Test 3 is a bit different
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Test 3 is a bit different:. "Open" one page of notes , plus a dictionary; otherwise, closed book. Analyze & evaluate a written speech. Work as an individual --no group work. Four questions including one asking you to create a section of a Commemorative speech.

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Test 3 is a bit different
Test 3 is a bit different:

  • "Open" one page of notes, plus a dictionary; otherwise, closed book.

  • Analyze & evaluate a written speech.

  • Work as an individual--no group work.

  • Four questions

    • including one asking you to create a section of a Commemorative speech.

  • Still: Bring a Blue Book!

Lect 13W

Last lecture
Last Lecture

Lect 13W

Last lecture1
Last Lecture

CMU Prof. Randy Pausch

"Really achieving your childhood dreams"

Lect 13W

The responsibility of a speaker
The responsibility of a speaker

giving an Informative Speech, is to say something worth hearing.

giving a Persuasive Speech, is to answer the audience's doubts & objections.

giving a Special Occasion Speech, is to remind the audience of what's really important.

Lect 13W

Resources you ll need to give a great special occasion speech
Resources you'll need to give a great Special Occasion speech.

  • A point!

  • Compelling organization.

  • Compelling language.

Lect 13W

1 your point what is important
1. Your point: What speech.is important?

General purpose:

to inspire ("Commemorative")

to entertain ("After Dinner")

Specific Purpose

Central Idea

Lect 13W

Example the last lecture
Example: the "Last Lecture" speech.

Specific Purpose: to entertain and inspire us with stories of how he achieved--and failed to achieve--his childhood dreams.

Central Idea: In dreaming, trying, and failing we learn the imagination, perseverance and sense of fun we need to succeed--and to help others succeed, too.

Lect 13W

Central idea basic values
Central Idea=Basic Values speech.

Values are what is most important.

  • the things we care about

  • our visions of what we want to achieve

  • what makes us who we are

    either as individuals or as a community.

Lect 13W

What "hats" do ISU students wear? speech.

ISU Students--what are your values?

What do you really care about?

What makes you who you are?

What makes you

who you are, as a community?

Lect 13W

You might think of it this way: speech.

As a Special Occasion speaker,

you are creating community.

Lect 13W

So remember
So remember: speech.

Whether you are aiming to entertain or to inspire,

you should have a Central Idea--

one that expresses the values you want to remind your audience about.

You should leave your audience thinking!

Lect 13W

2 compelling organization
2. Compelling organization speech.

Remember all these? Use them!

Speech Introductions (CARRP), Speech Conclusions, Connectives, Outlining, Patterns of Organization

Likely organizational scheme: Topical.

So remember:

Have a reason for why your points are in the order they are!

Lect 13W

Compelling language
Compelling language. speech.

Why use "high style"?

  • "Dress up" your speech.

  • Reinforce your organization.

  • Make your values real for your audience.

Lect 13W

General speech.


Values are...

but language can make them...



Things you can't see,

hear, touch...

Things you can see,

hear, touch...

Lect 13W

FREEDOM speech.

Lect 13W

So remember use vivid language

Imagery speech.

Concrete words








So remember:Use vivid language.

Techniques in textbook:

Lect 13W

Three key standards for assessing a special occasion speech
Three key standards for assessing a Special Occasion speech: speech.

The Central Idea expresses shared values.

The organization is compelling.

The language is compelling.

(manuscript delivery)

Lect 13W

What s to come
What's to come speech.

  • Friday: Experiments with language

  • Monday: Impromptu speeches

  • Wednesday: Test 3!

    (see online study guide)

  • All bonus work (end of 14th week)

  • Optional final exam

    (replaces quizzes; see online, & email me)

  • Outside speech evaluation assignment

Lect 13W

Lecture the skeptical environmentalist s guide to global warming
Lecture: "The skeptical environmentalist's guide to global warming.


Memorial Union,

Sun Room

6:00 p.m.

Bjorn Lomborg

Lect 13W

yesterday warming.

beginning of





Lect 13W

Lecture pearls politics power how women can win and lead
Lecture: "Pearls, politics & power: How women can win and lead."

Thursday, 24 April

7:30 p.m.

Memorial Union,

Great Hall

Madeleine Kunin,

Three time governor of Vermont

Lect 13W

Course evaluations

Lecturer lead."

Overall course design/ syllabus

Supervision of staff

Lecture sessions



Lab instructor

Lab sessions

Speech grading

Course evaluations


dead week

Lect 13W

How to give feedback
How to give feedback lead."

  • Focus on what's most important

  • Be specific & detailed

  • Give advice about how to do better

  • Take personal responsibility ("I think/feel") and be civil

Lect 13W

What have you achieved
What have you achieved? lead."

Ten years from now, you will be giving great speeches and presentations.

Now, you know from experience:

  • that you can stand up and speak.

  • some techniques for how to do it.

  • why it is important.

  • that public speaking can be fun!

Lect 13W