events or verbs • Descriptive & Persuasive- Information in boxes 2-4

    29. Narrative The day my pet spoke to meWho? My cat and IWhat? RelaxingWhere? At homeWhen? In the eveningWhy? It had been a long day

    30. One evening I was relaxing at home. My cat and I were watching television. It had been a long day, and I needed some time to wind down. In the beginning of our favorite show, a commercial came on for a brand of cat food I usually buy. This commercial had adorable little dancing cats. The cats were singing about the cat food. I thought it was cute, and I laughed out loud. During this commercial my cat got angry. He stood up and arched his back. The hair on his back was standing up. He let out an ear-splitting scream. Just then, he started talking. He called the commercial foolish and snarled at the television. My cat told me that brand of cat food was gross. Then he told me never to buy it again. I had always thought that he liked the stuff! Since that day my cat has not spoken again. I did stop buying that brand of cat food. But because of his ill-mannered hissing and growling, my cat has had a limit placed on his television time.

    31. Descriptive Essay Yankee Stadium is a beautiful place.

    32. Yankee Stadium is a beautiful place. The beauty can be seen in the grass and Memorial Park, and it can be felt in the electricity in the air. I love to visit there. One reason it is so beautiful is the grass. It is always frog-green. The lawn is manicured and perfectly cut. Weeds are prohibited from entering. Also, Memorial Park is a special place. One can view the plaques that have so delicately engraved in remembrance. There are jerseys to view that were well-worn by the greats. They have tattered, old baseballs which have priceless signatures. The electricity in the air is beautiful, too. It is always there, and you can see it in the eyes of the children visiting. The shouting of the fans sounds like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to the ears of a baseball lover. One can sense the memory of greatness because their spirits live in the air at Yankee Stadium. As one can see, Yankee Stadium is a beautiful place because of the grass, Memorial Park and the electricity in the air. You should catch a game today.

    33. Expository Essay My home is a special place.

    34. My home is a special place. It is special because it has a fireplace, a big kitchen, and a porch. It is a wonderful place to live. One reason my home is special is because I love my big kitchen. It has plenty of room to cook. There is a lot of room for all the food I like to eat. I like my large refrigerator most of all. Also, my fireplace is wonderful. On chilly nights it keeps my warm as a mitten. I love to listen to the crackling. The smoky smell reminds me of the days when I go camping. Third, my home has a terrific porch. The porch is screened, which is lucky for me. I am a bug magnet! My porch is a great place for relaxing. Even on warm nights the porch is cool because you can enjoy the evening breezes. In summary, my home is special because it has a big kitchen, a fireplace and a porch. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

    35. Persuasive Essay Kids should get bigger allowances.

    36. Kids should get bigger allowances because we do chores. Kids are always studying hard. We even use manners! It isn’t easy being a kid, and we deserve a little reward. One reason for a larger allowance is all the chores we do. We take out stinky trash every night. Walking the dog is really not fun. And who likes doing dishes? Also, kids study hard, and that should be worth something. Spelling words take a long time to learn. For math we have to add and subtract. Science homework keeps us busy, too.In addition, kids use their manners, so they should get something in return. Why do you think we say “please”? “Thank you” is another way we are polite. Let’s face it, we don’t cover our mouths while yawning for nothing.Hence, kids should get bigger allowances because we do chores, study hard and use our manners. How can you disagree?

    37. Four Square in the Language Classroom Four square is a way to organize thoughts. It is not the writing program. However, four square exercises can be published by following the writing process. • Brainstorming: Generating ideas • Organizing: Four square or other methods • Drafting: Rough or first draft • Revising: Revision of content and style • Editing: Editing for surface features, punctuation, spelling, capitals, etc. Remember this is a slow process. Try not to over teach.

    38. Other Uses • Speeches: Use the format for organizing and giving a speech. • Reading Comprehension: • Have Ss create a 4-Square from a passage written by an author. Discuss the organization. • Have students create a 4-Square using a paper written by another student. • Cut apart a Ss composition by sentences. Have Ss draw a sentence at a time and reconstruct the composition, then reproduce it on char paper.

    39. Other Uses • An excellent way to review or summarize information learned about a specific process.

    40. But Ellen….. What about motivation??

    41. CHOICE! • Select a person in one of the folders and describe their life. Athletes Scientists Authors Musicians Artists Political Leaders Film Stars

    42. Writing BingoTry for one more BINGO this month. Be sure to use your writing goals and our class rubric to guide your work. Recipe Thank- you Note Directions to one place to another Letter to the editor Rules for a game Email request for Information Invitation Letter to a pen pal, friend or relative Skit or scene Interview FREE YOUR Choice Newspaper Article Short Story Schedule for your work Grocery or shopping list Advertisement Cartoon Strip Instructions Greeting Card Poem Proposal to Improve Something Letter to Your Teacher Journal for a Week Design a web page Book Think Aloud

    43. Let’s Try! Prepare the graphic organizer. Now fold your paper into 4 squares.

    44. Writing Prompts • Writing Situation:  Everyone has a fond memory of a special birthday. • Think about a birthday that stood out among all the others. • Directions for Writing:  Write a paragraph/ essay telling about your favorite birthday.

    45. Early in the day, After lunch, My grandmother threw me a surprise party. My parents gave me a wonderful gift. favorite cake tons of presents exciting games golden retriever named Goldie best friend I will never forget my sixth birthday. Later, My friends and I went to the zoo. Indeed, It was the best birthday ever. elephant ride walked for miles rode train

    46. Getting a year older may be bad for some, butI will never forget my sixth birthday. The attention that I received from friends and family made me feel warm inside. It was a very special day for me. Early in the day, my grandmother threw me a surprise party. She baked my favorite chocolate fudge cake. I got tons of presents. We had such fun playing exciting games. After lunch, my parents gave me a wonderful gift. They surprised me with a golden retriever puppy. I named her Goldie. She is my best friend today. Later, my friends and I went to the zoo. We rode the elephants. The zoo was so large we walked for miles. Finally we gave up and rode the train. Indeed, it was the best birthday ever. The wonderful surprises from my family and friends will stay with me forever.

    47. Directions: Complete the four square with three sentences and a feeling sentence. Then write the paragraph on the lines below. It’s great to have a pet. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________