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Liverpool Students’ Union

Liverpool Students’ Union. Candidate’s Briefing. What we’re going to talk about. the Rules making complaints how to vote breakfast briefings hustings raising your profile declaring the result. the Rules.

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Liverpool Students’ Union

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  1. Liverpool Students’ Union Candidate’s Briefing

  2. What we’re going to talk about • the Rules • making complaints • how to vote • breakfast briefings • hustings • raising your profile • declaring the result

  3. the Rules “candidates are expected to conduct themselves in a way which is fair and reasonable and engage in a positive campaigning experience” we view your team as you • you are responsible for their conduct remember that the law is the law • fly-postering, data protection

  4. complaints We hope that these are rare • the point is to get the most votes, not make the most complaints • positive campaigning is more popular with electorates • keep your head in the game

  5. complaints should be submitted as soon as possible in an email to queries@so-elections.com • what is your complaint? • what rule has been broken? • what evidence do you have? • what would you like as an outcome? the Deputy Returning Officer will consider your complaint first and email you a response if you’re unhappy with their decision, you should summarise your appeal in an email to the Returning Officer. The Returning Officer’s decision is final • what are you appealing? • what new evidence do you have? We will accept no complaints about the conduct of the election after the ballot closes; we will not look favourably on ‘saving up’ complaints

  6. how to vote we use the single transferrable vote first candidates to meet quota in the election win, or the highest candidates after all transfers important message to voters is to ranktheir preference; transfers do matter and have elected people at LSU before

  7. how to vote voting open 09.00 on 17 March 2011 and closes 17.00 on 25 March 2011. All voting is on-line: through www.so-elections.com or through BlackBoard ballot stations will be open between Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 16.00 at • I M Marsh Student Zone • Avril Robarts LRC • Aldham Robarts LRC • Byrom Street; James Parsons Foyer • the Haigh Building

  8. how to vote Through www.so-elections.com Through BlackBoard

  9. breakfast briefings between 09.15 and 09.45 Monday to Friday, we’d like you to come for a catch-up: we’ll put on breakfast and drinks we’ll update you on key voting information, election progress and issues and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you like to the Deputy Returning Officer

  10. hustings a proposal for hustings on • Monday 21 March • 12.00 • the Haigh Building • Question Time event • what do you think?

  11. raising your profile #soelections for sharing news and photos or the LSU Facebook and YouTube accounts - contact us if you’re doing anything special; we’d love to film it (3 days notice would be lovely) and we will share it! 400 A4 black and white prints for you – email a .pdf or .doc to queries@so-elections.com and we’ll email you back when they’re ready £50 prize for the best piece of media – please share your election with us!

  12. the results Culture Fusion at LGoS Joint society event starts from 19.00 on Friday 25 March

  13. Good luck!

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