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May, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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May, 2010

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Benefits of Using GSA for your Information Technology Needs. Tom Corcoran Center for IT Schedule Program. May, 2010. Agenda. ITS offers government access to the spectrum of IT products and services, and to strategic solutions that meet customer needs. Internet Services.

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May, 2010

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Benefits of Using GSA for your Information

Technology Needs

Tom Corcoran

Center for IT Schedule Program

May, 2010


ITS offers government access to the spectrum of IT products and services, and to strategic solutions that meet customer needs

Internet Services

Data Centers & Storage

Satellite Services

IT Offerings


“Great Government

through Technology”

Software & Applications

Communication Networks & Services

Computer Systems & Hardware

Professional IT Services





Wireless &




ITS delivers products and services through four main channels

  • ITS helps government execute its core mission by making IT acquisitions:
      • Faster
      • Cheaper
      • Easier

IT Schedule 70

Fair and reasonable prices for IT products and services

Office of Infrastructure Optimization

Good for Government Programs


Assisted Acquisition Services

Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts

Comprehensive and flexible contracts that provide virtually any IT services

Network Services

Your one-stop shop for telecommunications solutions.

it schedule 70 the program
IT Schedule 70 – The Program
  • Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contracting vehicle to procure IT integrated solutions
  • Ordering Agency selects commercial products and services based on “Best Value” to the end-user
  • IT products and services offered are defined as “commercial” in accordance with FAR Part 12


it schedule 70 sales trend
IT Schedule 70 – Sales Trend







Approximately 4,700 Contracts

  • FY09 Sales Volume
  • Total Sales:
    • $16.4 Billion
  • Software:
    • $2.2 Billion
  • Hardware:
    • $2.7 Billion
  • Services:
    • $11.3 Billion
  • State and Local:
    • $558 million
it schedule 70 products and services
IT Schedule 70 Products and Services


132 3 Leasing of Product

132 4 Daily/Short Term Rental

132 8 Purchase of Equipment

132 9 Purchase of Used/Refurb. Equip.

132 12 Maintenance of Equip./Repair

132 32 Term Software Licenses

132 33 Perpetual Software Licenses

132 34 Maintenance of Software

as a Service

132 50 Training Courses


132 51 IT Professional Services

132 52 E-Commerce Services

132 53 Wireless Services

132 54 Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Transponded Capacity

132 55 Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Subscription Services

it schedule 70 products and services1
IT Schedule 70 Products and Services


132 60A Electronic Credentials, Not Identity Proofed

132 60B Electronic Credentials, Identity Proofed

132 60C Digital Certificates, including ACES

132 60D E-authentication Hardware Tokens

132 60E Remote Identity & Access Managed Service Offering

132 60F Identity & Access Management Professional Services

132 61 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Shared Service

Provider (SSP) Program

132 62 HSPD-12 Product and Service Components

* Services and products must be qualified by NIST and/or GSA prior to award

* Only approved/qualified products and services can go under SINs 132-60A-F, 132-61, 132-62

customer benefits1
Customer Benefits
  • Simpler Acquisitions
  • Compliance with FAR
  • Flexible Options
  • High Quality, Best Value Products, Services & Solutions
  • Cooperative Purchasing & Disaster Relief


traditional procurement methods
Traditional Procurement Methods
  • Formal Solicitation
    • Process/Synopsize procurement
    • Very-time consuming, averaging up to 268 days
  • High Administrative Costs
  • An Increases in the Chance of a Protest


customer benefits simpler acquisitions
Customer Benefits – Simpler Acquisitions
  • Pre-competed contracts
  • Reduced procurement lead-time (less paperwork and documentation)
  • Direct relationship with contractor
  • No synopsis required
  • No need to write an RFQ


customer benefits compliance with far
Customer Benefits – Compliance with FAR
  • Assistance with meeting socioeconomic goals
  • Prices, terms, and conditions are determined fair and reasonable


customer benefits small business
Customer Benefits – Small Business
  • Help you meet your socio-economic goals
  • Estimated 80% of all IT Schedule 70 contracts are held by Small Business
  • More than 40% of all IT Schedule 70 Sales by Customer Agencies are with Small Business


customer benefits small business1
Customer Benefits – Small Business

All small businesses should have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in providing goods and services to U.S. Government (Small Business Act)

The Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) statutory government-wide procurement goals*:

GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program can help you identify and include these companies in the competition for your agency’s business!

*SBA negotiates annual procurement preference goals with each federal agency and review’s each agency’s results. SBA ensures that the mutually established cumulative goals for all agencies meet or exceed the government-wide 23% small business goal.


customer benefits flexible options
Customer Benefits – Flexible Options
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements save time & money
  • Customized Integrated Solutions (Contractor Team Arrangements)
  • Easy online ordering
  • Easy payment options (Government-wide purchase card)


customer benefits high quality best value products services solutions
Customer Benefits – High Quality, Best Value Products, Services & Solutions
  • Volume discounts and spot reductions
  • Robust, state-of-the art commercial technology and high quality services
  • No additional administrative costs
  • On-site training available on how to use the Schedule


customer benefits state local cooperative purchasing
Customer Benefits – State & Local Cooperative Purchasing
  • Per Section 211 of the e-Gov Act of 2002…
  • Applies to Consolidated schedule with IT Special Item Numbers (SINs)
  • Authorized Users:
    • All states, counties, municipalities, cities, towns, and townships
    • Tribal Governments
    • Public Authorities
    • School Districts and Colleges


customer benefits state local cooperative purchasing1
Customer Benefits – State & Local Cooperative Purchasing

State & Local Cooperative

Purchasing With SmartBUY BPAs:

  • Data at Rest (DAR)
    • Software that protects and defends sensitive, unclassified data on government laptop PCs and other removable storage media.
  • Situational Awareness and Incident Response (SAIR)
    • Cost effective information security tools that secure governmental IT infrastructures, prevent data damage, and meet IT cybersecurity and compliance mandates.


customer benefits disaster relief purchasing
Customer Benefits – Disaster Relief Purchasing
  • Section 833 of the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 establishes:
    • Use of Federal Supply Schedules by State & Local governments for disaster recovery
    • Advanced purchasing for disaster preparedness only if major disaster is declared by the President or deemed necessary to facilitate recovery, e.g. terrorism, nuclear


scenario 1

Smartphone Protection

  • Network Device Control
  • Help Desk Management
  • Encrypted Drive Manager
  • Removable Storage Encryption

GSA Schedule 70


Scenario 1



The Department of Navy requires Data at Rest (DAR) encrypted solutions for all mobile devices.



Department of NavyComprehensive DAREnterprise Solution



scenario 2
Scenario 2
  • Configuration Scanning
  • Vulnerability Remediation
  • Network Path Tools
  • OS Deployment
  • Software Distribution
  • Patch Management


GSA Schedule 70





Treasury DepartmentComprehensive SAIREnterprise Solution



The Treasury Department seeks Situational Awareness and Incident Response (SAIR) tools for IT infrastructure management and improved network security.

scenario 3
Scenario 3
  • Demographic Software
  • GPS Equipment
  • Web Map Service
  • CAD Software
  • Geocoding Software
  • Imagery Analysis Software

GSA Schedule 70






San Bernardino CountyComprehensive GISEnterprise Solution



The San Bernardino County (CA) seeks Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) tools that are compatible with products used by EPA, FEMA, and DOI.

gsa portal gsa gov
GSA Portal:
  • ITS commercial and service offerings under business channels
cooperative purchasing web presence
The GSA Cooperative Purchasing site offers:

General Information

FAQs on the Programs and authorized users

Links to the sites for Schedule 84 and Consolidated Schedule

Link to the Center for Acquisition Excellence

And Much More!

Cooperative Purchasing Web Presence
disaster recovery web presence
The GSA Disaster Recovery site offers:

General Information

FAQs on the Programs

List of all GSA Schedules subject to Disaster Recovery Purchasing

Disaster Recovery Web Presence
schedules elibrary
Schedules eLibrary
  • A great resource for market research
  • Information on the Terms and Conditions of the Schedule 70 Contract
  • Listing of Contractors and Special Item Numbers (SINs)
  • Access to most eCatalogs of IT Schedule 70 Contractors
gsa advantage
GSA Advantage!®
  • Federal Government’s premier online shopping superstore
  • Facilitates access to more than 40 million commercial products and services
  • Enables convenient search feature by keyword, part number, manufacturer, contractor, and contract #
  • Streamlines acquisition for Supply Chain and Schedule Purchases under IT 70
Facilitates the request for submission of quotes or proposals for commercial products, services, and solutions offered through GSA Federal Supply Schedules and Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs)

Customer prepares RFQ or RFI Online

Helps Customer to find viable sources of supply

Prepares RFQs/Define Parameters

Allows the buyer to procure big-ticket items

center for acquisition excellence
Center for Acquisition Excellence
related links
Related Links
  • Integrated Technology Services
  • Center for IT Operations
  • IT Schedule 70 Solicitation
  • Cooperative Purchasing
  • 833 Disaster Recovery Program
  • GSA
  • Schedules eLibrary
  • GSA Advantage!®
  • eBuy
  • FedBizOpps
  • Center for Acquisition Excellence
points of contact center for it program
Customer Support Line: (General Information)


(M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm EST)


Customer Service Team

Mitzi Ford 703-605-0522

Bernice Walker 703-605-1884

Walter Herald 703-605-5799

Dee Faulkner 703-605-1897

Points of Contact – Center for IT Program
points of contact smartbuy program
Points of Contact – SmartBuy Program

Name: Pebble Randolph:

Phone: 703-306-7594


thank you for your interest and participation
Thank you for your interest and participation!

IT Schedule 70 and SmartBuy offer government access

to the spectrum of IT products

and services, and to strategic

solutions that meet customer


Please remember:

For more information contact:

ITS can help make all of your IT acquisitions faster, cheaper and easier