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Global Education

Global Education

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Global Education

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  1. Global Education What, Why, How Pam Carstensen & Alexis Sziy

  2. Pam CarstensenSocial Studies TeacherCatasauqua High School World Cultures, American History, and Psychology

  3. Alexis SziySocial Studies TeacherCatasauqua High School World Cultures, American History, Economics, and Sociology

  4. Today’s Technology Blended Schools -curriculum, professional development, and a collaborative network Blackboard -online, interactive, collaborative, virtual classroom Wimba Classroom -online virtual classroom (ppt, image sharing, eboard)

  5. Why we went… Bring current events/issues into social studies classroom Resources/content/approach to designing a Global Education elective at our school EDUCATE OURSELVES!!! What we got… Continuing professional development credits DVD packed with over $1,000 worth of the latest books, movies and reports from the UN and other international agencies on the state of the world, energy, climate, food, water, economy, population, education, health and other topics. Real Lives 2010, software that allows your students to live a life in any country in the world Handouts, Power Points, lesson plans, and links to hundreds of online global education resources, games, and simulations. Presentations on Global Education 101— From Globalization to Global Citizenship, Integrating Global Ed Into Your Curriculum, Bringing the World Into Your Classroom Through Videoconferencing, Global Education Service Learning, Global Problem Solving, Working with the UN, Global Education Funding Sources, and other topics. Global Education WorkshopUniversity of Pennsylvania

  6. What is Globalization? Interconnection and integration among people, governments, economies, and societies throughout the world Rapid interaction between nations has positive and negative effects on human-beings, the environment, culture, and economic development

  7. The World in 10 Seconds

  8. What is Global Education? Perspective which arises from the fact that contemporary people live and interact in an increasingly globalized world Specifically designed curriculum to prepare students for the world tomorrow through the incorporation of current world topics/trends/values

  9. If There Were a 100 People


  11. We are in a race between education and catastrophe H. G Wells

  12. Asking questions and developing critical thinking skills • Equipping young people with knowledge, skills, values to participate as active citizens • Acknowledging the complexity of global issues • Revealing the global as part of everyday local life, whether in a small village or large city • Understanding how we relate to the environment and to each other as human beings Global Education is…

  13. Global Education is NOT … Too difficult for young people to understand Mostly or all about other places and people Providing simple solutions to complex issues Telling people what to do or think about issues An extra subject to cram into a crowded curriculum About raising money for an issue or charity

  14. Why is Global Education a necessity for the 21st Century? “Today’s high school students will graduate into a world vastly different from that of the 20th century. … To succeed in this new global age, our students will need a new skill set that goes beyond reading, math, and science to include international knowledge and skills.” Vivian Stewart, VP Education, Asia Society

  15. Why is Global Education a necessity for the 21st Century? Education can, and should, help people meet the challenges they will confront now and in the future. Global Education is essential in helping young people rise to those challenges for the following reasons: ● Today, the lives of young people are shaped by what happens in other parts of the world. Global Education gives knowledge, understanding, skills and values they need to participate fully in ensuring their own, and others’, well-being and make a positive contribution. ● Global Citizenship involves a wide range of active and participatory learning methods. These engage the learner while developing confidence, self-esteem and skills of critical thinking, communication, co-operation and conflict resolution.

  16. 21st Century Learning and Global Education • Authentic Learning • Project based learning • Exploration of topics, issues, and challenges • Collaborative “team” presentations • Problem solving skills • Higher order thinking • Technology integration • Application of Web 2.0 tools • Critical thinking skills • Cooperation, self confidence, values, morals

  17. How do we incorporate Globalization across the curriculum?

  18. Resources: Where to go… • • • • • • • •

  19. Global Resources *Taking It Global for Educators *E-Pals *Gapminder *Lunchboxproject *Big Pictures Small World

  20. Global Education • Without knowledge of rights you have no rights. • Without knowledge of global opportunities you have no global opportunities.  • Without knowledge of global threats and challenges you could be the victim of those threats and challenges.

  21. “Blessed are the young….for they shall inherit the national debt!” Herbert Hoover “We are all GLOBAL CITIZENS.” Woodrow Wilson